EasyDrop Surf Camp Itacare

Brazil: South Bahia

Beautiful surf house just steps away from the beach. Communal areas, delicious local breakfasts and an abundance of breaks in the region.

"Brazil calling with a beautiful surf house at Itacare"

Surfers who can hear Brazil calling to them might like to consider the EasyDrop Surf Camp's beautiful surf house at Itacare. True, it's not very easy to get to but those who do find their way out here have a habit of coming back again and again which just goes to show what a good find it is.

Your accommodation here places you in private rooms just steps away from the beach. This means that not only is it there right in front of you to check the surf and then get yourself into it instantly but the times in which you are not surfing (if you have any of those) can be spent dreamily gazing at the ocean or listening to its sounds as you drop off to sleep.

"Analyzing the day's surfing with your traveling crew"

Alternatively (or at the same time quite possibly) you can chill with your fellow surfers in one of the communal areas – great meeting places for analyzing the day's surfing with your traveling crew or for hooking up with new friends.

It is also in one of these communal areas where your delicious breakfast will be served, made up of local produce, getting you fuelled up and ready for the fun packed day ahead.

"An abundance of surf breaks and different spots"

Itacare has an abundance of surf breaks and spots of every description. Whatever your favorite kind of break is you are likely to find something on offer here - whether you are looking for a few challenging barrels in powerful hollow surf, a clockwork-like point break wave which produces long rides or a variety of sand bars and beach breaks which cover the entire range of surfing wave needs.

The packages offered by EasyDrop Surf Camp include bed and breakfast and surf classes which operate from the camp's HQ.

Consider this option if you are dreaming of a Brazilian escape which offers private rooms right on the beach.

5 reasons to choose EasyDrop Surf Camp:

  1. Beautiful surf house with many regular returning guests.
  2. Private rooms.
  3. Steps away from the beach!
  4. Communal areas.
  5. Abundance of surf spots locally!
  • South America
  • Brazil
  • South Bahia
  • None
  • Surf Camps
Suited For
  • Family
  • Couple
  • Solo Traveler
  • Beginner
  • Yoga Fans
  • $$ - Medium
Meal Plans
  • None
Room Type
  • None
Amenities & Activities
  • None
Surf Package
Surf Services Offered
  • Coaching
  • Guiding
  • Equipment Rental
  • Spot Transfers
  • Airport Transfers
Ability Level
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Surf Conditions
Wetsuit recommended
  • Boardshorts
Air Temperature
  • Tropical
Dominant Break Type
  • Beach break
Crowd Factor
  • Medium
Explorer Level
  • Medium
PP/Night from US$ 105