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Top house in Imsouane, the longest point break of Morocco. Suited perfectly for the Pros – so it will for you!


Can I rent a surfboard in Imsouane?

Absolutely, there are 2 surfshops and 2 surfschools in the village of Imsouane. Finding a board won’t be a problem.


Which excursions can be done from Imsouane?

Essaouira and Agadir are easy to reach from Imsouane. They are only 1,5 hours away. Marrakech can be visited but you should take a 4 hours trip in mind, in case of heavy traffic 5 hours.


I never surfed before should I take classes?

If you practise another boardsport you will have somehow a feeling with surfing. Surfing can be learned on your own, as we did back in the days. But keep in mind you will learn faster if you take classes. There are 2 surfschools in Imsouane.


What is the best time of the year for waves in Imsouane?

You can surf year round in Imsouane. In winter the waves are more consistent and bigger. In summer the water and air temperature are significantly higher. Year round you will have no wind or just slight offshore breezes in the morning.


I have no surfing experience at all, will a week in the BoardXHouse be worth the trip?

Imsouane is the perfect spot to learn how to surf. During bigger swells you can catch the small waves on the inside corner of the bay. In Imsounae you will find 2 surfschools, you can always book surfclasses with them. Imsouane is a small fishing village, the prefect place to get away from the stressy life. Essaouire is only 1,5 hours away and a must to visit at night during your stay. 


How much money do I need for a week in Imsouane?

There are no ATM’s in Imsouane, make sure the get cash money at the airport. Living in Imsouane is very cheap, try to negotiate a good deal. As a tourist you are an easy catch, so try to find a good place to buy your stuff. Buy your basic stuff like bread, fish and drinks at local shops or markets. All products from western society and/or meat, alcohol,… you should buy at the supermarket in Agadir.


Can I book through the phone?

No, the only way of booking is through our website.


Can I surf with contact lenses?

Yes you can, you will not loose a lens to often. We advice you to use daylenses, just to be sure.


Are there surfshops in town?

There are 2 surfshops in Imsouane, you wil find everything you need. Prices are the same as in Europe. Repairs can be done at Momo’s or Desert Point surfshop.


Are there any supermarkets in town?

No, in Imsouane you only find basic ingredients such as bread, drinks, fruits (no alcohol). We recommend you to bring some supplies from the Supermarket Marjan near the airport (everything to be found). Imsouane is a fishing village so plenty of fish for sale at the harbour.


Will I receive a proof of payment or voucher before the trip?

We never send by classic mail. After booking online you receive an e-mail with payment details. When your money reaches our account you will get a confirmation through e-mail, together with all latest info.


Distances in Imsouane village

Imsouane is only a small village of 1 by 1 kilometer. The BoardXHouse is located on the first row overlooking the ocean and the famous Imsoune point in the bay. It takes less than 5 minutrs to walk to the peak. Even the Cathedral beach is only a five minute walk (maximum). All surfshop, stores and restaurants are situated arounf the port, again within minutes walking. Alcohol isn't easy to get in Imsouane or Morocco in general. In Auberge Tasra you can buy beer and wine. This auberge is also a great place to have tasty local dinners, make sure to book your seats and dish ahead. (Half day at least)

PP/Night from US$ 14