Sossego Surfcamp

Brazil: West Ceara

A surf camp offering surfing in warm tropical waters with the option of many other sports and water-sports for a surf trip combined with other activities.


The Stand up Paddle

The Stand Up Paddle is a sport you can begin in 10 minutes, simple to set up, with a using panel unknown till now in the ocean discovery.

  • Women improve very fast. Very often, they are far more skilled than men. 
  • Besides, it's far less physical than paddle surf, what a lot of women appreciate. Lots of them rediscover the surfing pleasure without the constrains... 
  • This sport makes every muscle of your body work, every muscle, the legs specially. Pure surfing fitness. 
  • The paddle use makes the balance far easier surfing. The improvement is very fast, nothing like surf.

 With the same board you can

  • Surf Hawaii 5m waves
  • Surf small wave
  • Make your buddies start and ride with your familly
  • Paddle along the costs (between 4.5 and 13 knots for the strongest ones)
  • Make some downwind wind in your back in more than 50 knots
  • Come down 100m wave wall in deap water like a boat would do but adding the surf tricks in deap ocean
  • Ride and enjoy every day of the year in every condition.

Tibau do Sul and Pipa area disposes of many ideal spots to practice SUP: down below the surfcamp the lagune is perfect to learn, the lagune mouth is ideal to catch the first waves, and the outside reef dedicated to high standard surfers. We organise lessons, strolls, and also downwinds.  We have also SUP for rental.



Thanks to its geographical position, the Rio Grande Do Norte coast receives the Southeast trade winds, that implies a constant wind between 15 and 25 knots, the more we go up to the North then the West , the stronger the wind is ; when we arrive to the Ceara State(Fortaleza) the wind blows between 25 and 35 knots.
The best spots are between Tibau do Sul and Barra do Cunhau, the best period last from Jully to January.

We organise Kitesurf Courses as well as KiteSurf Trips on the spots, with volkswagen Kombi and boat. We own many kites and boards, we are a pro center : For the lessons : – 15 Volt from 7 to 13m – 9 Starkites Bow Kites from 5 to 11m – 7 Next Boards from 158 to 138 cm Fot rental : – 8 Bandits 5 from 6m to 14m – Switchblade 12m and 8m, North Evo 8 & 12m – 2x Trax 136×40, Cabrinha Board Custom 128, Imperial 133, many wave riding custom boards from 5’8 to 6’2 Harness, Life wests and Helmets Mystic.

The Spots

Facing the Surfcamp (500m – a few meters to do with a boat), there are several options:


The lagoon (800m)

ideal for the beginners and average level kiters or for high standard kite surfers who like the flat water.


The lagoon mouth (300m)

surf in the waves that break on the sandbanks, excellent spot but reserved for the high standard kite surfers, works with every kinds of swell.


On the left of the mouth (800m)

10 km of beach break ideal for the average standard to learn the wave riding, excellent for the down wind.


 20 minutes walking to the South of the Surfcamp

 Cacimbinha : Long beach (4km),

 beach break that works when there is East and Southeast heave, in the open sea there are 2reefs with excellent waves.


20 minutes in car far from the Surfcamp

Barra do Cunhau,

River that flows into the sea and that had formed a sandbank , we can kite in the river, ideal spot for the beginners and high standard that likes the flat water, at the river outflow great spot of waves. But also many other secret spots to be discovered !


Multi Sports

There are numerous activities: boats, kayak and horse-riding trips, fishing, hiking on the ecological sanctuary trails.
So that to make you sportingly discover the region, we created the Multi-sport Pack: The multi-sports pack is an activities mix.

There is one activity per day

  • Stand Up Paddle
  • Pedestrian hiking in the ecological santuary
  • Mountain bike
  • Kayak
  • Horse riding  


The price of the multi-sports pack is 90 euros, but you can also chose your favorite activity each day as it comes, by writing your name on the booking board at the reception.

PP/Night from US$ 28