Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort

Maldives: North & South Male

Surfer numbers capped to 45 surfers. No more crowds at Lohis!

LowPressure’s Stormrider Surf Guide says

Over the last decade, Maldives has gained a solid reputation for clean, almost beginner-friendly waves that break on the most exposed parts of the atoll reefs. Comprised of 26 atolls, surfing in the Maldives has remained focused on North Malé, which claims the best density of lefts and rights within a 2hr cruise. Combined with an appealing proximity to Hulhumalé international airport, it’s an especially convenient, fun-wave playground for time-restricted, wealthy travellers. The Maldives surf has been one of the longest kept secrets, because Australian Tony Hinde managed to keep it quiet among his close friends between 1974 and 1988. These days, the 4 passes gathering the bulk of the swell are often crowded with all types and abilities of recreational surfers, from the resorts, guest-houses or charter boats, but the vibe is always laid-back and friendly.  

Find more general info about when to go and statistics on the Low Pressure’s Stormrider Guide website.  

North Male’ Atoll Breaks Overview

The resort offers daily excursions (included in the All Inclusive Pass) to the following North Male Atoll breaks: 

Sultans: Excellent right with great barrels over 4′. A great peak takeoff that turns into a thick tube on the inside and a favorite of many guests. Approx. 25 mins south from the resort.

Honky’s: Long wrapping left and it a bit more fickle than neigboring Sultans, Honkys can be one of the best waves in the Maldives on its day. Perfect 150 yard ride with long walls and an inside section that stands up bigger than the takeoff.

Jailbreak: Long right that is brilliant. A fast wave with long walls and three tube sections, about 30 mins south from the resort.

Chickens: Long & fast left about 20 mins north from Hudhuranfushi Resort. Best on higher tide.

Cokes: Barrelling right about 20 mins north from Hudhuranfushi Resort. When it's on, it's one of the best rights in the Maldives.

Lohis: The wave out front, paddle out at any time as long as you have at least the Lohis Pass. Arguably the best and among the most consistent left(s) in the Maldives. Links up well on a big SE swell and high tides. (Access restricted to guests of Hudhuranfushi Resort)

Piddlies (Ninja’s): Mellow right. Good longboard wave. Moderate Swell.

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