Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel & Residences


A boutique, uniquely designed luxury resort with sustainable cooking and spa services, just one hour from Lisbon.

About The Operator

Areias do Seixo Charm Hotel is the realisation of the dream of owners Marta and Gonçalo. They had a compelling desire to create a unique place where they could welcome people from the four corners of the globe in a magical yet familiar setting. They encountered many obstacles along their journey to turn this dream into a physical reality. And the result? A place of enchantment crafted from a range of resources that have been thoughtfully and painstakingly assembled to equal so much more than a simple sum of their parts. Awe-inspiring originality combined with sublime comfort. A place where time stands still. A place to pause and savour every moment, cradled by sea, dunes, and pine trees and washed by natural marine light.

Construction, Restoration and Decoration

Areias do Seixo Charm Hotel was designed by the architect: Vasco Vieira. The decoration
bears the signature of Rosario Gabriel. Working closely with the owners, she accompanied
the construction process almost from its inception. She is responsible for much of the details
of the internal architecture. Our interior decorator, Isabel Schedel - whose touches are
evident throughout - began working with us a few months before the hotel opened.
The development of the hotel design has always considered the harmony with the
surrounding landscape existent. Materials such as regional stone, pebble, glass and wood
prevail, with natural finishes and polished concrete. These materials and decoration have
come together to produce a unique and spellbinding space. You can readily pick up on
several of the cultural and geographical inspirations: India, Morocco, the African savannah –
all romantic spaces - some more rustic, others more sophisticated. Olive trees, reeds,
wooden poles arranged in the shape of labyrinths, all bring about a perfect fusion of indoor
and outdoor spaces, letting us breathe in Nature wherever we are. This hotel is an ecological
place using the principles of sustainable tourism: energy efficiency, renewable energies and
the use of natural resources.

PP/Night from US$ 219