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Find a Freeriding Secret in Macedonia

Macedonia has been kept a secret from the world. For years their epic mountains in Southeast Europe have been overlooked by skiers and riders as a freeriding hotspot, while familiar European and North American resorts take front of mind instead. But listen in, because we’re sharing the secret! In Macedonia, bluebird days are as common as the powder is deep, and massive pillows and cliffs will put a smile on the hardest to please freerider. Battered with intense dumps thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and towering over the Balkan Peninsula with its 2500m-high peaks, Macedonia could take pole position as your new dream snow trip.

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What our customers say

"Great value for the money. Since I can’t afford to go heli skiing in Canada or USA, Macedonia catskiing is an awesome replacement. We had nice weather, great powder and food was delicious. One of the best adventures in my life :)"

(Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding)

"...You really can ski in Macedonia. And not just ordinary skiing. Snowcat skiing impressed me totally. I think we did about 3000 vertical meters on average per day – amazing. What a terrain...."

(Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding)

Six Reasons Macedonia is the Perfect Freeriding Trip


Macedonia is a hidden Ski Destination

You may not know much about Macedonia but that’s the beauty of it… It’s hidden from the rest of the world! Unfamiliar territory comes with only a few travelers. So if you and your buddies are up for exploring Southeast Europe’s marvelous mountains and champagne powder, you won’t have many strangers in sight. Freeriders want untouched powder, and that’s exactly what’s in plain sight in hidden Macedonia. It’s a country still being discovered, and for you, that means a chance to be the first to ride some of the world’s best-untouched powder.


Epic terrain for freeriding

Macedonia is ideally located, near the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea creating prime conditions for massive snow dumps. In fact, this mountainous country’s snowfall is so stable, that you can be almost certain that a ski trip in Macedonia will include plenty of powder and bluebird skies.

Macedonia’s Šar Mountains is a dramatic contrast from the Alps, perfect for those that want to try something new. Typical slopes on Šar Mountain are spacious, providing a perfect playground for backcountry skiers, without all of the sharp cliffs found in the Alps. Often called something of a natural paradise, with towering mountains, green hills, and sparkling rivers and lakes, Macedonia will steal your heart and your breath with its spectacular skiing and stunning landscapes.


Europe’s only snowcat operator is in Macedonia

As if Macedonia wasn’t remarkable enough, it’s also home to the only snowcat operator in Europe. Eskimo Snowcat Freeride in FYRO Macedonia is the first snowcat operation in Europe. This is an exotic trip for folks unable to part with big dollars for heliskiing, but are looking for exclusive powder, without the crowds.


Unique culture & Balkan lifestyle

Macedonia is a culture unlike any other. Besides being a fantastic new ski destination, the vibrant culture of Macedonia is quickly capturing the world’s attention. The blend of contemporary and traditional peoples have transformed this evolving place into a country where modern amenities and ancient worlds live side by side. Experiencing the Balkan lifestyle is a treat that few travelers have had, but many will, as the place grows in popularity.

During your stay in this Balkan country you’ll also have a chance to enjoy the regional cuisine, often considered a blend between Mediterranean and middle-eastern foods including a range of grilled meats and salads, along with one-of-a-kind local wines and other treats.


Macedonia promises a quick and easy snow trip in Europe

Macedonia might feel like it’s another world, but it’s in a perfect location for travel from central Europe. Not only can an adventure in Macedonia be incredibly affordable, but it can also be very convenient for a quick trip. LUEX offers trips to Macedonia that are priced for every traveler, including those with a budget - a rarity in many parts of Europe.


A mysterious adventure in Macedonia's snow

Some people say that there’s something mysterious about Macedonia. Maybe the mystery is hidden in the ancient land, which has transformed into an exciting and modern nation. Or perhaps its mystique is embedded in Macedonia’s magical landscapes, perfectly created for backcountry skiers and snowboarders. One undeniable mystery of this enchanting place, where rich culture and awesome powder never seem to end, is that it’s still waiting to be discovered by the masses. Book your adventure today, before the secret is out.

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