Beng Beng Mentawai

Indonesia: Mentawai Islands

Relaxed and intimate surf camp in the Mentawais – world class waves right on your doorstep, with twice-daily boat transport to many more.

The Boats


We have two speedboats to cater for different activities. These boats are hand-made Mentawaian canoes designed and made by locals in Siberut. The local construction ensures that they have been created to work in any Mentawaian condition. They are also equipped with surfboard racks, seatings and obviously a roof to shade us from the strong tropical sun. The smaller boat can carry 6 people and runs with one engine of 40 horse power. The bigger boat can carry 8 people and run with two engines of 40 horse power each. Trust our experienced Surfguides to take you to the best waves. Alternatively you can decide amongst the group where you would like to go and which waves you would like to check out.

Another positive aspect about having two different speedboats is that you have the option to do different activities. Maybe you feel like fishing or checking out some different islands. There are lots of ways you can spend your time at BENG BENGS.

PP/Night from US$ 120