Sumatra Surf Resort

Indonesia: Sumatra

Sumatran surf perfection: escape the crowds at this newly built resort, with direct access to the best left reef in the area. Indonesian style and western amenities. 


When are the biggest swells?


The biggest swells generally hit around July-August.


How big can it get, what’s a normal day?


The biggest swells we usually get are around 10-12ft in the months of May – July. Usually we get one swell a week that is between 6-8ft , in between it’s usually around 2-5ft. There are other spots if you’re not up for anything that’s too big.


What are the conditions like March-Nov?


Some of the cleanest swells of the year happen during these months. Swells at this time of year are more perfect and groomed. The winds are light, which can be better for some of the premier waves. It’s not rare to have all day offshores in this area in March-May.


This part of year can also bring some great beach break sessions as the banks are better due to the rivers flowing and shifting the sand around. Don’t be fooled that July-August is the only time to come. March-June and September-November can also bring some quality sessions.


The swells in Indonesia usually don’t back off until the end of November.


How many people stay at one time?


We can cater for up to 28 guests at any one time.


Where is the best place to fly into?


We always recommend going in and out of Jakarta. It’s just easier to get a connecting flight to Bandar Lampung from there.


How do I get there?


We have a couple of options to choose from. If you know your ways around Indonesia then grab a flight from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung. Garuda, Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air all have daily flights to Bandar Lampung from Jakarta.  We do our airport runs on a Saturday, Monday and Wednesday so make sure you arrive in Bandar Lampung on one of those days. We generally leave Bandar Lampung to go down to the resort no later than lunch time so make sure you’re here by then. If you need help to get here and can’t be bothered with the hassle of organizing flights and accommodation in Jakarta then our good friends at The Perfect Wave, The Surf Travel Company or Leux have years of experience in getting crews to Sumatra and they look after you every step of the way.


How do we get to the waves?


We are situated right on Ujung Bocur so just pick up your board and get amongst it. There are many other quality breaks along the coast. So if it’s not happening here chances are it’s on somewhere else. Best way to get around is on a scooter with a board rack. Scooter hire is available from the resort. Make sure your travel insurance covers this.


What non surfing activities do you have?


Sumatra Surf Resort is “partner friendly”. Our bungalows cater for couples and can be configured   with a queen size bed. Each bungalow has its own fully enclosed Western Bathroom with mirror and hot water system. Important for the ladies!!


Our “Warung”  has a entertainment zone with pool table and poker and a chill zone which is perfect for lazing around reading, surfing the net, playing one of our board games or watching T.V. Check out our activities page for a range of day trips/activities we can organize for groups or couples. Just give us 24 hours’ notice to check availability and organise.


Is it possible to get meals without meat in them?


We understand that not everyone these days are carnivores. There are vegetarian options available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please let us know when you book. Unfortunately due to our remoteness we can’t cater for vegans.


Is there a time of the season that is the safest bet for good waves?


Our area has consistent swell all year round but the most consistent swell window is April-October.


Where is your spot in relation to all the waves and town?


We overlook the longest most consistent left hander in the region, UJUNG BOCOR, on the point of Tanjung Setia. The town of Krui is about 30km’s away. There is a ding repair shop and surf shop nearby.


Is it worth bringing a short board or are semi-guns and guns the only boards I’ll need?


I’d say bring a short board, a semi gun and if you’re into real solid waves bring a gun also/ otherwise bring 2 semis (3 boards is the maximum).


Do you have a surfguide?


Yes, we have a surfguide.


Is there a swimming spot for the ladies close by?


Mandiri Beach is a 10- 15 minute walk away.


What’s the situation with personal security and valuables?


The Lampung locals are very friendly people. Predominantly of Muslim faith, they are still very traditional. To respect local traditions, when outside of the resort, you should dress modestly. Ladies should cover their shoulders and thighs and guys should wear a shirt. Like anywhere when traveling, keep an eye on your gear when out & about, be respectful & remember a smile quickly breaks down any language barriers. The resort has 24 hour security and we also have guest security boxes available.


Do you have fishing/snorkeling equipment or do we bring our own?


We do hire fishing/snorkeling equipment but if you’re a serious “fisho” then best to bring your own.


Do I get my own room?


During high season our bungalows are twin share. We will try and accommodate you for a single room (if available) but there will be an additional nightly charge.


How can we get around?


Scooters are the preferred form of transportation which you can hire at the resort on a daily basis. Make sure your travel insurance covers this.


What should I bring?


All your surfing gear, rashy, towel, leggys, booties, fins etc. A decent 1st aid kit, mosquito repellant, ipod/ipad, books, long sleeve shirt & long pants, sun protection, phone chargers, power adaptor (local power is through round 2 pin style sockets).


A laid back and friendly attitude is essential.


What about Alcohol?


Alcohol is not a part of everyday life in Lampung. At our place you are free to drink. Outside in the villages, to respect local ways, we strongly discourage alcohol consumption. We love a good time but like to keep things laidback and low key.


What about Malaria?


While we wouldn’t say there is no malaria it isn’t something to worry about if you take the right precautions. Cover up at dusk and dawn, wear repellant and use the mosquito nets provided with each bed. We advise you to consult with your doctor as to what medications you will need for your holiday in Indonesia.


Any Medical facilities?


Local doctors are available and major hospitals are up to 6 hours away. A well-equipped first aid kit is essential out here and we can’t stress enough. Travel insuranfe including medivac is essential for traveling in Indonesia, we can help you out but won’t assume any responsibility should you get into trouble.


Any waves for grommies or beginners to surf?


We have everything from reef breaks to beachies in the area, there are several small wave spots that they can hook into. Directly in front of us when the swell is small is also very accommodating towards more inexperienced surfers.


What about the crowds?


The fact is like anywhere in Indonesia in the middle of the season it can become busy. However, generally this region attracts the more cruisy type of surfer/tourist. This mellow area is far removed from the chaos found in places like Bali. Off season guests greatly increase their chance of solitude.


What about mobiles & internet?


Mobile phones with global roaming will work out here. You can buy local sim card packages to call or sms cheaply. There is a “phone shop” down the road. We do have Wi-Fi here but remember this isn’t New York City.


Is there local public transport?


There are local bus companies that leave & arrive daily to nearly anywhere you would want to go. Along the main road from the south of the resort & to the north a fleet of public bemo’s provide cheap if not comical transport.

Local customs

The local people are some of the friendliest and most welcoming in Indonesia and we have established a special bond with these people. They are like family to us here at Sumatra Surf Resort. It’s important to respect their local culture and values. Certain things that may be acceptable behavior in your country could be frowned upon here.


Modest Dress

Board shorts and no t-shirt are acceptable for men around the beaches, but wear a t-shirt when you take trips into town.

For women it is recommended when out of the resort, that you wear long pants or sarong and short sleeve t- shirt so as to not offend. You will also need to wear a sarong when on the beach. Females may wear a bikini when swimming, but G-string bikinis wouldn’t be acceptable.



Although acceptable, should be consumed on our premises and in moderation. Drunken loud behavior that may affect our neighbors will not be tolerated and may result in an early departure from Sumatra Surf Resort

Duty free spirits are Illegal in this area. We have recently been informed that any such alcohol will be confiscated and there will also be a fine for having such alcohol. So please respect this law and leave spirits behind.



Foreign currency exchange is not available in the area, so it is important you bring a sufficient amount in relation to the length of your stay. Please advise our driver if you need to change money prior to leaving Bandar Lampung. We can exchange small amounts of foreign currency at the resort as a service to our guests.

You are supplied with 3 big healthy meals a day so $500AUD (or the equivalent, based on a 12 night stay) as a safeguard would be a sensible amount to bring in case you need to buy personal items, or you wish to eat out.

You will also need to budget for Alcohol as it isn’t included in any packages. Bandar Lampung package excludes transport cost which is between AUD$100-$130 per person. Cost is dependent on number of guests being transported.



  • Indonesia has a 30 day Visitor Visa for most foreign countries which you obtain on arrival for $25USD.
  • Longer Visas can be arranged from the Indonesian Consulate in your country prior to departure.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory and the guest is responsible to have their own travel insurance arranged before arrival. Best contact your current insurance or health fund to find out which plan is most suited to your trip. Make sure it includes Medical Evacuation cover.

PP/Night from US$ 30