Mountain RangesThere's a mountain to fulfill all your (snow) desires - and we know how to find it!

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Heli Skiing Western Switzerland

Find the perfect Mountain Range for your kind of winter holiday

Are you planning your next winter holiday, but not sure where to go yet? Here you can find out which mountain range is suitable for your needs. Would you like to try heliskiing or do long backcountry tours? Is the breathtaking landscape important to you, or rather that there is a good après-ski offer? No matter what your wishes are, each mountain range has its own advantages - and we know exactly which one is right for you.

Europe's most famous Mountain Ranges

Europe is one hell of a playground for skiers and snowboarders alike. The best mountain ranges in Western and Eastern Europe are without a doubt found in the Alps and in the Caucasus. While the Alps are known to be the birthplace of alpine skiing, the Caucasus is still a relatively young ski region that has been put on the map by the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi for snow freaks from all over the world to get a piece of that ever so pristine terrain.

The Alps are a great place to visit if you want to indulge in a little bit of luxury and try some of the world's best ski resorts. Also always a favorite thing to do while on the old continent is to get to experience the culture and hospitality of Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Italy - some of the most popular winter sport hotspots worldwide. Tasting champagne powder in the Caucasus region, on the other hand, comes with some of the best scenery and freeriding terrain without the hefty price tag.

The best Mountain Ranges in North America

North America has so many mountains on offer that you hardly know where to start. From the Skeena or Selkirk Mountains in Canada to the Rocky Mountains in the USA or the Alaskan peaks at the end of the world - no wish remains unfulfilled.

Alaska and Canada are a popular destination among heliskiers and cat skiers due to raw terrains, silky smooth powder, and experienced operators. Besides Skeenas, Selkirks and Monashees are a pretty solid and reliable address with extensive snowfall. The Rockies, the largest mountain range in the USA, offer an incredibly broad range of accommodation, slopes, and culture as they stretch as far north as British Columbia in Canada, and as far south as New Mexico.

Fancy exotic or remote? Try a mountain range you might have never heard of

If you prefer a more exotic or remote winter holiday, we might have just the thing for you. How about a summer ski holiday in the Andes, for example? Situated in the southern hemisphere, all accommodations in the Andes offer you the possibility to continue to shred the slopes even when the snow season has well and truly come to an end in Europe, Canada or the US. South America is beautiful, the peaks are steep and the culture just next level. Go venture, and you might never leave.

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