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SASS Camps Bariloche Argentina

Ski Deeper and Steeper in South America

Take a trip to the kingdom of Andes – the second highest mountain range after the Himalayas. This enormous mountain range guarantees incredible snow conditions from mid-June to October. South America is the perfect blend of natural extravagance and man-made adventure. The region is not only renowned for heliskiing, snowcat, freeriding and freestyle trips but also for epic skiing and snowboarding conditions. The powder is deep and the verticals steep, so if you’re a powder hound in need of a fix, South America is your place.

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"Chile has much to offer. Snow was great, so we really enjoyed our days!"

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"Combining Argentina trip with some awesome powder was the best thing ever!"

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Five Reasons to Experience South America


Steep and tall peaks in South America

The Andes towers over all but Asia’s mountain ranges, with its tallest point at 6,892 meters high. If booking your vacation to a ski resort, you might be staring skyward at Valle Nevado in Chile, the highest ski resort in South America at 3,670 meters. Vallecitos in Argentina and La Parva in Chile follow close behind in stature, at 3,630 meters and 3,574 meters elevation. Cliffs, chutes and massive verticals are the norm in these parts, so if you’re a powder hound and want the highest peaks to descend, it’s a good bet South America will be a dream destination for you.


A culture adventure on your winter holiday

If you’re hunting not just a ski trip but a cultural adventure too, South America is the place for you. From wine tasting and dining on authentic Argentine or Chilean cuisine to touring timeless mountain villages or bustling cities, your memory bank will be filled with experiences from the vibrant South American culture. South America’s local lingo is Spanish but language barriers barely exist for visitors. If local guides and operators aren’t there to assist you with your ‘Spanglish’, the warm and welcoming local populace will. South Americans are renowned for their beautiful and calm nature, accepting visitors with open arms for a cultural adventure.


South America equals value on a budget

Not only is good food and world-class wine abundant in South America but it’s also cheap. So eat until you pop and enjoy guilt-free splurging on some of the world’s most high-quality meats, fine wines, and decadent chocolates. Some resorts in South America offer ski passes for around 50 euros per day and ski and board hire is parallel in cost. You won’t break the bank in South America. But the place will take away your breath.


Snow quality in South America's Mountains

The enormous mountain range of the Andes delivers incredible snow conditions from mid-June to October, when resorts receive most of their annual six-plus meters of powder. If you’re a powder hound, this is the time to visit. You can expect reliably good quality snow in South America. A blend of maritime snowpack and dry powder creates a champagne powder quality, which you’d usually find in Europe’s best resorts.


Diverse terrain and experiences for all snow lovers

The Andes is the home of natural diversity. What else could you expect from the longest series of mountain ranges the world-spanning about 7,242 kilometers (4,500 miles) through seven countries? Ski areas have diverse terrain with excellent tree skiing and wide open spaces high above the treeline. Spectacular views are par for the course. Skiing and snowboarding in South America is a chance to escape the summer heat, experience a new culture and ski or ride some of the tallest peaks in the world, but there’s even more to love about this continent. South America is one of the few places in the world where you can ski from the rim of an active volcano, down to natural hot springs to rest and rejuvenate... before hitting the slopes again.

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