Deluxe Surfhouse Algarve

Portugal: Algarve

Beautiful quiet surf villa with its own pool, located just 500 metres from the ocean, outstanding cuisine and suitable for surfers of all levels.


We take good care of your physical well-being


Every day starts with a huge breakfast buffet. From fresh fruit on different types of cereals and cereal our breakfast offers everything a sports enthusiast need. In addition to oven-warm bread rolls, toast, and whole grain bread, there are cakes, scrambled eggs and various plates with cheese and sausage.

Self-made waffles, real Nutella and a selection of jams, honey and various yogurts help to recover your body. Orange and fruit juices as well as strong coffee and tea make you fit for the day!



Each evening we prepare you a 4 - 6 course meal.

Besides warm baguette, olives, herb butter and antipasti we serve salads, and hot and cold appetizers. eg soups , focaccia , garlic bread , quiche or guacamole. For the main dishes , local specialties such as eg beer chicken piri-piri or pork loin change to red port wine sauce from Mediterranean and international dishes.

After the sumptuous main course there is to conclude with dessert such as melons , pancakes , ice cream with caramelized fruits, chocolate mousse, panna cotta or home-baked muffins and cakes.

Our dishes are always seasonal adjusted , so we use only fresh and local produce wherever possible. Once a week we take to the grill. Seafood and meat lovers get their money . But also vegetable fans are catered. Of course, we always take into consideration vegeterians . The same is true for allergy sufferers.

PP/Night from US$ 32