Best Bet June/July: Where To Surf To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip

Summertime in Europe is bittersweet. School’s out for most of the kiddos and moms and dads are swiping their report cards one final time before their well-deserved summer vacays. Riverbanks, restaurants, and just about every street corner is packed with people having a good time, enjoying the long hot and humid days most of us have been reminiscing about for the last few months or so. It’s the time of the year everyone seems to look forward to unless you happen to be a surfer.

The usual suspects like France, Spain or Portugal, are often wave starved throughout the summer months, and unless you have some time on your hands and don’t mind hunting down some small onshore and often crowded beach breaks, you are better off to pack your quiver and head for an airport near you. Europe’s surf season might be coming to an end, but other parts of the world are just about to turn on.

Check out our best-bet Summer Spots to maximize your quality time in the water.

Maldives – North Male Atolls

The tropical nation in the Indian Ocean keeps reappearing in our “Best Bet” Surf Guides because of its abundance of waves and the all-around paradise vibe you get the minute you step off the plane. North Male is one big surfer’s playground, offering epic lefts and rights for almost all skill levels.

Surf perfect, glassy and crystal clear waves
Lohis at Hudhuranfushi. Photo: Richard Kotch

Make sure your equipment is in check and ready to go when you land in the Maldives since it can be a mission to find what you’re after. To get the most out of your trip, bring your regular shortboard and a (slightly more volume) back-up just in case. Make sure you go “all out” on the sunscreen, rashies, and booties too.

Most of the waves are easily accessible within a 2hr cruise, and most resorts around Male offer free Airport pick up /drop off.

If surfing an (uncrowded) world-class lefthander that’s a short paddle away from your private oceanfront Villa is up your alley then staying at the Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort is your golden ticket. The beautiful island of Hudhuranfushi is a short 30 minute boat ride from the main Island and offers everything a surfers heart desires. Lohis Point, arguably the best left in the Maldives, is right at your doorstep and if that’s not enough, just book a daily excursion to other world class waves like Sultans, Honky’s or Cokes that are all within a 30 minute boat ride from the resort.

Have the best view at Hudhruanfushi
The million dollar view of Lohis surf spot. Photo: Richard Kotch

Our “Best Bet” North Male Guide wouldn’t be complete without talking about THE WAVE in the Maldives. The Epicentre – The Pinnacle – Pasta Point is the most consistent wave in the area and unless you stay at Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives a big NO NO to surf.

The resort offers its guests exclusive access to famous Pasta Point and other world-class breaks like Sultans or jailbreaks are a convenient 10 minute boat ride from Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives Resort. The spot is breathtaking and perfect for lovers too. Your significant other sips on a Mai Thai in the pool while you are getting the waves of your life – Win-Win!

The viewing deck to famous Pasta Point
Get a perfect view of Past Point. Photo: Cinnamon Dhonveli

Indonesia – Mentawais

Surfing in the Ments is a dream of many, but spending countless bumpy days (and nights) on boat, trapped with a bunch of strangers not so much.

If walking on solid ground is more like your style, but you still want to take full advantage of what the Mentawai waves have on offer then the Kingfisher Bay Resort is your best bet. Kingfisher Bay Resort is a comfortable and laid back land camp, only a short paddle away from Lance’s Left.

Beachfront location of Kingfisher Mentawai
Doorstep – surfing! Photo: Kingfisher Mentawai

Once you get to the resort, you’ll have the world (and by world we mean waves) at your feet. Some of the best waves our planet has on offer are all within a 20 minute boat ride from the resort.

The waves are world class but no joke! Make sure you bring a quiver that has variety. We recommend packing your regular shortboard, a backup, and a step-up for the more serious (but unforgettable) days. Pack plenty of sunscreen if you don’t want to spend a fortune while you are there, a pair of booties and just to be safe, a first aid kit with tons of band-aids and some antiseptics in case you get to meet the reef too.

Get barreled in front of your door
Barrels without borders. Photo: Kingfisher

A trip to the Mentawais entails a whole lot of surfing, but there are some pretty cool “non-surf” activities too. Check in with the guys at Kingfisher Bay Resort, and if you are lucky, they might take you on a pretty epic fishing adventure or wood carving session while you are there.


This is an obvious one! As good as the Maldives or the Ments might be in June or July, Bali is, and always will be a pretty safe destination to score world class waves without breaking the bank.

Bali is cheap, fun, safe and from June to September simply world class! The dry season is usually the busiest time in and out of the water, but it’s also the time when the ESE trade winds hit the Bukit Peninsula, and world-famous breaks like Uluwatu, Padang Padang or Bingin light up for days on end.

Surfing Padang-Padang on the Bukit
Perfect waves and views on the Bukit. Photo: Balicamp

If 6ft square kegs aren’t really what you are looking for during your summer vacay, then check out options around Canggu and Seminyak. Still plenty of waves on tap but definitely a lot more manageable.

Canggu is one hell of a fun place to get your groove on (and wave count up) and our friends at The Balicamp offer affordable accommodation, tailored surf packages and an all around good time.

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