Spain: Cantabria - West

Elementsurf in Cantabria is located just steps from the ocean and its uncrowded waves ideal for families and friends.


"The best surfer is the one who has the most fun doing it!"

If nowadays a 24 year old person books a surf trip he soon has to realize that today's typical surf holidays are dominated by 16 to 20 year old kids stuck in "party surf camps". Elementsurf wants to offer a solid different approach to surfing without this wannabee-cool surf lifestyle. It is our goal to offer highly professional surf classes in a unique and honest atmosphere. We want you guys to have fun! It is our mission to create the same passion within our visitors that we have for surfing ourselves. Additionally it is not all about surfing: meet amazing people, have new experiences without group pressure, surf together and feel good vibes. If it's surfing, hiking, rafting, canyoning or partying - we offer it all and you can choose what you like to do! We are one year older now & stoked to get to know everyone who comes to stay at us and who wants to discover the fascination of surfing!


The Team

Robin Schulte

  • 29 years
  • Social pedagogue
  • Surfing since 2002
  • ISA certified surf teacher
  • Loves nature
  • Studied geography
  • Loves the sea and the mountains

Alex Lamby

  • 32 years
  • Social pedagogue and businessman
  • Many years of surfing experience
  • ISA certified surf teacher
  • Loves board sports (surf, skate, and snow)
  • Can’t imagine a life without a wave nearby

Kathi Rach

  • 27 years
  • Doctor
  • Several years of surfing
  • 16 years of snowboarding
  • Loves Spanish culture and traveling
  • In the camp from May until November





The Surf camp is embedded in the green hills of the Oyambre natural park and is situated right next to the beach. Green fields, eucalyptus trees and, swamps, a lagoon, a river mouth and the 3 beaches Gerra, Méron and Oyambre create a unique setting for atmospherical bike tours or walks. Besides the café and bar inside the surf camps there are several other restaurants, a beach café and a surfer bar in walking distance. Especially the surfer bar is the place to be if you want to party until the morning light.
The beautiful Comillas with all its sights like the king's palace and the Gaudí house, its tons of bars and shops is just 5km east of the surf camp. 7km west you can find the lovely fishing village San Vincente de la Barquera, which is especially famous for its great fish restaurants.
There are tons of activities in the region nearby. You can go play golf, take a horse ride, play soccer or volleyball. Enjoy the terrific location of this Surf House and relax as much as you can far away from the everyday stress.


Answers for Accommodation

How do I find my driver at the airport transfer?

On Airport Santander or Bilbao, a transfer driver waiting with a sign at the output element surf on you. 


Are there certain days of arrival?

The arrival at the surf camp is Saturday. If we are not at full capacity, it is possible to postpone the arrival and departure days. Please let us in this case via the contact form to get a request to announce element surf you, whether your "desired date" can be considered.


Are there accommodations for families and groups?

Yeah, in a comfortable beach house , families and groups up to 18 people. For the budget traveler, self-catering, there is the possibility for inexpensive camping.


Should I bring sheets or a sleeping bag?

No, in all that we offer accommodation in the surf camp bed linen. Who sleeps at the campsite or rent a sleeping bag comes with its own.


Is there a TV in the accommodations?

All rooms of the element Surf House are equipped with flat screen TVs. The Surf Camp also has a television lounge. At the campsite there is no TV.


The cleaning of the accommodation price?

Yes, the cleaning of the rooms at the Surf Camp is included in the price. If you book more than a week getting fresh sheets every Saturday and your rooms are cleaned free of charge. Guests at the campsite on the departure must pass all borrowed materials to be cleaned and not cleaned during your surfing vacation from us.


How much is the cost of living in Northern Spain?

Basically, this is something cheaper than in Germany. Individual items such as hygiene products and dairy products can also cost a little more.


Cars can be rented on site?

Yes, the best and cheapest option is to book the car but in advance and upon arrival at the airport to pick you up.


Can I pay for services provided by element surf spot with a credit card?

No, posted on site services must be paid in cash. Several times a week you have the opportunity to withdraw cash from ATMs.


Can I book the extra week in the short term?

Yes when the following week is not fully booked, you must not, of course, like to stay longer in the surf camp.


I want only a week to participate in the surf course, but longer live in the accommodation.

This is not a problem. Ask for a price quote for an additional week without classes.


I already own a property, can I still participate in the surf lessons?

You are welcome even to the surf lessons . participate, we pick you up from any hotel from 6 km radius of our house.


My boyfriend / girlfriend does not have a surfing lesson, he / she can still live with surf element, does it?

That's no problem, just booked the night for the person (s).


My boyfriend / girlfriend does not have a surfing lesson, he / she can still go to the beaches?

If we have vacancies in our cars, it's no problem. We can not, however, guarantee the transportation in advance. In Regfel we go but to our house :) beach is right outside your door.


Answers for surfing

Surfing is dangerous?

No, our instructors are all licensed by the ISA (International Surfing Association) and are also trained lifeguards. Under these conditions, surfing dangerous.


Can I come without surfing knowledge?

In our surf camp all are welcome, beginners and advanced.


What do I need for the surf lessons?

Your needs are swimwear (bathing suit, trousers, bikini) you wear under your wetsuit. Towel, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and drinking water.


What language is the surf course is held?

The courses are held in German. For groups courses in English are also available.


If the transfer to the beaches in the surf course contain?

All transfers to the surf lessons are affecting the price included.


Are there fixed early days of surf lessons?

The surf lessons begin on Sunday at 10.30 clock. If we are fully booked, it is possible other dates to be agreed. In this case, you send us the contact with a corresponding request , so that we can inform you as to what extent the "desired date" can be realized.


When is the best time for a beginner surf lessons?

All seasons are good to start surfing.


I have already completed a beginner surf lessons, which includes the advanced surfing course?

Since we can only teach at the surf camp in small groups and therefore respond specifically to surf our students, we have the opportunity to promote you individually. We're with you continue where you last time you stopped, whether standing up, go green wave start, diagonally, top turn, cutback, floater ...


When are the best waves in northern Spain?

Basically, there are always good wave in northern Spain: There is for every season certain spots where "run" the best waves and we bring you there.


At what age do children participate in the surf lessons?

We teach at the surf camp children over 8 years. Thus, a safe and successful learning can be guaranteed.


Can I bring my own surfing equipment?

No problem if you bring your own, complete surf equipment, you can ask when you book for a discount on your surf holiday.


Are there sharks in northern Spain?

Yes, but no species that are dangerous to humans. The last shark attack was evidenced in the 70's and it was in the Mediterranean.

How to get there 

By plane

  • Fly to Bilbao or Santander
  • We offer airport tranfer on Saturdays
  • Transfers can be arranged on other days as well
  • If you purchased a CO2 Ticket we offer a 30% discount on the transfers
  • Flights from within Europe start at 39€ per person

By car 

  • We can provide you with detailed directions after your booking


By bus

  • Check  bus connections to Bilbao.
  • From there you can take public transports to San Vicente where we can pick you up.


By train

  • San Vicente has its own train station and the ride itself can be the first highlight of your trip.
PP/Night from US$ 29