Solid Surf & Yoga House Morocco

Morocco: Tamraght

Surf, party and hangout in Taghazout at the Solid Surf & Yoga House; a beautiful villa in a dream surfing destination

Surf School

Our surf school in Marokko is offering daily surf courses for 2 hours  plus the rest of the day guiding and free surfing. We provide for the surflessons soft-tops surf boards which will give you the safety in the water that you need. Surflessons are strictly with soft-tops!


We start at 10 Am with our departure from the surf house where will find the best surf spot for all levels surfers. We choose the surfspots daily with help from the forecast, our knowledge and the surfspot check we do every morning. We make our final decission the last moment so we know that we will have the right surfspot for that day. Surflessons will never be at point-breaks and strictly be taught at beach breaks that are suitable for all level surfers.


We have two main instructors that will take care of our beginner surf students. We teach in a 1 teacher to 5 student ratio. We are the only surfschool in the area that has a 1 to 5 ratio. In this way we guarantee a high standard surfschool and offer maximum focus and safety for our students.


We offer daily theory lessons as a start of our surflessons. The first day surflessons starts with a intense and well set up theory lesson, which we also will tailor for each student. We will instruct and guide people in the water. As a support for the surflessons we provide a photo camera and video camera to capture footage that will help you to improve the surfing as fast as possible. Our aim is to get you on your board with the proper theory, guiding and safety.


Special Theory Days
The footage will be discussed twice a week on tuesdays and thursdays. These days are completely dedicated to improve your surfing level. The tuesdays and thursdays are starting with a special theory lesson at 07.00 Am in the morning. We use our pool at the surf house as a “class room” where we will discus and demonstrate parts of the theory that is difficult to explain and show in the ocean. In this way we can clearly explain and show how certain techniques are done. After the theory every student will have the change to practice in the swimming pool. The lesson is 1,5 hour in the morning before breakfast. After breakfast we will continue with the normal surflesson on the beach as programmed on any other day. During the evening on tuesdays and thursdays we will look and discuss the footage and videos we took from the students while enjoying a nice moroccan tea and cheesecake/ lava cake.


We start new surflessons on a daily basis so it doesnt really matter when you arrive. The guests that already have received the 1st lesson will be placed in the group that already made some progress.  Unless you want to join in on the absolute beginner class to refresh your memory.


surflessons contain:

  • Video Analysing
  • Surf Safari
  • Wetsuit & Surf Board
  • Lunch Box
  • Daily Surf Lessons (2 Hours)
  • Special Theory Days (Pool)
  • Guiding in the water


Free Surfing
Free surfing after every surflesson with guiding and support of our teachers. The surflessons might be over but our teachers will be available for any questions and tips. You will be able to surf the rest of the day by yourselve. Usually we spent about 6 hours on the beach. We also provide early morning sessions depending on the circumstances fits best the occasion. In this way we are flexible and are able to find the best surf conditions for each day.

PP/Night from US$ 52