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A boutique, uniquely designed luxury resort with sustainable cooking and spa services, just one hour from Lisbon.

LowPressure Stormrider Surf Guide says

As with Peniche, Ericeira has no shortage of Atlantic swell to play with. Numerous classic reef set ups, rocky headlands and small rivermouth bays shape the swells into world class waves such as Coxos. Ericeira can be considered the centre of Portuguese surfing with its concentration of classy breaks a mere 30km from Lisbon. It doesn’t quite have the wind protection of Peniche and big, stormy swells tend to favour the south-facing coast of Lisbon, but for consistent quality and challenging waves, Ericeira rules.

Ericeira is the Mecca of Portuguese surf and like Peniche, it offers a truly staggering variety of waves, crammed into just a few kilometres of coast. There’s something to suit every standard but unlike Peniche, most of these waves are rock bottomed and there is little wind or swell shelter. Coxos is the best known wave, a long, hollow world class right, but sitting proudly next to it in the quality stakes are the barrels of Pedra Branca and Reef. Such high class waves attract crowds and with Lisbon only a short drive away there are no shortages of surfers wanting a piece of Ericeira action. This lively and attractive town is a year round surf destination with the beach breaks to the south of town being the best bet in the small summer season and the reefs and points the main event for the remainder of the year.

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