EasyDrop Surf Camp Itacare

Brazil: South Bahia

Beautiful surf house just steps away from the beach. Communal areas, delicious local breakfasts and an abundance of breaks in the region.


Surf and nature

We are a bunch of surfers and sports enthusiasts who dedicate our work to provide services and products created to those who really want to learn to surf.

To make this possible we are trying to form a perfectly organized company, where services are run with professionalism, unique style, honesty, cheerfulness, competence and with a great team spirit.


Our Vision

"To be a surfing company that contributes to build a better world."

Our Mission

"Offer products and services that result in Extraordinary Experiences involving Surfing and Nature, exceeding clients' expectations of quality, safety, sustainability and fun, turning customers into friends."

Our Principles

"Respect - Enthusiasm - Innovation - Quality."


How EasyDrop started

EasyDrop started off as a one-man company in 1997, with a couple of surfboards on the beach, and a simple website. Its German founder, Benjamin Kromayer, had originally come to Brazil to improve his Bossa skills on the guitar and on the look-out for good surf besides guitar playing, he landed in hidden tropical Itacaré. Upon realizing the great surf potential of the region, he decided to stay and set up a surf school.

Investing lots of time and $ into the company, by 2000 the school had grown into a full surf camp, with several instructors, a quiver filled with dozens of boards, besides 2 jeeps to take students to remote beaches. Soon the need for more space arose, so in 2002 an empty lot in the historical center of Itacaré was purchased, and a 2-story building constructed, to house the school, an office, a charming bar, a surf shop, and a spa.

As of 2008, thousands of students from all over the world have gone through the EasyDrop program. The one-man company has grown to many employees, including a multi-language office team, besides our genius instructors. Everyone at EasyDrop eats and breathes surfing, while focusing on providing our clients with maximum success in little time, in a friendly and warm Brazilian way.

Besides, EasyDrop is an important actor in the Itacaré community standing up for social-environmental sustainability and civil rights.

EasyDrop has thus become internationally renown for the quality and density of our surf learning program as well as optional services we provide.

The long time vision to bring EasyDrop into the world and set up surf camps in different places in the world started to become true with the opening of EasyDrop Fuerteventura in 2012.


Why EasyDrop

EasyDrop is known around the world as a first-class surf school.  Wondering what sets EasyDrop apart from all the rest?  So did we.  Here are some of exciting things we offer & what our clients had to say about it.


What you'll rave about

  • Surf on unbelievably stunning beaches
  • Rapidly improve your surfing skills with the help of our unique teaching methods
  • Enjoy our exceptionally friendly & knowledgeable team of instructors
  • Enhance your development through our innovative use of technology
  • Get individualized support from our warm & welcoming administration team
  • Take home a free souvenir DVD memorializing all your rides & wipe outs
  • Receive a link to downloadable high-resolution images captured by our cameras during your stay
  • Share your enthusiasm with other surf fanatics & forge lifelong friendships from around the world

What you'll find here

  • Warm water temperatures year-round
  • A full region of extremely consistent, never-flat waves
  • An abundance of smaller, repetitive sets great for learning
  • Inviting tropical climate
  • Dense rain forest filled with lush flora & fauna
  • Exotic Afro-Brazilian culture
  • Instructor-Student ratio of 1:5 and grouping by skill level
  • A full comprehensive surf manual
  • Technical follow-up worksheet specifying the next steps in your surfing career
  • Transportation to beaches by car or boat
  • Weekly EasyDrop BBQ where staff & clients relax in true Brazilian style
  • Fast & reliable assistance online by our multilingual sales team
  • Detailed and individualized travel contract
  • Competitively priced packages far below the market average
  • EasyDrop’s trademark “Stokes” program offering special client privileges
  • Loyalty discounts for returning clients
  • Beautifully crafted & welcoming headquarters
  • Diverse, international surf library available to all clients
  • EasyDrop’s own Revitalize Spa delivering professional surf-specific massages
  • Yoga sessions available twice weekly
  • Intensive Portuguese lessons scheduled around prime surf hours

What you can expect

  • Many different surfing peaks with safe beginner’s conditions
  • All ISA (International Surfing Association) certified instructors
  • Above standard 7-8 hours of organized activities
  • Detailed pre-information about the camp and location via email
  • Printed welcome packet including town map, and language references
  • Dedicated accident insurance covering all surf classes
  • Significant group discounts available
  • Beautiful beachfront lodging
  • EasyDrop Surf School is accredited by the Brazilian government, the Bahian Surf Federation and the Brazilian Surf Confederation
  • EasyDrop is certified by the National Physical Education and ABETA (Brazilian Adventure and Ecotourism Companies Association)
  • Our school is Carbon-Free certified and an environmentally responsible company with NGO sponsoring & green tech use

What goes without saying

  • Various lengths and shapes of surfboards on hand, leashes & wax are also provided
  • Full line of surf clothing available for your use including rash guards, spring suits and surf hats
  • Daily transportation to the best surfing peaks in the region

Our Challenge: Teaching You

Our mission here at EasyDrop is to provide you with maximum surfing success in a minimum amount of time.  As we say, “100% safe and 200% fun!”  In order to fulfill this mission, we tailored our program to directly address the major obstacles in the surfing learning process.    

Challenge 1: Brief real-time learning opportunities

In surfing, the main obstacle to success is the brief amount of time a surfer actually spends upright on the board and riding the wave.  Compared to the time spent paddling and waiting for waves, even on the rare perfectly consistent & crowd-free day, a professional surfer will only spend an average of 4%-8% of their time riding waves.  For a beginner just learning to catch unbroken waves on the outside, this ratio drops to below 1% of total time in the water.  In other words, there’s almost no time to practice what you’ve learned.       

Challenge 2: Complex body coordination

Surfing involves plenty of complex techniques and requires the body to move in demanding & strenuous ways.  The concepts of paddling and balancing on a board in water might be completely unfamiliar to a body that is accustomed to functioning on dry land.  It is easy for beginners, especially adults, to form bad habits and adopt incorrect body movements.  Over time, incorrect techniques often develop into serious stumbling blocks preventing any further improvement.  As a result, surfers with bad technique usually miss out on the best part of surfing: long rides, speed and turning.

Challenge 3: Exercise for the brain

No two waves are alike.  Since each one behaves differently and transforms quickly, a good surfer needs to be able to react instantly and apply diverse techniques in order to “make” the wave.  It is not only difficult to build a good collection of moves, but also to develop the speed necessary to react in a heartbeat. 


Our Solutions

As an answer to these challenges, EasyDrop has developed a unique & comprehensive teaching program.  We have carefully analyzed proper surfing technique and divided it into individual, easy-to-learn steps.  We’ll teach you each step one by one and then work with you to pull it all together. 

Beginning on land, we teach you pure body movement, which helps your body memorize the proper technique.  Then we watch from the shore as you apply these techniques on a longboard in broken waves (whitewater) where you will not only get excellent practice opportunities, but we can evaluate your progress and provide valuable feedback.  Once you have mastered the basic technique of standing, riding and maneuvering a board in the whitewater, we will accompany you outside of the break where you will be able to apply all you have learned and perfect your timing on unbroken waves.    

Our two most progressive teaching resources are real-time assessment and self-visualization of executed techniques.  EasyDrop uses special gear to impact your success: camcorders.  Video technology allows us to capture each ride (or wipe out) and gives you the ability to get detailed analysis through playback.

The accumulated teaching experience and abundance of surf knowledge found on the EasyDrop team is another key to your learning success.  All of our instructors hold advanced surf technician certifications (Level 2 of the Surfing Australia, Inc. program).  In addition, some of them are also certified under CBS (the Brazilian Surf Confederation) as judges so you can rest assured that these guys know their stuff!

EasyDrop is frequently involved in surfing events in and around Itacaré, supporting competitions and sponsoring surfers.  We are active in the Surf Association of Itacaré and the Itacaré Surf Club developing specified training programs for surfers with the methods used in our school.  They include individual goal setting, filming and direct feedback.


CO2 - Offset

Besides monitoring and neutralizing the carbon gas produced through our operations, EasyDrop offers you the opportunity to neutralize your own CO2 emissions produced during your trip to through the local program "Carbono Neutro" from the NGO "Mecenas da Vida".

About the CO2 compensation program

he CO2 emissions produced by EasyDrop are systematically monitored and compensated through re-forestation of the rain forest in the region of Itacaré.

The underlying program is mentored by the NGO "Movimento Mecenas da Vida" (www.mecenasdavida.org.br). They created a "Social Carbon Fund" that is financially supported by local companies that joined the project in order to neutralize their emissions. The monthly contribution is calculated based on garbage production and consumption of electric energy, natural gas, and fuel.

The funds raised by the "Carbon Social Fund" are used in a project with traditional agricultural families in the Itacaré/Serra Grande APA (Environmental Protection Area). Besides technical support, the families also receive a "Conservation Stipend" so they can take care of their forests and produce/plant tree saplings in degraded areas of their properties.

Better yet, the activities of this program not only guarantee that the quantities of carbon sequestered by the growth of planted saplings corresponds to the carbon emission of the participating companies, but guarantees sustainability in the long-run helping the farmers involved to reach economic independence from commercialization of trees cut in the forest (today's main factor of deforestation in the region).

The program aims to transform the Itacaré/Serra Grande Environmental Protection Area into a model destination, where all CO2 emissions are neutralized, while environmental conservation includes social-economic development.


How to compensate your CO2

If you'd like to get a quote on how much to invest in order to compensate for your CO2 emissions through this program, just click the box under “Delete your carbon footprint” on the online form when submitting your surf course inquiry.  We'll pass on your data to "Mecenas da Vida" for calculation of the estimated emission caused by your travel to/from Itacaré, as well as the amount of saplings and labor necessary to compensate for those emissions.

Once you book and pay, your contribution is reverted in full to the "Carbon Social Fund", and as contributor you'll receive a t-shirt that identifies you as a conscious tourist.



About Itacaré

Itacaré is a charming "Little Brazil." The region is blessed with absolutely stunning beaches, a tropical climate, warm water all year long, and extremely consistent waves. The area also hosts some of the best preserved dense Atlantic Rain Forest areas in Brazil, with great tropical flora & fauna. The lively 18th century town mixes traditional exotic Afro-Brazilian culture with that from recent Brazilian and foreign immigrants, surfers, and travelers form all over the world.

The Town of Itacaré

The town of Itacaré (South Bahia) was, at one time known as a notorious hideout for pirates.  Today, it consists of colonial buildings and tons of small village charm.  Although mostly inhabited by local fishermen and surfers, it is also home to native Brazilians & foreigners looking to establish a life closer to nature.  With a population of approximately 9,000, our town is a district capital offering a stable infrastructure to both the local and tourist population.  

The beginning of Itacaré

Originally inhabited by Indians, Itacaré was settled by European Jesuits in the early 18th century. Many African slaves were brought into the region when settlers discovered the value of cocoa and the saw the potential growth in the region. Some of the earliest buildings, such as the São Miguel church and the House of Jesuits, still define the town's appearance.  However, the intense cocoa boom during the late 19th and early 20th century can be credited with the majority of historical development here.  During that time, Itacaré became the main Bahian harbor for export shipments of the cocoa (also know as "planted gold").

The changing history of Itacaré

In the 1950's, Ilhéus began to overshadow Itacaré due to a decline in the world market demand for Brazilian cocoa and the fact that Ilhéus was a more convenient port with highway access from the country's interior.  
Then in the 1980's, a disastrous fungus disease plague spread like wild-fire through-out all the cocoa plantations in the region, totally destroying crops and marking the end of Itacaré's strong cocoa period.
Fishing started to represent Itacaré's main income source since the decline of the cocoa culture, and the formerly famous port was used exclusively by small, local fishing boats.

Itacaré today

With the construction of a paved road between Ilhéus and Itacaré in 1998, and the more recent construction of a bridge over Rio de Contas in 2009, Itacaré has re-opened its doors to the world with a strong shift toward tourism as its main commercial activity.
Itacaré has obtained a county government status and further developed its infrastructure to include a hospital and court building.  However, the locals here maintain one philosophy for life: no hurry + reggae roots.
During New Year's and Carnival, Itacaré hosts a good number of Brazilian party-goers. The streets become filled with Axê music, samba and beer while bands play all night long and swinging hips and smiles can be found on every corner.

Advice about your stay


Credit cards are accepted in most hotels, supermarkets, and restaurants. There are currently two ATMs providing Brazilian cash for international travelers. You can officially exchange USD and EURO in Itacaré at reasonable exchange rates.  Keep in mind that it can be difficult to exchange foreign currencies other than these. Expect to get very low exchange rates for traveler checks.

Eating, drinking & shopping

Itacaré has plenty of supermarkets, bakeries, retailers for fruits and vegetables, small fish markets, a weekly market for fruits and vegetables, beach apparel stores, pharmacies, stationary, "handicraft" shops, restaurants, bars and beach restaurants/bars.  For a basic hot meal (fish/meat/chicken with beans, rice and salad) expect to pay about US $8.00. The most expensive dishes are about US $25.00 per person.


Travel light!  A few pairs of Bermuda shorts and t-shirts, plus a pair of solid sandals with straps that can stand a 20-minute walk trough the jungle will do the job. All necessary clothes can also be found in Itacaré at reasonable quality and relatively low prices. In the winter months from June to September, we recommend bringing one pair of light long trousers and a light pullover. A light rain coat is also a good idea.


Itacaré is a relaxed place and you won't find too much crime here. However please note that at least 60% of the population lives in severe poverty.  Therefore, any foreign tourist is considered very rich by local standards.  Locals have received EasyDrop clients with great friendliness for years.  But you should take care when going out at night because wherever the party is, there will mostly be some "rats" around. So use common sense and don't display valuables.





A really good experience, good instruction and training, the DVD reviews were really helpful and have definitely seen loads of improvment in my surfing.

Caroline Lindsell - London - UK


It was a great time and I plan already when I can come back. The team is great, thanks a lot for the good time with you!

Dan Bühler - Hamburg - DE


Muito boa escola! Ótima vibe durante as aulas (instrutores Thiago e Zuqueto gente finíssima) e ótimo atendimento das meninas!

Victor Feitosa - São Paulo - BR


EasyDrop was great! It made me want to keep surfing for the rest of my life (I'm only 11). I am in CA so maybe later in my life I can surf Mavricks ! :-)

Conrad Carrigan - San Francisco - USA


Fantastic two week vacation! Warm water, sunny blue sky amazingly kind + patient surf instructors. Thank you so much for your help! Would recommend it for friends. I learned so much! All the best, beijos!

Natali Cooper - Stenehran - UK


I wanted to get better at surfing and EasyDrop made this possible with great teaching and focus on individual attention. Having a pacemakeer fitted has not stopped me surfing and the future looks bright! Thanks EasyDrop for all your help!

Aaron Shelby James - Aberdeen - UK


Highgly recommendable - nice surroundings, very good instructors, lot of fun!

Christina Siebels - Hamburg - DE


Even though I have surfed before, this was the first time I really understood how to surf properly. The coaching & super friendly staff at EasyDrop made it a brilliant experience. Highly recommended!

Rachel Earley - Dublin - Ireland


A EasyDrop continua sendo uma fabrica de realizar sonhos. Essa é minha terceira vez aqui, meu surf evolui notavelmente cada vez que venho e não me imagino vindo para Itacaré sem ser pela EasyDrop, não importa o nivel do meu surf!

Fabio Barbosa - São Paulo - BR


Tout était trés bien cette semaine! Il ne me rest plus qui à continver en France. Je recomanderai le club à mes amis. Les plages sert magnifiques et le staff trés ouvert et sympa. Merci Itacaré, merci EasyDrop!

Stanislas Cordonnier - Paris - France


Fantastic school, exceeded all my expectations. Will definately be back!

Gregory Bliss - Rio de Janeiro - BR


The instructors surpassed my expectations - outstanding individual attention + motivation. I wish I had more time to do more surfing with these guys. We live on the other side of the world but know we will be back to surf more with EasyDrop.

Nerissa Keating - Dublin - Ireland


I really feel like I've been given the tools to take my surfing to the next level. The attention ensured the correction of my weaknesses.

Niall Cowman - Dublin - Ireland


Thank you for an absolutely amazing experience with you guys in Itacaré! Your positive, encouraging attitude and professionalism made this a week to remember. Keep up the good work!!! I'll be back...

Nathalie Ville - Annency - France


Thank you for an absolutely amazing experience with you guys in Itacaré! Your positive, encouraging attitude and professionalism made this a week to remember. Keep up the good work!!! I'll be back...

Anja Helene Alvestad - Tromsø - Norway


I'm very impressed by everyones professionalism and attitude. Going to miss you all very much! Take care!

Katharine Anneback - Morris Plains - USA


Thanks for the week guys, from the first email to the last wave I was extremely impressed by how professional you were. I will recommend you to my friends!

Christopher Guest - London - UK





I'm a beginner, which season do you recommend?

Any season that is good for you!
In fact, when we decided to set up EasyDrop in Itacaré, the single most important location factor for us was the swell-consistency of this place simultaneously with handleable wave sizes all year round.

Naturally, there are differences in wave size over the year. However, if you are in reasonably good shape, even as a beginner you will be able to surf unbroken outside waves in Itacaré in the winter, when waves tend to get bigger. Only exception: rare long distance ground swells with massive wave sizes up to 3 or 4 meters. Such swells may come in at any time of the year, because they are the result of a sophisticated South Atlantic weather constellation of the "roaring forties".

Finally note that for beginners, our surfing program previews lessons to be held in the broken white wash waves close to the shore during the first couple of days of your surf course. So if you have none or very little surfing experience and plan on anything shorter than 7 days with EasyDrop, you will most probably surf 90% of your time in the white wash, where general surfing conditions are of secondary importance.


When is the best surfing season in Itacaré?

For complete beginners the best season is probably November to April, since the waves are smaller (2 to 4 feet) then during the Brazilian winter. On the other hand please note that Brazilian summer holidays extend from Christmas until two weeks after Carnival, with many Brazilian tourists around (especially surfers...), and much higher lodging prices than during the low season.

From April to September, rain is more frequent and from June on waves get bigger, between 3 and 6 feet (up to 9 feet in July/August). Beaches and peaks are crowd free then and surfing conditions often epic.

Our preferred surfing seasons are March/April and October/November with generally consistent surfing conditions, perfect water and air temperatures, and crowd free peaks.


What's the average age of the EasyDrop students?

The average EasyDrop student is approximately 28 years old, but we have successfully taught people with ages ranging from 5 - 60 years... Incidentally, our students come from all over the world, and approximately 50% are women.


In which language do you teach your students?

All our surf instructors are fluent in Portuguese and English, so lessons are taught in either or both languages depending on our students' demands.
Best of all, they are also very friendly, charismatic and vastly experienced in teaching others to surf!


On which beaches do the surf lessons take places?

The EasyDrop surf classes take place on the best surfing spots in the region: Praia da Engenhoca (beach break, lefts and rights) Prainha (beach break/point break lefts), Praia Jeribucaçu (beach break, lefts and rights), Hawaizinho (beach break/point break, lefts), Camboinha (beach break, lefts), Itacarezinho (beach break, lefts and rights), Pontal (beach break, rights).

The surfing peaks for the EasyDrop lessons are selected every day by our surfing instructors, considering swell, tide and weather conditions.

Can I rent surfboards at EasyDrop (without taking lessons)?

No. In order to insure the quality of equipment for our students, we prefer it to be used under the supervision of our surf instructors.


Are there prerequisites for the surf course participation?

We accept students of both sex and any age.
However, for his/her participation in an EasyDrop surf course, the student needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. good swimming skills (ability of at least 200 m crawl, 500 m breaststroke).
  2. non existence of ear, eye, back, knee, respiration, or heart problems.

Moreover, we urgently recommend any student to prepare him/herself for the surf course. Upon request, we compile and send you some individualized recommendations on what to do in order to prepare yourself for the surf course with maximum efficiency.


Are classes separated by skill?

Our practical surf lessons are taught in groups and the school provides a minimum of 1 professional instructor for every 5 students.

For the specific training of the surfing techniques, the group is divided into sub groups of students with similar abilities.
If the surfing level of a student does not fit in with the level of other participants in the group, this student will have individual lessons without additional costs.
Meanwhile, universal lesson topics such as stretching, warming up, and condition appraisal are shared among all participants in the group.

The analysis of the daily video recordings during theoretical lessons are also done with the whole group together, independently of the surf level of each student.

In this manner, not only is a process of reciprocal learning encouraged amongst the students with different levels of surfing, but there is also a mingling of the cheerful vibe between the students, which is a registered trademark of the EasyDrop Surf School.
Thus, in this configuration, we are able to meet the needs of all surfing levels, from complete beginners to advanced surfers.


Can I extend my package once in Itacaré?

No problem as long as we are not fully booked.
We will always try to accommodate students, but it is fair to inform that there have been moments in the past where we had to refuse not-reserved students in order to keep the surf classes safe and organized.

We therefore recommend such a "stand-by option" only for "long timers" (planning on over 3 weeks of surfing with EasyDrop) who generally wouldn't really mind not surfing on a given day due to booked up groups.


What if I want to bring/surf my own board?

It all depends on how badly you want to surf on your own board, how much you're willing to pay for that, and how much risk you're willing to take to bring it along.

Airlines generally charge absurd taxes for board transportation, neither do they guarantee damage-free handling (if not very carefully packed, bet your stick will break!)

Please keep in mind that at EasyDrop we have a quite large and consistently renewed quiver of surfboards (generally about 50 boards at a time), from 9'6" longboards to 6'4" shortboards, with all kinds of shape varieties (shortboards, funboards, eggs, fishes, modern longboards, classic longboards, and noseriders). Besides, our experience has proven that most times students do not bring the ideal board for learning/improving in our surf lessons. Our surf instructors will be the best ones to evaluate if you will be using your surfboard or not. For surfing classes surfed on your own board we grant discounts, but the savings are probably less than the expenses you would have bringing your board, so just think twice plus talk to us before.


Does Itacaré have world class quality waves?

Well, southern Atlantic waves on this side of the continent do very rarely get the power and shape comparable to thousands of miles traveled ground swells found in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, or in the Southern regions of Africa. For being rather short period, waves in Itacaré also do not wrap around points as nicely, so you will rarely get a longer ride than 50 to 150 m (exception: bigger winter swells at legendary “Boca da Barra” with rides of up to 2 km).

However, the continental underwater platforms build a funnel just in front of Itacaré, turning it into a true wave magnet, so Itacaré gets extremely consistent short period waves at average wave sizes ranging from 1 to 3 feet in summer and 3 to 7 feet in winter time (Hawaiian feet...), that allow for nearly 365 days of surf training in this area. Due to the prevailing short period (short distance) swells you never wait longer than about a minute before the next set comes in, so there are always plenty of waves for everybody to surf.

Last but not least we believe that the Itacaré surf setup, with all year warm water, many sheltered and "channeled" bays with waves breaking on a sandy bottom, as well as the very consistent small to medium size waves, are the most proper environment for a surf school to operate.


I'd like to work as a surf instructor, do you contract?

We do not normally hire non-local instructors, for we value long-term opportunities and local workmanship. Whenever an exception occurs (generally for office jobs though), we post referring job offers throughout our social web channels. Please note though that we will never employ any foreigners without a legal work permit in Brazil.

In case you still want to send us your curriculum, we'll keep it on file and contact you in case something does come up. In general, our minimum requirements are: fluent in English and Portuguese and knowing how to surf well; plus it is always desirable having someone with well developed professional abilities/knowledge in any area.


What about weather (rain) in April?

In Itacaré there is no such thing as a clearly defined rain season.
This is actually an area with dense Atlantic Rainforest, which means: yes it rains, and compared to many other places it actually rains quite some bit. However, rainfall can be expected at any time of the year.
If you look into average rainfall tables for this region, you'll note that the rain distribution over the year is much more equal than for example in Rio de Janeiro or, even more accentuated, in the Amazon.
There IS a higher chance for rain from April to September, but don't expect any weather pattern over here. In fact the average weather is kind of crazy, with for example heavy rain at sunrise, easy sunshine in the morning, rain at noon and totally cloudless sky at sunset...

As for autumn, it definitely starts getting a little cooler from April/May on, which for us is actually so nice, because our summer heat is really heavy!

In a word, if there is more rain from April on, in compensation you'll get much nicer temperatures than in summer, with less crowds, and overall better surf conditions.


I'm bringing my kids, will they be able to surf?

Sure, why not!
We strongly encourage family surfing, to us it's the nicest way on earth to share waves.

Minimum requirements for your kid's first learning steps at EasyDrop: have body motor control, be able to swim for short distances and hold breath to dive under small waves.


Do you offer anything for me staying long term?

For clients looking into longer surfing periods with EasyDrop (at least 3 weeks), we may offer special surf course configurations.

For example, after a complete 2 weeks surfing program, a student may qualify for choosing which days he/she would like to further surf with us, or even downgrade the activities to pure surf trips without instruction (transportation to the beach, equipment and video recording only).

Please note that any long term or other special packages should be settled with us individually, so if you're interested, drop us a line...


I'm shortsighted. Can I still do the course?

Generally no problem. You can surf with shortsightedness of up to -3 without any further devices.
Above that degree, we recommend using contact lenses (bring an extra set because they might fall out in the water).


Is lunch included during classes?

No lunch is included in the package price, only breakfast in the Pousada.

There is only one surf session per day, lasting 4 hours. It is generally divided in three sessions divided by two 15 minutes breaks.

On most beaches there are "ambulant" sellers offering fresh coconuts, sodas, cookies etc.

Anyway, besides the coconuts, buying these things in town is cheaper.


Do I have to take my contracted surf class days in a row?

Unless explicitly negociated and contracted with EasyDrop in advance, you wil have to take your surfing days in a row (except Sundays which are off at EasyDrop).

Exceptions may be made for long timers (more than 12 days of contracted surf days), and also upon request once you are here, provided it doesn't cause us any operational extra cost.

Generally, it will be easier for us to allow for not paid and not scheduled breaks in low seaosn (March to November).

Still, we generally allow people who got sick or injured to replace missed surfing days afterwards, at no further cost.



Where else in Brazil do you recommend me to travel?

Brazil is such a big country and there is so much to see, that it will be hard to decide where to go and what to do!

A good suggestion is the city of Salvador, since it is one of the oldest cities of Brazil, and has so much cultural history, especially on the African side. A few days there will provide an interesting cultural view of our rich multicultural background.

Recife is another cultural option, with beaches and a bit of surfing too.

In case you'd like a more paradisiac view and a bit more surfing, Fernando de Noronha is also a beautiful place to go. As it is an island, you can actually see the sun rising and setting in the ocean on the same day! Great surfing there too, but for more advanced surfers.

In case you'd like to do some trekking and see a totally different Brazil, Lençois in the Chapada de Diamantina is located in the interior of Bahia, and has many waterfalls, cannions, caves to see and visit, including even pre-historical locations with cavemen drawings in them. Also, the biggest waterfall of Brazil is located there (Cachoeira da Fumaça).

Speaking of waterfalls, Foz do Iguaçu has one of the biggest concentration of falls in the world. The south of Brazil also offers a few different options.

Florianópolis is a great surf option, though be ready to take out your wet suits.

São Paulo is the biggest metropolis in the country, so many cultural options there, including theaters, restaurants and museums.

Last but not least, Rio de Janeiro is a magical city, and has also a lot of options, including surfing – but again, wet suits will probably be needed!

Close to Rio you can visit the historical city of Parati, or the island paradise of Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis, or the trendy city of Búzios. As we said, there are just so many options, its hard to decide!


Can you help me getting my domestic Brazilian flight tickets?

We do not offer flight ticket reservations or purchases, but reading through this might clarify any of your doubts... :
We understand that it has become fairly easy even for foreigners to reserve and purchase domestic flight tickets in Brazil. All airlines currently flying into Ilhéus (IOS - the closest airport to Itacaré) offer now English versions of their web sites and allow for reservation and purchase with international credit cards.
All tickets are issued as (paperless) e-tickets with handy direct check-in by reservation code and passport, rather than complicated physical ticket pick up.


How safe is traveling in Brazil for single women?

No problem! Brazilians are very helpful people, and women are very well respected. We don't want to deny the fact that many Brazilian men are machos, but they are non offensive and friendly.
Assaults on women are not any more common than on men. Assaults in general happen where there is no police around, for example in big cities at night, close to slums (favelas), on public markets, inside the cheapest public buses etc. Either avoid these places or don't carry any valuables/documents with you.


Do I need vaccines for traveling to Itacaré?

No malaria prophylaxis necessary for this area. You should have your Tetanus vaccine up to date. You might also consider getting protection against Hepatitis A, but just as a general safety item, we're not in a specially dangerous area as for that disease.

Still, Yellow Fever has been an issue once in a while in some regions of Brazil and since Itacaré is a place where travelers meet, a vaccine for this dangerous disease is recommended.


How do I get from Salvador to Itacaré by bus?

Take a ferry boat from downtown Salvador (cidade baixa), crossing Bahia de Todos os Santos to Bom Despacho on Ilha de Itaparica (about 30 minutes on the ferry - ferries leave every other hour.

From Bom Despacho get a bus from the company Águia Branca to Ilhéus. This bus will stop in Itacaré.

The bus trip from Bom Despacho to Itacaré takes about 4 hours.


How do I get to Itacaré, once I'm in Brazil?

If you're travelling by plane, you'd probably prefer to fly to Ilhéus, which is the airport closest to Itacaré (airport abbreviation: IOS).

Ilhéus is about 75 km (43 miles) south from Itacaré and offers connecting flights to any bigger Brazilian city airport. Check flight schedules and availability through your travel agent or web service.

From Ilhéus to Itacaré, we offer an individual taxi airport shuttle that can be scheduled at any day- or night time.


Where should I call if my flight delays?

Please understand that our drivers leave Itacaré at least 2 hours in advance to your scheduled arrival time and once they are on the road, there is no way to call them back. It's a 1.5 hours drive and by contract we will have to pay them the full cost of the trip whether the client arrives on the indicated flight or not.

Please note that your travel contract contains the following paragraph related to no-show or flight delays:

"EasyDrop reserves the right to charge a fee of US $ 50.00 for the hiring of an extra transportation service in the case of:

  1. a flight delay of over 2 hours;
  2. the client does not arrive on the indicated flight (flight schedule must be announced with a minimum 24h advance period"

By personally advising us in time about late flights or no-show, there is a great chance you'll avoid the above fee.



On which beach is EasyDrop located?

EasyDrop is not located on any particular beach, but in the center of town.

Students and instructors meet every day at the EasyDrop headquarters, from where they drive to the best surfing beaches within a radius of 20 km from Itacare.

This allows you to learn on the best surfing waves in the region, while avoiding the crowds and giving you a good variety of surfing experiences in different wave types.

Of course, the idyllic scenery of unspoiled beaches comes as a free added value to these procedures...

The daily transfer to the best beaches in the region is included in our surf course price.


Are traveler's checks easily cashed in Itacaré?

No, they aren't!
Although traveler's checks can be changed at the local exchange office of “Encantur Turismo”, expect to pay exorbitant fees at very bad exchange rates.
So we actually do not suggest bringing them (taking cash from one of the ATMs in town by a credit card + pin number is much cheaper than exchanging traveler's checks).


Can I buy surf trunks/surf gear in Itacaré?

There are a few surf shops in Itacaré. Usually it is not hard to find board shorts and other surf gear around town.
Keep in mind though that many times international famous brands are rather overpriced, but good quality national brands are available.
Sometimes sizes can be a problem, since Brazilians are rather small and thus Brazilian clothes are smaller too!


I'm vegetarian, what are my options in Itacaré?

There is only one fully fledged vegetarian restaurant in Itacaré ("Falafel" at Pituba), but most restaurants offer meatless dishes, so you should never feel handicapped as a vegetarian in Itacaré.


Are there ATM machines in Itacaré?

Although there is only one bank in Itacaré (Banco do Brasil), with ATMs available inside, there are also a handful of ATMs in town. These work with most international credit and debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, etc), so it is not difficult to withdraw cash.


What kind of internet is available in Itacaré?

There are plenty of internet cafes in Itacaré.

Most of them use the same one and only ISP in town which has a radio connection to the next fiberglass land line. Therefore, internet access in Itacaré is generally slow (up to 250 Kbps) during uncrowded moments (=when the surf is up and the weather is good), and can get really very slow in rush hours.

EasyDrop has a faster connection as well as a wireless network in its building (office, school, bar café) that can be used by clients at no cost.


What else can I do while I'm in Itacaré?

Itacaré is surrounded by a broad area of widely untouched rainforest. Besides the endemic wild life (birds, monkeys) and flora to be observed as soon as you leave the habited areas, there are several very nice waterfalls. Some of them are accessed by boat, others through hikes crossing the rainforest. River tours are available on motorized boats, kayaks and canoes. There is also excellent (class IV) rafting about 30 km upriver in the picturesque town of Taboquinhas, where cacao farm visits can be organized as well.

In the town of Itacaré, you can watch and/or practice Capoeira, the famous Northern Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music and dance. There is also a Jiujitsu club where you can train (and get beaten up...) with the local pros.

EasyDrop offers a couple of optional activities, such as Portuguese crash courses, massages, yoga, evening dinners with typical Brazilian food, movie nights, and live music in the EasyDrop bar.


What's the night life like in Itacaré?

Itacaré has a pretty busy night life, with different bars and 'nightclubs' available for all sorts of night fun.
Some places have live music on different nights of the week. Summer months (December to March) are especially busy with various bars and shows in town.
However, please note that Itacaré is a small village, and thus when we refer to 'nightclubs', many times they are beach huts or restaurants, or even houses, that have been transformed to accommodate a 'dancefloor' and a bar.



What about mosquitoes and transmitted diseases?

Since Itacaré is in the middle of an area called "Atlantic Rainforest", naturally there are always some mosquitoes around. While these mosquitoes don't transmit malaria, there have been some dengue fever cases in Itacaré. So far, no EasyDrop student has ever contracted this disease (which, by the way, isn't particularly dangerous). Efficient repellents are available in the pharmacies around town.


Can I share a double room with someone else?

We only offer double room accommodation for people who book the course together and thus know each other.

If you're flying solo, you'll have to lodge in a single room. In case you want to share a room, find a friend to come along with you and enjoy the surf experience together!


How far is lodging from the center of Itacaré?

Pousada Girassol, our standard lodging option, is a 5 minutes walk from the historical center of Itacaré, where both the EasyDrop head

PP/Night from US$ 105