Joyo's Surf Camp G-Land

Indonesia: Java

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LowPressure's Stormrider Surf Guide says

Steeped in legend since it was first spotted from a plane back in the early ‘70s, Grajagan or G-Land has rightly become one of the planet’s truly iconic waves. Peeling down the edge of a dense jungle that forms the Alas Purwo National Park at a place called Plengkung (co-incidentally lengkung translates as tube!), this perfect, magnificent, metric-mile reef, magically materializes some of the best lefts known to the surfing world. Geological serendipity must have been at play when forming the immense, coral-carpeted, lava platform reef that caps the SE tip of Java and all the right ingredients are present to create what can only be described as a freak of nature. Scarily deep water stalks the coast here, throwing lumps of swell at the point with the least resistance, after travelling the entire Indian Ocean unmolested. This means that G-Land will reliably be 2-3ft bigger than a similarly exposed Uluwatu on Bali, a mere 85km (53mi) across the Bali Strait and is probably the most consistent wave in Indo. The curve into Grajagan Bay is such that the omnipresent E-SE trades will billow nicely offshore from around 9.30am, everyday of the surf season, supporting the ruler-edged walls for those precious extra seconds that are often the difference between death and glory in G-Land’s extended maw. The final trump card is the reef angle that is near perfect, albeit in 4 sections, so that generally speaking, lifetime best tubes can be ridden by the hordes of surfers who invade this isolated wilderness every year. All arrivals for the G-Land surf camps hit the beach north of the point, allowing expectant newbies their first glimpse of the unfurling barrels from a side-on perspective. Not until you stand on the reef looking front-on does the scale of the wave become apparent.

A 20min walk north of camp arrives at 20/20’s where a break in the fringing reef allows some smaller, slower lefts to wrap into a sandy channel that also sports a swift, shallow right on the other side. Better off low tide when rips and urchins are worse but crowdless compared to G-Land. An hour-long walk from camp leads to Tiger Tracks Lefts, an assertive left that walls and occasionally tubes down an ill-defined reef. Also needs at least mid tide to clear the sharp coral and a bigger swell, preferably with W, to wrap into the bay. The pay-off is small numbers in the line-up. On the other side of the sandy bay is Tiger Tracks Rights, a super-fun, forgiving righthander that invites hard turns and the odd barrel, mainly for frustrated regular footers from G-Land camp, 20mins drive away. Filters the medium swells up to a little overhead, but the reef is exposed from mid tide down. Best 2hrs either side of high. There’s a shorter left off the peak and a few other peaks around, but crowds are rarely heavy and the few local kids are cool. Tanjung Kucur is a long jungle hike through to the protected Bali Strait side, so it needs a real pumping S swell to break. Long rights are the lure, but the chances of scoring before the SE wind hits are slim.

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G-Land (Grajagan)

Like the primitive magical sound of its name, the mentions of Grajagan is an Indonesia incantation that causes surfers everywhere gaze longingly at the horizon. Discovered in the 70's by a couple of intrepid surfers on a flight between Jakarta and Bali. The long lines are unmistakable perfect and the discovery that followed is now regarded as arguably the world's best left-hander ever. Known for its consistent off-shore trade winds during the sessions. G-Land is a Mecca for travelling surfers and the global pilgrimage to G-Land occurs all year around as surfers travel to Java to sample G-Land jewels. From March to November, the Indian Ocean generates strong swells toward G-Land, and no doubt that the swell is constant and flat swell is extremely rare which makes G-Land one of the worlds most consistent breaks.

There are 7 varied breaks in G-Land and only 3 (Kongs, Moneytrees, & Speedies) become an extremely favorable sections for surfer who are looking for a superb and challenging waves of a life-time!

  1. Kongs : 12' and over 
  2. Moneytrees : 10' - 12' 
  3. Launching Pad : 8' - 10' 
  4. Speedies : 6' - 8' 
  5. Tiger tracks : 4' - 6' 
  6. 20'20 : 3' - 4' 
  7. Chickens : 3 '- 4'

G-Land with off-shore winds from March to October and consistent swell from a powerful Indian Ocean wrapping into Grajagan Bay makes this spot one of the world's best left-handers. The waves at G-Land are suitable for all level of surfers. Big gapping barrels, long perfect walls reeling down this endless point allowing the surfer to reach and score some of the deepest and longest barrels of their life. At high tide the waves are easy to ride and break in deep water, lower tide the waves really start to barrel.

Remember "No Swell at G-Land = No Swell in Indonesia"

PP/Night from US$ 72