This surf boat can charter with 4 pax only! And for super low rates! Just get a few of your best buddies and go.

Rates & Packages

 Surf Rates North / South Male & Meemu Atoll

Charter4 Passengers
Extra Pax
Daily Full Boat Charter675 USD145 USD
Surf Guide115 USD / day
Relocation with guests (fuel only)Cost one way
Faafu, Dhaalu, Thaa & Laamu Atoll420 USD
G. Alif & G. Dhaalu Atoll630 USD
Relocation without guests (fuel and charter)Cost one way
Laamu & Thaa Atoll840 USD
Huvadhoo Atoll1120 USD
  • Minimum 4 pax on each trip
  • 12 % TGST included
  • Green tax included
  • Boat hire with crew and fuel
  • Full Board
  • Airfare due to change without prior notice
  • Surf guide not included
  • Check In time: 12:00, Check Out time: 9:00 (Check out 14:00 = half day price, 22:00 = full day cost)

What is included / What not

The price includes

  • Boat hire with crew and fuel
  • Full board accommodation
  • Existing tourism taxes
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Fishing gear - lines, hooks and weights only
  • Complimentary tea/coffee/cordials/mineral water any time
  • Souvenir Voyages Maldives T-shirt & Post Cards

Not included

  • alcoholic beverages
  • diving
  • stopover nights on Male if applicable
  • Personal travel insurance (we strongly recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance)
  • Extra meals from restaurants and resorts
  • Departure, airport and airline taxes
  • emergency evacuation costs and medical expenses
  • laundry
  • postage
  • personal clothing
  • tips
  • personal travel

Extended Description

Male' Atoll

Travelling north from the Airport you’ll make your way along the eastern side of North Male' Atoll, where you will find most of the best breaks. The next seven days of your stay in Maldives go something like this:

  • Day 1: Welcome on board 'Safari Dhoni', your accommodation for the following seven days of surfing. Departure to Himmafushi Island (one and half hours) from the airport. Surf the 'Jailbreak' wave at Himmafushi Island. Anchor at Himmafushi Lagoon for the Night.
  • Day 2: Early breakfast and then surf Thamburudhoo left and right (a.k.a Honkys & Sultans, which is just across the channel at Himmafushi. This is the most popular break with visiting surfers. Anchor at Huraa Lagoon for the night.
  • Day 3: Check out the surf off Kani Resort and Lhohifushi Resort before heading off towards Thulusdhoo. Anchor at Thulusdhoo lagoon for the night.
  • Day 4: Early morning surf at Thulusdhoo point (Colas) – the heaviest wave in the North Male' Atoll. You'll also be surfing Kuda Villingilli (Chickens), the best left hander in Male' Atoll. Perfect for goofy footers.
  • Day 5: Hang ten around Thulusdhoo and KudaViligili. Surf these two spots for the day. Anchor at Thulusdhoo for the night.
  • Day 6: Surf Lohi's and Kani before heading back towards Thamburudhoo.
  • Day 7: Surf at Thamburudhoo's left and right plus Jailbreaks at Himmafushi before heading back to airport.

Please Note

  • Duration of trips are very flexible - 7 days, 10 days or 14 days.
  • Recommended minimum stay for Male’ is 7 days.
  • Trips of 10 or more days will enable travel to South Male’ Atoll and , or, Meemu Atoll
  • Best period for travel: March through to end October.

Laamu Atoll:

Laamu Atoll experiences the same kind of conditions as North Male' Atoll, and the best time
of the year to visit this region is March/April and August to November but also the summer months. The journey to the Laamu takes one and a half days – on the way you will be treated to some great waves when passing through Meemu Atoll.

  • Day 1: From airport we head to South Male' Atoll, surf the waves at Gulhi or Guridhoo before
  • leaving for Laamu early the following morning.
  • Day 2: Arrive at Meemu Atoll. Surf the waves at Veyvah, Mulah and Muli. Anchor at Muli, before departure to Laamu early morning.
  • Day 3: Arrive at Laamu Atoll around mid-day with time to surf Isdhoo.
  • Days 4, 5, 6 and 7: Surf the waves alternatively at Isdhoo, Maabaidhoo, Mundoo, Kalhidhoo etc.
  • Day 8: Early morning departure to Meemu Atoll. Surf the waves here depending on the time
  • and conditions. Anchor in Muli or Mulah.
  • Day 9: Depart for Male' Atoll. Arrive in the afternoon to catch some waves.
  • Day 10: Spend the day surfing the waves in Male' Atoll. Other options include visiting the capital
  • island city, Male'.

Please Note

  • If Safari undertaken with air transfers, trip duration can be 14 days, 10 days or 7 days.
  • Recommended minimum stay for Laamu is 10 days.

Huvadhoo Atoll

Arguably the best waves in the Maldives are found in this atoll which is the biggest one in the country and has numerous reef channels on the eastern, southern and western sides. The best time to visit is during the North East Monsoon (December to March). Although there are waves to ride throughout the season, swell is most consistent during January and March. During this time waves can be 8 to 10 feet, even up to 12 feet. Some of the waves which have been surfed are at Gadhdhoo, Gan, Gazeera, Vaadhoo, Fiyori while many others are still ‘un-surfed’.It will take at least 2 days to travel to this Atoll by boat in the best of weather conditions. During this time you will journey through many beautiful atolls still untouched by the commercial world. You can make the most of this opportunity to do some great fishing.

  • Day 1: Pick up from airport. First stop at South Male', anchor at Gulhi and surf at Gulhi break.
  • Day 2: Early morning departure to Meemu Atoll. Afternoon surf in Veyvah, Mulah or Muli. Anchor at Muli.
  • Day 3: Early morning departure to Laamu Atoll. Head for Maamendhoo where we anchor for the night.
  • Day 4: Cross the one and half degree channel to Huvadhoo Atoll. Expect great fishing while crossing the channel. Arrive at Villingili island and surf the left of this island and the right off the island of Koodoo, which is just paddling distance across the channel. Works best in W and NW winds.
  • Day 5: Surf Gadhoo. Left hander with barreling inside section. Works best on North and North East winds.
  • Day 6: Surf in Gan island, a right and a left.
  • Day 7: Surf Gazeera. Left hander. You can have a long ride with great sections coming up. Can handle up to any swell ranging from small to large. We anchor very close to the break for photo opportunities. Best winds are from North and North East. Also can work on North West winds.
  • Day 8: Surf Boduhutta. Right hander with heavy inside section which tends to close out but opens up in good conditions. Shallow inside. Best winds North and North West. Picks up plenty of swell.
  • Day 9: Surf Vaadhoo. Right hander which works in South West and West winds. The wind
  • is favorable during the South West monsoon. Other option is to head to Fiyori.
  • Day 10: Surf Fiyori, the heaviest wave in the Maldives. Travelling surfers have likened it to waves found in the South Pacific. Right hander which barrels heavily. Plenty of skill and guts required to ride this wave. Pick up swell even when other waves are small. Best conditions are North, North East winds. Also rideable on North West winds
  • (side shore from the back).
  • Day 11: Kaadedhoo. Condition North, North East.
  • Day 12: From Kolamaafushi to Laamu Atoll.
  • Day 13: Laamu Atoll to Meemu Atoll.
  • Day 14: Meemu to Male' Atoll to prepare for flight home.

Please Note

  • If Safari undertaken with air transfers, trip duration can be 14 days, 10 days or 7 days.
  • Recommended minimum stay for Havadhoo is 14 days.

How to get there

Please note that the operator will organize your domestic flights from Male to the area where you wish to surf. The Meeting Point where he picks you up or drop you off is Male International Airport. Domestic flight times may not be published until a few weeks before your trip starts and may always change on short notice. The best chance to avoid long stopover times is to arrive at Male International Airport earlier than 7.40 am on the first day of your trip and not to leave earlier than midnight on the day after your last day of the trip. For groups larger than 7 pax the domestic airline usually adjusts their schedule to our needs. The earlier you let us know your international flight times the earlier we can request the domestic flights that suits your needs. The flight times of adjusted flights will never be confirmed until a few days before departure, though. But especially for groups larger than 7 pax it works very well and average stopover times are 2- 3 hours if all passengers arrive with the same international flights.


PP/Night from US$ 145