Maldives: North & South Male

Most affordable adventure cruiser, perfect for exploring the Maldives and checking out some of those world famous surf spots.

About the Operator

The Company - Odisons Maldives Pvt Ltd.

  • Odisons Group is a strong and unified presence in the Maldives with our ventures of import-export business and our Travel company, owned and managed by our paramount company, Odisons Pvt.Ltd.
  • Odisons Pvt.Ltd. position in the various industries are enhanced by our business partners and associates around the world. Since the successful acquisition of our travel industry establishment in year 2000, we have branched out into the import-export and trading market here in the capital with our fashion adornment stores “The Lover” and “The Lover Exclusive”.
  • Odisons Holidays was established as a travel agent and tour operator  in 2008 with the broadest portfolio of travel services. With the candid collaboration with our business partners and associates, we have substantiated in cultivating and maintaining  long term business relationships. Odisons Holidays is consigned to persevere the best service to our clients worldwide.
PP/Night from US$ 135