Explore the areas unreachable with lifts or helicopters
  • Lyngen Lodge

    Ski touring at its best at exclusive Lyngen Lodge: Snowy slopes and serene sea combine for the...

    pp/night from US$ 472
  • Rising Sun Guides

    Make this years ski trip more than just a holiday with an adventure to Japans world famous bac...

    pp/night from US$ 233
  • Lofoten Ski Lodge

    Luxury meets rustic Norwegian-style in the Lofoten Ski Lodge where you’re far from the c...

    pp/night from US$ 178
  • Fjord Cruise Adventures

    Ski boat touring in the heart of the Norwegian wilderness. Find dream lines from the water and...

    pp/night from US$ 287
  • Kingfisher Heliski
    Canada: British Columbia

    Explore the perfect playground for all those powder ski enthusiast’s amongst us and expe...

    pp/night from US$ 1,339
  • North Sailing Norway - Ski and Sail Lyngen

    Go to Norway, sail the fjords, climb to the top of a mountain and ski all the way down to the ...

    pp/night from US$ 472
  • Yellow Travel Touring and Freeride Camp Lofoten

    Breathtaking landscapes during the day and beautiful skies at night when you head far north to...

    pp/night from US$ 323
  • Yellow Travel Touring and Freeride Camp Lyngen

    Enjoy the natural beauty of Norway and feel the magic with this unique freeride camp and rusti...

    pp/night from US$ 274
  • Svalbard Ski & Sail

    Ski in the land of the Midnight Sun where no other man has skied before. Embark on your Artic ...

    pp/night from US$ 767
  • Vulkana Spa Boat Ski-by-Boat

    Ski all day and relax all night, on the Vulkana Spa Boat where you can explore the Lyngen Alps...

    pp/night from US$ 376


If you want to move forward with your skiing, you can do it by taking a few steps backward! Ski touring is the unique and classic way of skiing. Together with the tremendous improvements with material and techniques such as fat skis and split boards, ski touring nowadays experiences new fresh life. When you hike up a mountain, reaching remote peaks and endless untouched powder, you’ll feel the exhilaration that comes with hard work and amazing opportunities, something that heli skiing and cat skiing just can’t compare with.

Ski touring often involves hikes to reach prime powder, and in some cases, tours are available which involve skiing or riding to a mountain hut lodge to stay the night before continuing your ski tour. With the enormous evolution of ski and snowboard technology, ski touring has become easier and more popular than ever. New equipment has facilitated a fresh way to ski touring which makes it accessible for more skiers and snowboarders than ever before. Fat skis with touring bindings allow skiers to make hikes that bring a lot of fun riding down the mountain as well. Light weight snow shoes and split snowboards are both options for snowboarders which make ski touring simple and quick compared to past limitations. With new equipment comes new possibilities; you can ski or snowboard tour to amazing locations, then snap into your bindings and enjoy the freeride powder.

LUEX offers a variety of ski tours, but most are oriented towards freeriding and exploring deep powder, far from the resorts. Although ski touring involves hiking, the daily hikes are generally reasonable and easily accomplished distances of no more than 1.000 to 1.5000 vertical per day, with most days only reaching up to 1.000 meters. This means when you make a decision of which ski tour to book, your decision can be influenced by which will be the best freeride experience, not by how much mountaineering experience you have.

If we haven’t convinced you to try ski touring yet, there are plenty more advantages to this classic style of a ski or snowboard trip. In comparison to heli skiing or snowcat skiing, ski touring is eco-friendly, because the only machine you’ll use to get to the top is your body. The benefits your body will reap are countless because hiking to reach your skiing or riding destinations will be great exercise and your body will thank you. At the end of the day, you’ll relax and rejuvenate from a hard day of work and be proud of your physical accomplishments. Finally, compared to resort skiing, ski touring offers access to a winter wonderland because you’ll be able to ski or ride endless terrain of untracked fresh powder, without the skiing traffic and often poor conditions found at a resort.

Traveler and Holiday Type

Ski tours are available for practically every type of traveler and for every skiing or riding ability. From beginners to advanced skiers, or even snowboarders, LUEX can help you find the ski touring trip that is perfect for your ski level. Skiers or riders that are in top form will find many options of ski tours available, and those who prefer less taxing physical activity will find plenty of ski tours available with shorter hikes.


LUEX offers a variety of ski tours, but a few of the popular destinations are in the Alps and Northern Europe. Head to Norway for incredible vistas and a seaside ski tour experience, or explore Italy’s backcountry with a ski tour at Passo Tonale.

Canada, the Mecca of luxury skiing, is also a great destination for a ski tour with its endless backcountry. Whatever your style and wherever you are, LUEX can help you find a ski tour destination that is perfect for you.

Choosing the right trip

LUEX can help you choose the right ski trip for your budget, skiing or snowboarding ability, and for any accommodation needs or amenities that you would like. Ski tour trips are perfect for solo travelers, as they’ll love the chance to meet other like-minded skiers and riders. Groups will also enjoy ski tours as a fun experience, perfect for friends, families, or even company retreats. Couples will also find that a ski tour will be a perfect hassle-free getaway, because LUEX will take care of everything.

Ski tours are available in a variety of pricing levels and lengths of stay. Whether you’re interested in a weekend trip, or a week-long ski tour, we can help you find the best trip for your budget.

Ski touring can be hard work that is well worth the effort, but booking your ski tour is easy. Choose a ski tour today and let LUEX help make your powder dreams come true!