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Heliski Kamchatka

Unexplored Winter Paradise in Russia

Russia is vast. Russia is wild. Russia is a rare diamond for skiers and snowboarders with an appetite for adventure! Caucasus and Kamchatka are the places to be if you’re looking for an unexplored winter paradise. Ask our LUEX travel experts for competitive prices, incredible adventures and how you can get cosy in supreme lodges, even in the former residence of Mikhail Gorbachev. Russia is still relatively untamed and unexplored. But that won’t last for long. Take a visit to this country’s beautiful mountains before word gets out.

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Be Aware

Russia isn’t a place most will get to visit every year - or even more than once in a lifetime. So, doing it right is crucial. And this can come down to your choice of operator, accommodation, and guide. Don’t be left with an average heliski operator, lodging or backcountry guide. Contact LUEX for the best operators and accommodation options in Russia.

What our customers say

"I was here twice and will come back for sure! I stayed at many different hotels in Kamchatka and Snow Valley Lodge is really the best! It is located in the middle of kamchatka nature and has very nice hot springs there..."

(Snow Valley Heliski)

"..The weather was really good, 5 days of skiing, one down day, for rest and to get some fresh powder which made this experience even better. I love the variety of terains, from steep culoirs, wide slopes to great skiing in trees..."

(Heliski Kamchatka)

"...All I can hear is the faster beat of my heart as I’m about to drop in an open ski terrain covered with a waist deep snow fresh snow. Our guide gives the sign… 3…2…1…droppin’! We start with the steeper section, where a few of us hit 2 natural jumps..."

(Heliski Kamchatka)

"Russia is awesome! I wake up early, eat breakfast, pick up my skis and enter the Snowcat. After about 10 minutes we arrive to the summit and I think you know what we are doing then.. Skiing, Skiing, Skiing! It's simply the best!"

(Priiskovy Catskiing in Altai Mountains)

Six Reasons Russia is the Perfect Winter Getaway


Skiing in Russia is like a diamond in the rough

If you’re looking for a “diamond in the rough” adventure to the snow, Russia is it. You may have skied in the Alps or shredded powder in Canada, but nothing compares to exploring Russia’s wild terrain and untracked powder. A ski trip in Russia is the chance for the adventure of a lifetime, skiing or snowboarding through the beautiful, vast landscapes of this country that few get the chance to visit while learning about a unique culture, tasting local food and meeting new friends.


Virgin powder and untouched terrain

In Russia’s two most popular skiing regions, Kamchatka and the Caucasus, you’ll find major verticals running down the slopes of some of the most remote mountains in the world. Our trips offer a chance to dig your skis into virgin powder and tackle steep chutes, cliffs, spines ridges, gullies, and bowls. Russia also offers some of the best tree skiing on the planet. This is no exaggeration, as many of the world’s elite head to this faraway land just to split trees with their skis or board.


Russia is the land of fire and ice

Kamchatka is a volcanic region where you’ll see nature’s sleepy giants, volcanoes, transformed into snowy peaks. You might even have a chance to see and ski on an active volcano or other areas known for their majestic views of the ocean, two traits which together have earned the region the name “the land of fire and ice.” The annual snowfall in Russia is impressive and dependable, often making for excellent early season ski trips. Skiing through this untamed terrain isn’t for everyone though, so most of our trips are suited for advanced and expert skiers. Contact LUEX if you’re hesitant about the suitability of Russia’s terrain.


Amazing travel options and winter packages

You’ll be spoilt for choice in Russia. LUEX offers incredible heli skiing trips through the great mountain ranges of Kamchatka. The Caucasus region, with flurries of volcanoes in sight, is its heli skiing equal, which also offer resort skiing and ski touring. For skiers who want a truly epic experience, we offer a package with one of Russia’s pioneering heli-ski operators. If you want to ski on the same slopes as some of the world’s greatest athletes, check out our trip that includes a stop at world-famous Sochi, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. We have amazing options for you and your group. Just get in touch with us to find out more.


Unforgettable cultural experience during your ski trip to Russia

Along with offering an unforgettable skiing experience, a trip to Russia is also an unforgettable cultural experience. Some of our trips include cultural excursions, giving you a chance to visit small mountain villages or impressive international cities like Moscow. We offer a range of accommodation options, from cosy lodges and hotels to unique lodgings (like staying in the former residence of ex-Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev).

Russia might be seen as a colourless nation, with residual dreariness from its Soviet days. But the culture is colourful, threaded with literature, poetry, dance, and celebration. The culture might be complex but getting to Russia is simple. A ski trip to Russia is perfect for skiers and snowboarders who want to experience skiing somewhere new, without all of the hassles of foreign travel.


Big ski and snowboard terrain without the big price tag

Our ski trips in Russia are perfect for skiers and snowboarders that want big terrain without a big price tag. We offer several trips that are in the budget and mid-price range. If you want to ski in one of the world’s most adventurous unspoiled places, where the sky 's the limit and thrills wait around every corner, book a ski trip to Russia. For the experience, terrain and conditions like Russia’s, you’d usually need to pay through the nose. Not here. Get in touch with LUEX to discover what this incredible place is all about.

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