Dreamsea Surf Camp Spain

Spain: Cantabria - West

Great waves, amazing landscapes and a real ‘glamping’ experience; you won’t regret surfing at the beautiful beaches of Cantabria in the north of Spain.

Rates & Packages

Rates & Dates

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What is included / What not


  • accommodation in glamping tents
  • full board (breakfast, lunch box, dinner)
  • free access to all our surf and camp equipment
  • camp activities

Extended Description

Surfing Lessons

Booking our basic lessons you will receive 10 hours of lessons per week, all of them in the water, 15 hours if you book the intensive lessons course. All with the best qualified and experienced instructors you can imagine, all our instructors will teach you not just how to surf, but how to enjoy the ride, and the most important of all, how to enjoy the learning process, in a lifetime experience.

With Dreamsea Surf Camp you can be assured of safety and comfort in the water, this is down to the fact that we provide one instructor per eight students. Our instructors will be in the water helping you out, so you will be able to take advantage of the personal attendance our instructors will give you. Your instructor will also be the same all week long, meaning you will be able to forge a relationship that will help get the best out of your lessons!

Our surfing instructors are the reason why Dreamsea Surf Camp stands out from all the rest, all our instructors have the surf instructor license, and most importantly surfing is their biggest passion – they love surfing, and crucially, they love teaching surf, so they will make a big effort to make sure you appreciate the surf as they do, all the while being safe. We guarantee you are going to love your surf instructor, the surfing experience, all the Dreamsea Surf Camp team and every second you will be with us.

You will receive a minimum of 10 hours per week, 15 hours if you book intesive course, no more than 2 lessons of 90 minutes per day, this makes Dreamsea surf camp the best option if you are really interested in learning how to surf. Of course in our surf camp in Ruiloba, Spain we have the best equipment, which you can use even after the surfing lessons, all for free.

Normal Course

Our normal package allows for 10 hours of surfing lessons, in which you can expect to gain an understanding of the ocean environment and surfing world.
Don´t worry if you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, the normal options is a question about how many hours you will be in the water with the instructors. If you feel that 10 hours a week will be enough learning time for you, just book this option and enjoy the surf camp.

Intensive Course

If you want to really improve your skills during your stay in the surf camp this is your option. If you book this option you will be 15 hours per week learning and improving your surf skills.

We guarantee that our intensive course is the best way to really learn and improve your surfing skills in one or two weeks. Our intensive program has been designed by professional of the surfing sector, and will be re-adjusted for every single student. You will learn in all the lessons, and that will keep you excited and motivated.

Of course in the intensive course you will receive a more personalized attention, most of the time with a better student-instructor ratio.

Private Instructor

We give you the option of having an instructor dedicate all his time to you, or you can hire also an instructor for you and one or two friends.

If you are interested in this option, please ask us about prices and availability.

Free Surf

If you have already enough experience to surf independently and want to have the fun of a surf camp experience, you can join Dreamsea Surf Camp without having lessons with free access to all our equipment, including the surf equipment. You are also welcome to bring your own stuff if you prefer.

Our instructors will be at your disposal for any advice or recommendation about surfing.

Yoga lessons

Relax and replenish your mind and body through yoga. Yoga is a commonly known generic term for its physical, mental, and spiritual discipline which origins lie in ancient India. One of the really good things about yoga applied to surf is that yoga is a perfect complement for such an all around athletic sport. You will stretch and do positions that will help your body compensate for the exersion from surfing.

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