How close can you get to perfect waves?

No matter how deep is your pocket we will make you surf world class waves in the tropics and find a trip to suit your needs perfectly! We provide surf camps on local islands right through to 6 star resorts. World class surf right out the door, or private waves with no crowds on a remote surf charter…

Maldvies – stop dreaming, start surfing!

Visiting the Maldives is always a pleasure – nowhere else on the planet does such a good impression of heaven! Don’t make the mistake of underestimating Maldivian surf – It doesn’t get much better than that!

Ever dreamed of a non crowded world class surf break in your backyard? You have found it! Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort is one of the top surf resorts in the world. Only 45 surfers are allowed on the island at a time. All surfers are entitled to surf Lohis surf break –  a perfect left just meters away from your doorstep – and other excellent surf breaks within 10-30min by boat. Suited for intermediate and advanced surfers, and for pros when it goes big. A tropical paradise without the need to compete for waves!

The resort provides excellent surf conditions without compromising any comfort. You won’t miss anything for the perfect surfing vacation. You will find all amenities of a four (Beach Villas) and five star (Ocean Villas) resort.

Save the pennies & still surf your backyard!

You have been saving your pennies and want to organise your very own ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime surf trip, what can you expect? At this level every trip is 100% personalised and tailored to your individual needs – even on a lower budget.

Just Surf Villa & Lodge is an upper class surf camp situated on the island of Himmafushi. The surf villa has a private swimming pool and the accommodation options range from single to triple rooms. A short walk and a paddle will have you in the water at Jail Breaks.

Jailbreaks is named after the prison that used to be on the island. Imagine being held captive whilst having to watch perfect rights peeling off in crystal clear water? This break works best in big swells when the three distinct sections link up and produce long perfect walls. There are two to three surf transfers a day to take you any of the famous surf breaks of North Male such as Cokes or Sultans. There are waves for any surfer and for any surf condition. This really is a tropical surf paradise! Prime surf time is from March to October when regular southern hemisphere swells grace the perfect reefs surrounding the many islands of the Maldivian archipelago.
The Maldives are jam-packed with world class waves, which is why so many surfers now head to this paradisiacal island chain every year; if you want to beat the crowds and discover new breaks the Maldives is your choice!

Indonesia: surf-elevator or private boat?

Indonesia needs no introduction as a surf destination – blessed with some of the most consistently perfect waves on the planet, it’s pretty much Mecca. Surfers are spoilt for choice and there are many resorts and hotels with fun activities and protected beaches, whilst the mix of incredible food, culture and spas are enough to enchant any non-surfers.

Obviously Bali is no longer a secret. In fact it is one of our most popular destinations – and with good reason. It still has that certain magic that makes so many surfers come back again and again. Bali is what it is – and what exactly it will be during your stay depends heavily on where you go and what you want to experience.

The Anantara Uluwatu is one of our favourites in Bali: it lies on the cliffs directly above Impossibles on the Bukit Peninsula, rippling down towards the sea in a series of upmarket villas, penthouses, pools and restaurants; ultimate luxury at its finest. Amongst these daydream-esque scenes you’ll find almost impossibly perfect waves: Uluwatu, Racetracks, Temples, Padang Padang, Dreamland, and, indeed, Impossibles… But how do you reach the wave from the clifftop? Just take a few steps to the resort’s private elevator that brings you right down to the reef.

The main surf season runs from April to October, when Bali provides some of the best and most consistent waves on the planet. However, the waves are still often excellent – and much emptier – during the off season. Whenever you go, your trip will be a memorable one. Indo is a pilgrimage, a right of passage that every travelling surfer must make. One that should be made in style.

Mentawais – how close can you get?

The Mentawais Islands are one of the world’s top surf destinations, renowned for a ridiculously high density of world class breaks, powered by consistent Indian Ocean groundswells. The island chain is very remote, which means privacy is very easy to come by and chances for empty lineups are high. The region has consistent, warm water tropical surf all year with wide open swell windows to pick up anything the Indian Ocean chooses to throw at it.

You are only thinking about surfing and want to be as close to the wave as possible – take a charter. Boat trips are the epitome of surf travel – it’s a simple fact. Nothing else combines so many of the most essential qualities of the surf dream so effectively: exploration, waves, the ocean, solitude, seafood, the simple life, the exotic, the tropics, islands, reefs…

Undoubtedly one of the best budget charter boats in the Mentawais, the Santa Lusia offers its guests a great-personalised surf safari service. If you are serious about catching some epic waves during your holiday then the freedom of chartered hire is your best bet. There are many well known spots in the surrounding areas and this trip will guarantee a variety of breaks catering for the experienced surfer.

The 65ft boat offers sleeping for up to 10 people in a spacious, air-conditioned dormitory. It also has a lounge with a flat screen TV where you can watch a movie, look and analyse all the best surf photos from the day or simply relax in the evenings.

Many of the waves visited on the charter have been featured in dozens of surf movies throughout the years. Spots like E-Bay, Bank-vaults, Hideaways, NoKandui, Riffles, Telescopes, HT’S, Macaronis, Greenbush, Rags, Lighthouse and The Hole are some of the most popular spots for Surf film makers. All of these waves are shallow reef brakes that provide insane tube rides for experienced surfers. The list goes on with a number of easier waves like; Pit stops, Burger World, Nipussi, Baby Kandui, Karanbijat left, 4-Bobs, A-frames, Scarecrows, Bintangs, Lances Left, Sand Bars, Bat Caves, KFC, Roxy’s and Moots. Giving you the chance to carve your brains out and slip into some easy barrel rides.

So whenever you want to travel and whatever your budget, you can reach great waves, tropical waters and the beautiful Indian Ocean. Accessible for everyone! Get in touch today and benefit from our special discounts!