Dreamsea Surf House Portugal

Portugal: Lisbon

The Dreamsea Surf House Portugal is strategically located in Sintra, a breezy 30min drive from Lisbon airport and features 7 breaks within a 15min radius, beautiful sceneries and state of the art facilities including a gym and huge chill out area.

Amenities & Activities

Swimming Pool & Terrace

Thanks to its sunny weather, Portugal is the perfect place to enjoy summer and winter. With the highest number of sunshine hours per year, and the longest summer in Europe, Portugal is the place to be. Enjoy our outdoor swimming pool, and recharge your body with the energy of the Sun.


Taste our great selection of smoothies and recover your body after the demanding surfing session, or contemplate the amazing sunsets at the swimming pool with a glass of wine or a fancy cocktail.


Surfing is one of the most demanding sports. After one or two sessions a day some minutes in our mini-spa with sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi will help your muscles to recover for the next day.

Chill out

Both inside and outside we have meticulously created chill out areas where you can feel like at home, whether you just want to chill, read, talk or enjoy the peace of this Portuguese gift of nature. Take advantage of the terrace and the outside areas and in winter just come close to our fireplace and enjoy a conversation with the staff and guests.


If the surfing conditions are not good, or if you feel like you still having energy to use in your body, our professional instructor will help you with a personal training focused on surfing. Go to the gym and prepare your body for surfing control and endurance specialized exercises.


Find the perfect equilibrium for your body and soul complementing the practice of surf with yoga lessons. Yoga improves important skills for surfing such as balance, focus and breathing. Our morning lessons are meant to energize your body and mind and the evening lessons are good for stretching your muscles and relaxing after the intense day of sport and adventure.

Discover Portugal

During your stay at Dreamsea Surf House Portugal, you will discover the area, and visit several beautiful beaches for surfing. But why not take advantage of the occasion and discover a little bit more of Portugal. Join our trips and explore Sintra and Lisbon, two cities you won´t regret to visit and discover.


Sintra is a small and very picturesque city, a mandatory visit if you are in Portugal, located in the hills surrounded by the most beautiful nature; Sintra was a summer getaway for the Portuguese aristocracy. You will feel like in a fairy tale surrounded by colorful castles, amazing buildings and endless gardens. Unesco World Heritage since 1995, Sintra is a visit you can´t miss.


What can we say of Lisbon, one of our favorite cities, a European capital that is different from the rest; a place that invites you to walk and get lost into their streets, with countless corners to discover; viewpoints and places where you can breathe and feel the true life of Lisbon. Doesn´t matter how many times have you been, Lisbon has always something else to show you and worth a new visit.

Sintra Coast

The coast of Sintra is one of the most beautiful coasts in Portugal, not so famous as others, but full of little corners to discover: old fishermen towns built on the cliffs like “Azenhas do Mar”, the most beautiful beaches, old trams that take you to a different time and place that will make you feel like in a little Caribbean island. An area to fall in love with Portugal.


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