Choose the best snow camp holiday for YOUR children

Kids learn to ski or to snowboard with fun

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of learning to ski or snowboard and it’s especially important to learn when you’re young to look forward to a lifetime of skiing and riding adventures. From winter camps at ski resorts where the whole family can enjoy skiing to summer ski or snowboard camps LUEX has something for every family and every kid.

Snow camps are perfect

Camps are the perfect setting for kids to learn the skills they need to become a strong skier or snowboarder. Our ski and snowboard camps include guided coaching often from expert skiers and riders so that your children are given the instruction they need to improve. In most camps, kids learn in small groups with lots of one-on-one instruction so you’ll see incredible progress in just one week. The facilities at our kids’ camps are also perfectly suited to learning and fun. From gentle slopes and beginner jumps to huge parks and indoor facilities with dry slopes and trampolines, our kids camps provide a safe yet fun place to learn.

Other holiday activities

Although most kids’ camps offer plenty of time on the slopes, you can also look forward to plenty of off-slope options so you can be sure your children are having a great time every moment of their day. Some of our camps other activities include skating, downhill biking, swimming, yoga or just a perfect place to chill out, watch movies, play games and spend some time making friendships that might just last a lifetime. No matter which camp you choose, you can be sure that your little ones are safe, with 24-hour supervision for younger children.

Kid camps in western europe

Most of our Kids Camps are located in Western Europe, which makes for a convenient week-long trip for kids away from the family, or a perfect option for families that want to spend some time at a resort while making sure the kids

are learning and having fun too. We also offer one camp in North America where kids of all ages, from 9 to 99, can tear it up on the slopes even in the summer.

Popular winter sports camps for children

Our most popular Kids Camps are the DAcamp in Les 2 Alpes, where skiers and riders can perfect their skills with daily freestyle courses and “dry training” using trampolines and gym equipment. Parom Camps, one of the world’s leaders in snowboarding camps offers great choices for snowboarders to improve their skills over the summer by learning from pro-snowboarders at Les 2 Alpes. Sometimes skiing and snowboarding camps might seem like a “Boys Club” but we understand the importance of girls feeling comfortable and learning with girls of their own ability and age, so our Girlie Snow Camps are the perfect choice for girls to learn and have fun with just other girls, a great place to boost their confidence, make new friends and have a blast.

Kids camps for all ability levels

Our Kids Camps are suited to every ability level, from beginner to advanced, and most are located in Western Europe in France, Sweden and Switzerland. LUEX offers camps that include all meals, accommodation and 24-hour adult supervision, but we also offer camps that include instruction only so you’re little ones can rejoin you at the end of the day in your accommodation of choice.

Why not treat your kids to a trip to the playground? How about a playground with Superpipes, rails, jumps and indoor trampolines, plus plenty of powder and awesome new friends? LUEX can help you choose the perfect Kids Camp for your children, where they’ll make the memories to last a lifetime and learn the skills to become lifelong skiers and snowboarders.