Florianopolis Camp

Brazil: Santa Catarina

Small, relaxed camp in pristine Florianopolis offering an abundance of surf spots, beautiful beaches and Brazilian nightlife!



The cuisine of the island of Florianopolis has been greatly influenced by its past and present cultures. The impressions of their dishes are truly unique based on these different habits. Seafood is the city’s specialty. The oysters, cultivated in the south of the island can be consumed fresh out of the sea. The shrimp is the favorite aperitif, prepared and served in different ways. Tainha (Mullet) – fished between May and June, is prepared in “escalade” fashion: after salted and dried, it is grilled. Another characteristic of Florianopolis are the simple and cozy restaurants, close to the beaches and maintained by the fishermen. The city also has more sophisticated restaurants and fast food places, which serve international dishes, burgers, pizzas, sushi and so on.



Sea food is the base for most of the typical dishes following the traditions of the Portuguese Azorean people who colonized the island. Shrimp is popular and the standard dish is "Sequência de Camarão" which is the shrimp prepared in different styles (steamed, fried, etc.) and served in sequence. Fish is also popular, cooked in many ways and usually served with rice and beans. During winter, the Tainha fish which is similar to striped mullet, is the most popular dish. It is stuffed and then baked. In Costa da Lagoa there are many waterfront restaurants serving great seafood at relatively low prices, but to get there you need to take a boat from theLagoa centre marine. Santo Antônio de Lisboa and Sambaqui are good places to have a drink and eat some oysters while watching the sunset on Northern Bay. In the central area many restaurants serve international food, such as Italian, German, Mexican, sushi, pizzas, burgers and others.

PP/Night from US$ 59