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Peru: Punta Hermosa

Cozy surf camp in Punta Hermosa with a choice of breaks within close walking distance and guiding possible.

LowPressure’s Stormrider Surf Guide says

Peru has one of the oldest surf cultures in the world with “Totora reed horses” being ridden for up to 3000 years. Surfing in Peru had it’s resurgence and redevelopment a little later than in Hawaii. Peru was host to the World Championships in 1965, and the world was re-awoken to the potential of one of the most ancient of surfing countries. Since then local guys like Felipe Pomar and Piti Block have pushed Peruvian surfing further than it’s been taken in almost every other developing country. The capital, Lima, sits on the shores of the Pacific and has become Peru’s surf city. There are good waves in the districts of both Miraflores and neighbouring Costa Verde, where the world class Herradura left point can go off. However, due to both crowds and pollution most travellers prefer to keep away from the city, and instead head 1hr drive to the north, to the Punta Hermosa area. This is a great area for a surfer to find himself in, as there are ample consistent spots within walking distance of each other. In the Southern Hemisphere winter the waves around Punta Hermosa are typically big mushy rights with a lack of shape that can be ideal for longboarding. While a lot of the headlands favour the rights, there are also hollow lefts, plus a few offshore bomboras that handle serious size and power.

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Peru and Punta Hermosa

Peru is a privileged country for surfing, having great surf all year round, for all likes and throughout its coast. Punta Hermosa is a beach 75 miles (45 km) to the south of Lima going down the Pan-American Sur highway, well known for its good waves which are bigger and stronger than in the capital, having 12 breaks in a 12 miles radius  (see map). Close to Punta Hermosa there are other really good surfing beaches like Punta Rocas (international surfing contests are done here – 5 minutes away) el Huaico and Peñascal, and farther south Puerto Viejo, Cerro Azul and Pepinos. Summer season is from December to April with temperatures that reach 85º (28º Celsius) and in winter it only goes down till 57º (14º Celsius). It's in winter months, June, July and August that waves are at their best, with a bigger size and a better and longer run. It’s not necessary to wear a wetsuit in summer and in winter a 3 mm one is enough.

It’s normal to see many people surfing in summer, especially on weekends, the other days there aren’t that many and in winter even less, with a possibility of having the beach all to yourselves or with very few people. The good thing is that even if there are lots of people there is no problem with locals. Peru is ideal to have an unforgettable surf trip and very cheap too, another thing that we must say is that Peruvian food is really good and recommendable.

The beaches to the south of the capital are considered party point on summer weekends by people from Lima who escape from the routine and hassle of a big city having a great variety of clubs and a lot of night life.




It’s a pretty big wave, only for experienced surfers, it easily reaches 13 feet on a good day, it’s about 650 yards in, you can surf it normally but you'll also see people doing tow-in (with a jet ski). To come in you paddle to La Isla and then get a wave all the way the shore.

La isla

It’s a really good right, point break, rock bottom, long and strong with 3 or 4 sections, it walls up from 3 to 10 feet. It has good waves all year round, it’s about 270 yards in but you can get to the point paddling of the side about 100 yards and you can surf all the way to the sand on a good wave. Surfing contests are done here.



It only breaks on a big swell but the waves are only 3 to 5 feet, it’s a short fun ride, occasionally having some barrels. You only need to paddle about 17 yards to get in but you can surf till the next beach, about 75 yards.


El Paso 

It’s the perfect wave, point break, rock bottom, breaks both ways, the rights tend to be better, but you'll get pretty gnarly lefts as well that can connect to the lefts of Playa Norte, it's a break for experienced surfers only, or at least you’ve got to have a good pair of lungs and guts. Very strong, tubular and fast, the drop is amazing going from 5 to 12 feet; it only breaks on big swells. Contests are also done here.


Playa Norte

It a fast right, with barely sections, really fun,  rock bottom, and could get a bit strong, needs at least a 6ft swell to start working, waves go from 3 to 6 ft,  This is the way to get to Pico Alto a 30 minute paddle(1 km).


Pico Alto  

It was considered South America’s biggest wave and among the biggest of the world reaching 30 feet. It’s about 1000 yards in and it only breaks on big swells. One of the events of the big wave tour is held here every year.



It’s about 300 yards in; from the shore it doesn’t look like much, but once you’re there is a good right from 3 to 8 feet, very few people surf here because it looks far and its right next to señoritas and caballeros which are more popular. There are also lefts.



It’s a really good left, rock bottom, tubular in good conditions reaching 10 feet. It’s an excellent wall and pretty long too. 2005 women’s world champ, Sofia Mulanovich, lives here and when she’s not on tour, she could be seen around here. International contests have been held here.



One of my personal favorites, it’s a long right, really fun with tubular sections, with waves from 3 to 9 feet, the bad thing is that it’s very popular among surfers, the beach is really nice though, white thick sand, and you can get food and drinks served where you are.


El silencio 

It’s a long beach, very popular, full of people in summer time. It’s got white thick sand and there are many restaurants, they serve you directly on the sand, really nice to spend the day. The surfing spot is to the far right, a good and sometimes tubular right; you have to be careful though because of a big rock that sticks out right in the middle, but that’s it, it's not far at all and you don’t even have to dodge the people.



Another long beach, residential but not private. It's a very fun beach break, sand bottom, fast and barely, breaks both ways and in different spots. It’s more common to see body boarders than surfers here; we surf here mostly when everywhere else looks pretty flat.

PP/Night from US$ 11