Spain: Cantabria - West

Elementsurf in Cantabria is located just steps from the ocean and its uncrowded waves ideal for families and friends.


Whether you like to have the deluxe breakfast buffet or even the two-course menu, it is up to you. All guests staying on the campsite of course can join to eat with us or decide to cook for themselves.

Deluxe breakfast buffet

Start the day with a nutritious breakfast buffet including tons of fresh food and regional specialties. A great variety of sweet and hearty meals, fruits and a selection of warm and cold drinks are all your body needs for an extensive day of surfing.


  • Coffee
  • black tea
  • fruity tea
  • herbal tea
  • milk
  • hot chocolate
  • orange juice
  • apple juice
  • water


  • fresh regional bread and bread rolls
  • crisp bread
  • brown bread

Sweet spreads

  • 6 sorts of jam
  • 2 sorts of honey
  • Nutella


  • chocolate muesli
  • fruity muesli
  • Smacks, Choco Pops, Cornflakes
  • oatmeal
  • dry fruits


  • 2 sorts of fruit yoghurt
  • natural yoghurt
  • butter
  • margarine
  • 3 and more sorts of cheese
  • 3 and more sorts of cold cuts
  • basket of fresh fruit
  • fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicum
  • cooked eggs


Two-course dinner menu

Six nights per week we invite you to either enjoy a diversified two course menu or the typically Spanish paradilla with fresh fish, meat and veggies. Always tasty, fresh and healthy!

Snacks and Drinks

We run a small bistro in the surf camp to cater for the in-between appetite. There you'll also find fresh fruit juices, cool beers, local wines or other delicious snacks. It's a great hangout as well and it may get late too!


Please Note: We cater for allergies and vegetarians. Please inform us about preferences in advance.

PP/Night from US$ 29