Soma Surf Resort

Nicaragua: Southern Nicaragua

Surround yourself in stunning natural beauty and discover some of the world’s best breaks at Soma Surf Resort, Nicaragua’s ultimate surf destination.

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The Surf

The bulk of Nicaragua’s coastline makes up the Mosquito Coast on the Caribbean side, where an extensive, shallow shelf drains what meager swells are available. Most of Nicaragua’s known surf spots are concentrated in the developed southwest corner where a narrow stretch of coastline separates Lake Nicaragua (the largest lake in Central America) from the Pacific. This huge body of water creates the perfect atmospheric conditions, causing winds to blow offshore for most of the year, around the San Juan Del Sur area. Surfing in Nicaragua started to grow a decade ago as the newly established democracy allowed the return of a bunch of self-exiled locals that had discovered surfing in Florida. They then started tapping into their own country’s wealth of excellent beachbreaks and left points.

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Surf All Year

Soma is located on the the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua in Central America, which is known for its consistent waves due to the prevailing offshore winds that blow approximately 300 days of the year. The conditions stay clean most of the day due to these winds, thus allowing the flexibility to enjoy other activities or experience a different part of Nicaragua. There are a variety of point and beach breaks for surfers of all ability levels, with more than 10 world class surf breaks all within 35 minutes accessible by car or boat from soma. This is surfing in Nicaragua at its best!


Two Surf Seasons

There are typically two seasons in Nicaragua and both are suitable for surfing.

The dry season from November – April is hot, dry, and windy with virtually no rain. This is when the waves are smaller and the water is cooler. The are fewer tourists and it is an ideal time for beginners. A spring suit or wet suit is recommended at times.

The wet season is May-September. It is when Nicaragua receives all the Southern swells, and the surf is the most consistent and powerful. This is when most surfers plan their trips due to the excellent conditions.

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