Florianopolis Camp

Brazil: Santa Catarina

Small, relaxed camp in pristine Florianopolis offering an abundance of surf spots, beautiful beaches and Brazilian nightlife!


Florianopolis – or “Desterro” as it was originally called – was founded in 1700 and settled fifty years later by immigrants from the Portuguese mid-Atlantic islands of the Azores. Since then, it’s gradually developed from being a sleepy provincial backwater into a sleepy state capital. With the construction of the bridges linking the island with the mainland, Florianopolis as a port has all but died, and today the city thrives as an administrative, commercial and tourist centre. Land reclamation for a multi-lined highway and new bus terminals has totally eliminated the character of the old seafront. Despite all the changes, though, the late nineteenth-century pastel-colored, stuccoes buildings still recall faint “old world” images, while the relaxed, small-town atmosphere provides a total contrast to the excitement of São Paulo or Rio.

The city has few Museums, but has a wealth of open-air sites such as the forts, Azorean villages, and rock art archaeological sites. The main archeological sites containing rock art can be found at Ingleses beach, Santinho beach and CampecheIsland. The oldest is about 4500 years of age. The Historical Museum of Santa Catarina in the centre is a neo classical building and displays collections of state history.



PP/Night from US$ 59