Deluxe Surfhouse Algarve

Portugal: Algarve

Beautiful quiet surf villa with its own pool, located just 500 metres from the ocean, outstanding cuisine and suitable for surfers of all levels.


General questions

Is there a minimum age at camp? What is the average age ?
The minimum age is 18 years . Children traveling with their parents are of course excluded .
The average age is about at 27 years.

Are there  many other unaccompanied guests?

Do I need travel insurance ?
We recommend a travel cancellation insurance.
Travel insurance does not cost much , but can be very useful.

Do you have special group deals ?
From six people you are a group . Drop us an email , then we can make you an offer you like .

Do I need warm clothes ?

Even in summer it can get chilly at night , you should pack a thick jumper in any case.


What time is check out ?
Room check out is at 11:00.


What time is check in?
Your room is ready for you from 14:00. If possible you can also get  your room earlier.

I was once a guest at the Surf House and want to come back with friends . Do I get a discount?
For each recommended new customer you get 10% on your next trip (room) .
ie If you advertise 10 new customers , your trip is free (additional services excluded) .

Can I book a single room?
Single rooms are not available . If we have enough space , this is available at an extra charge of 30 € .

Can we book a triple room?
We usually have only two rooms . Our rooms are big enough , so we can you easily provide a third bed.

While I have holidays but must work from time to time . Can  I find the necessary peace in the Surf House ?

Due to the size of the house and the many living room etc. You can find definitely a quiet place to work .

How far is the nearest supermarket?
Small supermarkets / corner shops are within a few minutes by bike .

Is there a laundry service ?
Yes , for € 5, we can wash your clothes.

Do you provide towels and bed linen?
Fresh linen is provided, please bring your own towels that you need .

Can I extend my stay at short notice on the spot?
Sure, feel free to extend your stay place .

Can I cook myself?
Yes, there is a communal kitchen.

I am allergic / vegetarian / I do not eat ....
We are happy to take on special eating habits into consideration. Please let us know when  booking. We can prepair certain foods , such as gluten -free bread,..

When is breakfast and dinner ?
Breakfast is served Monday to Friday at 09:00. On the weekend late breakfast at 11:00 .
Dinner is available at 20:30 .

How far is it from Surf House to the sea ? How far is it to the nearest beach?
It is about 350m from the sea ( cliffs ) . The nearest beach is Burgau .
On foot you need approximately 15 minutes by bike 5 minutes.

Are there animals in the Surf House ?
Yes , a dog, " Nina " and two cats


Questions about surfing

When do I pay the surf course / surf equipment ?
The surf course or the material to be paid locally

Is there a fixed start day for the surf lessons ?
The surf course starts every Monday .


Can I have a surfing lesson with my children?
This is not a problem. We offer special children's surf courses.

I 'm an absolute beginner surfer . What qualifications do I need to participate in the surf course?
You should be able to swim !

Are there any sharks on the coasts of Portugal?

How big are the groups in the surf lessons ?
In any surf instructor maximum of 8 students. Our surf school tries that the groups never have more than 20 students.

On which beaches do the surf lessons take place?
Our main beach for surfing lessons is Arrifana , a beach which is ideal to learn surfing . If the conditions are not good enough a time , there are alternative beaches.


Do I need a car to go surfing?
Yes. To use the full potential of the Algarve as a surfing area, you definitely need a car .

What kind of wetsuit would you recommend me?
We advise you to a long wetsuit depending on the season between 3/2 and 4 /3 System.

My board needs to be repaired . Do you have a possibility?
For smaller repairs we can help you to repair your board .
Is your board is more damaged,  we will gladly recommend  you a local shaper.

My boyfriend / girlfriend does not surf. Could he / she can still go with the surf group to thebeach ?
No problem, if there is enough space in the car. We can not guarantee the transport , however .

PP/Night from US$ 32