Video: Ultimate Seaplane Access Maldives Surf Trip

The Maldives are jam-packed with world class waves, which is why so many surfers now head to this paradisiacal island chain every year; if you want to beat the crowds and discover new breaks you have to get creative! That’s exactly what LUEX and the boys did this year: equipped with a luxury yacht and seaplane they scored empty lineups and uninhabited islands, partied in underwater nightclubs and had one hell of a good time. Tag along on the ultimate surf trip as they push the boat out in true playboy style!

We all know that feeling: “Damn, all this money stuffed in my wallet is affecting the cut of my suit, but I just don’t know how to get rid of it!” Well ok, if you’re anything like us then maybe not, but if you did happen to inherit a goldmine or find a money tree growing behind the garden shed, what would YOU do? Yeah sure, you could buy a Ferrari or two and a couple of gallons of Dom Perignon (’85 vintage, natch) to brush your teeth with in the morning, but how about something a little less… Stereotypical?

As the saying goes, “travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer,” so wave goodbye to the mundane, invest those precious dollars and join us for the ultimate surf trip: tropical islands, luxury yachts, seaplanes, underwater nightclubs, hollow waves and deserted breaks… What more could you want?!

So say you have been saving your pennies and want to organise your very own ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime surf trip, what can you expect? At this level every trip is 100% personalised and tailored to your individual needs, but if you’re in need of a little inspiration here’s a recipe guaranteed to get your saliva glands working overtime:

  • Maldives: A little slice of paradise in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are known as one of the most exclusive holiday boltholes. Blessed with warm water, beautiful reefs and a collection of world class waves to stir the imagination of even the most jaded surfer, this collection of tropical islands is the ideal destination for any self-respecting surf-playboy.
  • The Gurahali Yacht: One of the most exclusive liveaboard surf yachts in the world, the Gurahali cruises between waves with effortless style and class; a guaranteed head turner. If you want to relax in total luxury between sessions, this elegant vessel is the one for you. Add in a couple of jet skis and a masseuse at your beck and call, and life is looking reeeaaaalll good.
  • Seaplane: What’s the best way to guarantee empty lineups and virgin waves all to yourself? When everyone and his dog can charter a boat to access that remote reef break, this sometimes requires a little creative thinking. With a seaplane at your disposal, you can travel further and faster than anyone else in the Maldives. Fancy a strike mission to the Southern Atolls? With your aerial vantage point you can quickly scope out which waves are firing hardest, then get dropped straight into the lineup. Your professional surf coaches and guides are guaranteed to find the best surf for the given conditions and your ability: playful peaks or hollow tubes? It’s totally up to you.
  • Diving: The marine experience in the Maldives goes much further than the waves rippling the surface; strap on your scuba tank and get a little deeper. Whether you’re an expert diver or want to get certified, top-quality instructors will introduce you to dolphins, sharks, and turtles, while you explore colourful reefs and eerie shipwrecks.
  • Deserted Islands: Only around a 10th of the Maldives islands are inhabited, which means plenty of private playgrounds to explore. Want to stretch your legs with a game of football? No problem. Picnic on the beach? Sure! Would sir prefer meat or fish tonight?
  • An Underwater Nightclub: Does this really need an explanation? It’s a nightclub. Under the sea. For real. Doesn’t get much cooler than that!