Indonesia: Mentawai Islands

11 day/12 night trips on board this 80 foot timber vessel with a choice of private cabins or dorm, cruising wherever the swell hits in the Mentawais.

Amenities & Activities


Who are the guys with the tatts? Sikerei, the shaman keepers of the Mentawai. The jungles of Siberut Island are home to a race of people that have been studied intensively by anthropologists for years due to their unique and enduring traditional culture. Though these people are slowly being syncretised into Western ways of life, in the heartland of the island you will still find Siberut natives who are living day to day lives as they have for hundreds of years.

D'Bora offers guided treks to Siberut Island to meet with and spend a night staying in the longhouses of the real Mentawai locals. An excursion to Siberut Island is not easy; it involves a 3 to 4 hour longboat ride up through the rivers that divide the island, then a trek through super humid jungle often times knee deep mud to access the villages. However once you arrive at your destination you may have the chance to witness some of the traditional rites of these people such as tattooing, teeth filing or even purification ceremonies overseen by brightly decorated shamen. Or maybe join in making loin cloth or processing sago palm harvested from the nearby jungle. You might get muddy, wet and be at times uncomfortable however by taking part in a jungle excursion you will gain a deeper understanding of the island chain than is possible from the air-con comfort of your charter boat.

D'Bora guides are the people who actually originate from the villages of Siberut. They speak the jungle dialect and are networked directly with the people who you will visit which ensures that you have a 'real' cultural experience. Contact us for more details if you are keen to do a jungle trek during, before or after your trip on D'Bora.

PP/Night from US$ 248