Maldives: North & South Male

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North Male Atolls

Over the last decade, Maldives has gained a solid reputation for clean, almost beginner-friendly waves that break on the most exposed parts of the atoll reefs. Comprised of 26 atolls, surfing in the Maldives has remained focused on North Malé, which claims the best density of lefts and rights within a 2hr cruise. Combined with an appealing proximity to Hulhumalé international airport, it’s an especially convenient, fun-wave playground for time-restricted, wealthy travellers. The Maldives surf has been one of the longest kept secrets, because Australian Tony Hinde managed to keep it quiet among his close friends between 1974 and 1988. These days, the 4 passes gathering the bulk of the swell are often crowded with all types and abilities of recreational surfers, from the resorts, guest-houses or charter boats, but the vibe is always laid-back and friendly.

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Condition descriptions provided by the Operator

General Conditions Maldives

The North Male Atoll contains the more well known and surfed breaks of the Maldives. The North Male Atoll probably offers the most consistent spots especially during the summer months June and July. Most spots are well protected from the dominant south westerly winds and the reef set ups usually pick up quite a lot of swell. Some of the breaks in North Male are perfectly shaped and offer highest wave quality. Unfortunately the spots are prone to heavy crowds, because the breaks can be accessed so easily. There are plenty of boats operating in this area and many resorts offer surf transfers to the breaks. The Central Atolls including the Meemu, Thaa and Laamu and the Outer Atolls including Gaafu Dhaalu and Addu offer more than 30 world class reef breaks that are rarely surfed. Occasional troublesome weather patterns with heavy storms during the months of June to August make it difficult to cross channels between the atolls and to operate surf charter trips without well equipped boats in this area. Logistical challenges of food supply and technical support add to the fact that only very few boats stay in this area for a longer period of time. This vessel offers safety standards and equipment that allows to operate in the more remote regions for sporadic trips. Therefore it can guarantee empty breaks. While it may happen that you will see another charter vessel during your stay you will have the breaks on your own for the most of your time. It is not based down there permanently though and extra costs for relocation may apply.

Conditions North & South Male Atolls

The North & South Male Atolls usually offer the most consistent surf conditions of all parts of the maldives. Pretty much all of the spots are facing to the east or south east and are a well protected from predominant south westerly winds. Occasional southerly winds may affect the spots in the North Male Atoll more easily than in the South Male Atoll where spots are facing more to the east rather than south east. Especially the spots in the North Male Atoll pick up a lot of swell and have proven to be quite consistent. The South Male Atoll is always smaller but once big enough can offer awesome breaks.


Detailed spot decriptions of North Male Atoll

"Chickens" Lefthander

is probably the fastest wave in the North Male atoll. It holds swell size from 3ft to well over 10ft and provides rides up to 500m long. A good place to go if spots to the south are too big.


"Cokes (Colas)" Righthander

breaks 3-10ft and is fairly protected from the southerly winds that may affect other breaks such as "Lohis". This wave has been well photographed and is the hollowest in the North Male atoll. This will test your tube-riding ability.


"Lohis" Lefthander

long spitting left-hander that breaks off Lohifushi Resort - very consistent (paddle looks easy, but not recommended, strong current out to sea!


"Ninjas" Righthander

breaks off Kani Resort. fast and sometimes quite fickle.


"Pasta Point" Lefthander

a fun left hander that breaks 4-8ft. At 6ft is a perfect wackable face. Please note: you may or may not be welcome here as the resort next to the break owns exclusive rights on the spot.


"Honky's" Lefthander

is a fast wrapping left at 4-6ft and needs the right swell direction.


"Sultans" Righthander

Just paddle up the peak at "Sultans" and keep paddling about 100 yards to the peelign wave.”Sultans is an easy right hand take off which leads you to an intense wrapping section at the end. Breaks 3-8ft. Please note: this wave is the most protected from the southerly winds in the North Male atoll and collects the most swell - so go there if it is small. NORTH MALE Atoll



(righthander). Super nice long and speedy walls. Quite consistent break with basically two take off zones. Fast and hollow end sections will challenge you.


Detailed Spot Descriptions of South Male Atoll

"Quarters" Righthander

Righthander Really nice, fast little right-hander that picks up less swell than most other places. Best in winds W to NW. Named after the resort workers’ quarters on the island.


"Last Stops" Righthander

Righthander Fast wave with a great bowl section.


"Gurus" Lefthander

Lefthander is near the Southern tip of North Male Atoll and near the capital island of Maldives, Male. A left that works well when there is a north wind and a big south swell.


"Natives" Righthander

Located near the Kandooma Resort, on the eastern reefs of the North Male Atoll. Surfers are provided with a short right, which works well with a South West wind and a solid swell.


"Twin Peaks" or "Left & Rights"

Located on the eastern reef of South Male Atoll, Twin Peaks picks up more swell than most of the breaks in South Male’ Atoll.


"Riptides" Righthander

Small reef in the middle of the channel on the southern side of the island; fast right-hander, one of the best waves in the area. The area is subject to strong currents. Best on W to SW winds.


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