Florianopolis Camp

Brazil: Santa Catarina

Small, relaxed camp in pristine Florianopolis offering an abundance of surf spots, beautiful beaches and Brazilian nightlife!

Amenities & Activities

 Unlimited Fun!

Below is a list of a few other activities we selected to offer you during your stay. All of them are managed by professional instructors/institutions meeting all the safety requirements determined by law.


  • Surfing lessons (full equipment included).
  • Kite surfing lessons (full equipment included).
  • Wind surfing lessons (full equipment included).
  • Paraglide flight.
  • Sandboard sessions (board rental).
  • Boat trips (Campeche Island, Anhaomirim and Costa da Lagoa).
  • Snorkeling / Diving.
  • Yoga classes and massage session.
  • River Rafting and much more...

 ***These activities require additional charges not included in the packages.


Brazil is known worldwide for its incredible parties, beautiful people and appreciation for living life passionately and vibrantly. Florianopolis in particular is blessed not only with incredible natural beauty, but also with some of the hottestnightlife in South America, and for that matter, the entire world. Dozens of nightclubs and hundreds of bars are spread through the city, but the central andLagoa da Conceição areas offer most of the options. You will have a wide variety of rhythms and beats to choose from, going from local Brazilian music to rap, reggae, rock and roll, pop and electronic music. No matter what your plans are for the evening, the city will offer you the best option, always with friendly, warm and beautiful people around.

The nightlife here is amazing. The town itself offers a lot of fun with small bars and kiosks lined up on the sand crowded with life. Some will be vibrantly dancing to samba while others will choose to sip capirinhas at a low key reggae bar. The main concentration of night clubs, bars and restaurants are in the city centre and Conceição lagoon. During the summer, the northern area also offers a wide choice of nightlife venues. Security is professionally administered, and everyone is checked before entering a club. Nightclubs normally charge a cover charge over and above the cost of food and drinks. A common feature on Friday nights, at various nightclubs is “Ladies Free”, where women don’t pay a cover charge until midnight. Occasional private parties as well as rave parties in the region can also be a good choice. No matter what you feel like doing, the BSA crew, having extensive knowledge in the local scene, will be ready to advise and take you to the best parties, bars, nightclubs or restaurants, guaranteeing a VIP treatment everywhere.



If your looking for something not so extreme but still full of adventure, you can hop on a horse and explore the island' s beauty through several trails, sand dunes and beaches. Special rides include full moon picnic on Mocambique beach.


Boat trips

If your looking for something not so extreme but still full of adventure, you can hop on a horse and explore the island` s beauty through several trails, sand dunes and beaches. Special rides include full moon picnic on Mocambique beach.


Campeche Island

It’s a small island situated a few miles of the shore right in front of Campeche beach. For a few dollars you can take a small boat and spend a day in a practically virgin island, snorkeling, hiking, or just enjoying the beach, along with some fish and coconut water served by local fisherman.



For those who love a challenging hike and beautiful scenario, the trail to Lagoinha do Leste is the right spot. It is about 45 min long, up and down the hill. Once on top you will be astonished with the view to this inhabited beach. Down to the sand its not any different. Behind the beach there is a natural water lagoon that flows down in a channel to the ocean. Depending on the time of the year you will not find anyone there but the few local fisherman that live there. There are many other trails in the island to explore.


Kitesurf lessons

BSA offers private kiteboarding lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.The BSA Kitesurf course is designed to help you learn in a safe way and reach your goals as safely and quickly as possible.Your International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified BSA 
instructor will respect your learning rate and take you through all the steps to reach your goals.
For those interested in learning to kitesurf in Brazil in a beautiful location, look no further.While not yet as well known a kiteboarding destination as northern Brazil,Florianopolis is an ideal spot for you to learn kitesurfing. Lagoa da Conceição with its calm waters is the perfect spot for learning and Barra da Lagoa and Campeche waves are ideal for downwinds.


Portuguese lessons

Besides learning and practicing sports in the beautiful Island of Santa Catarina - Florianópolis - you may be intereseted in learning the language - Portuguese - so that you can take the opportunity and experience the Brazilian tradition culture, music, people, dancing, fine arts, history, geography, culinary delights and much more.. for all that we have the ideal program for you.

Brazil Surfing Adventure is proud to arrange Portuguese classes with a teacher who has 39 year(she is 53 now, but still young in spirit) of experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language.
It is an one-to-one or small-group course designed for each person's needs, weaknesses and strengths, based on practical and direct approach where grammar, reading and writing are just the natural consequence. The teacher's first goal is to build the student's confidence along with a worry-free attitude to go out and try the language. She has developed her own method which allows her to teach all nationalities, even when there is no common language between her and her students.

By learning Portuguese your experiences will be much more enjoyable.
Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students, all are all welcome to learn Portuguese with BSA.

PP/Night from US$ 59