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Ski Touring in Magnificent Norway

Norway’s backcountry is a magnet for the world’s keenest ski touring enthusiasts. Jaws fall victim to a serious drop as a result of eyes gazing at an incredible Norwegian winter canvas. The country’s landscape is beautiful and best experienced in unpatrolled, unmarked and untamed terrain. Norway’s wild and rugged backcountry is hard to beat and considered mecca for the ski touring elite. If you want to take your two legs through deep, virgin powder and your ski tips down steep verticals, ski touring in Norway is a must for you.

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Be Aware

If it’s your first time on a ski tour, you should take into account how it differs from regular resort skiing. At a resort, deciding to call it a day and get off the slopes for some indoor comfort is an easy call when your lodge, or the bar, is sitting at the base of the mountain. But when you’re out in backcountry, no such comfort is readily available.

So, be prepared. If you’re one to find discomfort in nature’s winter elements, then focus on the right gear. Choose reputable brands for your clothing and equipment and be willing to spend a little extra on the best attire. For more tips on how to ensure a comfortable ski touring experience, get in touch with LUEX.

What our customers say

"Luxury trip, but definetely worth the money!"

(Lyngen Lodge)

"We always wanter to go to Norway. Combining it with freeriding sounded like a greeat idea, so we decided to do it. We absolutely don't regret that. We had the best time. skiing and touring was amazing."

Angelo and Michi
(Yellow Travel Touring and Freeride Camp Lofoten)

"...It’s great going ski with friendly professional guide and people. I felt safety. I go ski-touring often in France. I love nature and ski. Norway is different because it is arctic circle and sea is close..One in life experience I will remember."

(Yellow Travel Touring and Freeride Camp Lyngen)

"All was perfect, we'll come back"

(Lofoten Ski Lodge)

Four Reasons for Ski Touring in Norway


No lifts, no boundaries

Ski touring in Norway gives you room to move. There are no boundaries to restrict your powder hunting and no map or lift system to dictate your day’s riding. It’s a beautiful and unique feeling ski touring in backcountry terrain. And Norway sits above most destinations at the world’s best for it. Nothing says freedom like Norwegian backcountry, with this world-class location offering incredible cross-country terrain and off-piste riding. No wonder advanced and pro riders from across the globe regularly flock to Norway get their backcountry fix.


Deep Norwegian powder is an ease to find and a joy to shred

While resort skiing forces powder hounds to hunt for their prey (i.e. deep powder), ski touring is predominantly done atop virgin snow (i.e. no hunting necessary). This stuff is deep enough to soften landings from the biggest cliff drops and light enough to spray metres high. The Scandinavian Mountains gets its snow from an abundance of moisture from next door's Norwegian Sea. Almost all of its precipitation falls as snow, so visitors are usually spoiled with an abundance of the white stuff during their long seasons.


Long winter seasons mean a big window for ski touring in Norway

Designing the perfect ski trip generally starts with checking a destination’s peak season. Or perhaps finding that sweet spot between waning crowds and great conditions. With Norway, you’ll have creative freedom over planning a trip within a huge seasonal window, because Norway’s winters tend to go for a long, long time. The Nordic paradise opens its doors to ski touring visitors from around late October and the slopes remain skiable until April. Smack bang between these months is when the best skiing usually occurs. February to May provides a mixture of long daylight hours and high-quality powder before the mid-year sun drinks the snow.


Plenty of destinations and plenty of ski touring options

While Norway commands only a slither of Scandinavia, its high-quality skiing destinations are plentiful. The Lyngen Alps are a quality choice for a first-time Norwegian ski touring trip. The region’s immaculate snow is just as impressive as its incredible landscape and rideable terrain, which is coloured by a range of natural features, couloirs, spines, glaciers and wide-open faces. Lyngen’s proximity to the stunning fjords means precipitation and subsequent snowfall is repeatedly funneled in throughout its long season. Lofoten is the next big name in backcountry skier and snowboarder’s Norwegian hitlist. The place is painted with steep and rugged mountains, and its Atlantic storms brew more than just stunning displays of lightening for onlookers. Precious powder for touring explorers is the norm for Lofoten, which is situated within the mighty Arctic.

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