Maldives: North & South Male

Most affordable adventure cruiser, perfect for exploring the Maldives and checking out some of those world famous surf spots.


Surfing Level

The Maldives offer a variety of waves suitable for all levels of surfing. Many takeoffs in forgiving deeper waters become very hollow and fast as they wrap around the reef. Outer atoll surf explorations offer more opportunities for good surfers to get barreled while still being playful for intermediate surfers to challenge themselves in perfect conditions. Pros are likely to be underchallenged wheras pure beginners will find the waves to powerful and the reefs to threatening.

Hazzards and Dangers

  • SUN! We are very close to the equator. We recommend highly to bring sun protection with SPF higher than 30.
  • Currents: On some occasions channels between islands can have strong currents. Those currents are caused by tidal movements and usually last for 2-4 hours.
  • Sharks: There are potential dangerous sharks around. But attacks on surfers or divers are extremely rare.
  • Reef: some of the waves are really shallow and break over razor sharp coral.

Best Surfboard Sizes

6’1” – 6’8” are the most surfed boards for average sized surfers. If you are a Longboarder let us know in advance as we need to arrange extra transportation for the inter atoll flights for you.


Lonboards/Luggage Limitations

We are flying our guests with DASH-8 aircrafts down to the final destinations. The aircrafts will have approx. 40 passenger seats and limited cargo space. We kindly ask our guests to limit their luggage to what is necessary and to pack their necessities economically. Please use board bags that fit your boards and that are not bigger than necessary. According to the airline’s official statement the maximum length of board bags must not exceed 08feet. In case you want to take a longbaord we will need to make a special arrangements and extra costs may occur. Please let us know dimension (including weight, width, lengths and height) of your board bag and we will reserve space in the aircraft for you.



Please find here all international airlines that serve the Maldives.  For your flights from MALE to the Atolls we book your tickets with Islands Aviation.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is COMPULSORY for travel with Lineupexplorers as it is a small expense ensuring that all guests are assured the resources necessary in the event of an emergency. Your travel insurance provider should cover the following: baggage delay, baggage coverage, emergency medical and dental, emergency medical transport & evacuation, trip cancellation & interruption, travel delay, travel accident insurance. Travel insurance must be arranged and initiated prior to departure.



Please refer to the Center for Disease Control for updated information.
Unlike Indonesia, the Maldives do not require malaria precautions.


Stopover on Male

depending on your international flight connection you might need to do a stopover on MALE. You can either hang out at the airport or book a night in one of many places on the Island. We have listed a couple of hotels but you can still google for some alternative options.

PP/Night from US$ 135