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World Famous Skiing and Snowboarding in the USA

Everything’s big in the USA. Its mountains are no exception. From Alaska, Colorado to Utah, Salt Lake City and Lake Tahoe, the extreme verticals and majestic peaks in this iconic country are a must-experience. The famous Rocky Mountains call the USA home, as does some of the driest, lightest and smoothest snow on earth. Colorado is where the term “champagne powder” was invented and its local weather systems have been pumping out plenty of the stuff in the decades since. Get in touch with LUEX to book your trip to one of the USA’s world-famous winter playgrounds.

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Our Head of Sales travel is a true board rider. From starting out skating as a kid back home in the UK, to snowboarding in the European Alps and Canada, to chasing waves all across the globe, Mister Jenner has done it all. Now spending his time flipping between the mountains and the ocean, Martin is your go-to guy for Snow Travel and Maldives Surf Trips.

Be Aware

With so many to choose from, some camps, heliski services, guides and accommodation providers can lack the professionalism and service that you deserve. So, look for operators with a solid reputation. Make sure they have a tonne of reviews and a range of services on offer. Also ensure they have a diverse range of experience, both in the area and with guiding and training a range of rider abilities.

Or you can save the hassles by booking with LUEX. We know the best providers in every corner of the globe.

What our customers say

"That was the sickest thing ever! I’ve been freeriding for 8 years now, but never experienced something like this. Nothing can’t compare to Alaska. Guides pushed us to out limits, but at the same time kept us safe..."

(Valdez Heliskiing)

"...First of all, Alaska is the most beautiful place on Earth. Secondly, the lines of Chugach Mountains are insane! And finally, the lodge is real cool. It has sauna, gym and Wi-fi. My rating: 4,8/5."

(Point North Heli)

"...Seaba has years of experience and they’re surely a local leader in what they do. I was very satisfied with heli service, guiding and accommodation. There was no delays, misunderstandings, etc....

(Heliski Seaba Haines)

"Alaska – every freerider’s dream. And it really is like that. It was worth every cent. Snowboarding as you see it in the movies, cool lodges, nice and helpful people. Awsome, awesome, awesome!"

(Chugach Powder Guides)

Three Reasons the USA is an Incredible Ski Destination


Experience the Rockies on your ski holiday

A ticket to skiing in America is a ticket to one of the most incredible mountain ranges on earth. The Rockies is a 3,000-mile stretch of mountain range which rips through North America. It has the highest density of ski resorts than anywhere else in the world, and is home to a tonne of the USA’s, and even Canada’s, best ski resorts. You’ve heard of Jackson Hole, Telluride and Aspen, but dozens of other resort names will go amiss… because there are so many! Its elevation sits at 4,401 meters and is visible from space. That’s right, the Rockies is a monster. And a visit to the USA is your chance to tick it off the bucket list.


Hunt for champagne powder in the USA

Do you know where the term “champagne powder” originated? It was born right here, in America. And for good reason. From Colorado to Alaska, USA’s mountains are blanketed in the soft, fluffy stuff. The country is so vast and high that its weather systems are a magnet for storms in the early stages of winter. Snowfall hits hard and later retreats to reveal some of the world’s finest, driest snow.

Amping up your powder hunt is best done by heading backcountry. You’ll be dropped into waist-deep powder by some of the world’s best heliski crews, and guided by the most knowledgeable local guides. Take Alaska, for example; a powder junky’s paradise. With over 750,000 acres of heli terrain out there, you’ll need some expert guidance, and Chugach Powder Guides are a top pick. These winter wizards will uncover secret spots riddled with champagne powder.


Fun, lively culture for a great ski trip

In the USA, things are big, loud and lively. Nothing says America more than its “larger than life” persona. And even if you’re from a humble background, the local’s spirit is contagious. Visitors will love the USA’s own take on Europe’s apres ski. Sure, you’ll be replacing schnaps and canapes with Bud Lights and burgers, but the vibrance and fun factor in American bars would compete against even the liveliest Western European after-ski session. The culture is one of a kind. Part-boisterous, part-charming and always welcoming. You’ll have the time of your life in the US, that's for sure.

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