Kuda Laut

Indonesia: Sumatra

A real soul-surfer boat charter. Experienced crew and excellent value for money.

The Crew

The new trio of owners – Tim, Luke and Bryan – have a total combined 18 years of experience at the very top end of Mentawai Surf Charter business.

Bryan Jacobs worked as first mate on The Indies Trader III and IV for the past few seasons and as such has a great knowledge of reading conditions and forecasts to plan an efficient trip without uneccessary and uncomfortable long steams, as well as possessing the skills, boat and safety knowledge to run a smooth charter. He is a young fit fella, who is still as stoked to be up there as you will be. Bryan will be running the boat on rotational basis with Luke McGay who has had 7 years as a captain on the same vessels and is a very experienced and compentent captain with lots of knowledge of the area.

Tim Everingham is the current food and beverage manager and chef for the Indies Trader Fleet and has been in that position for the last 8 years, and as such his standards for food and interior comfort of the punters are second to none. Before that, he was the chef on the Kuda Laut with the previous owner Moose so he has many years up there in the islands. He has trained the local cookie Anto so you can be sure the food will be very tasty and plentiful as we feel this is a very important part of the experience on a Mentawai trip.

We are great team who have been taught how to run a surf charter buy the best in the business Martin Daly so we have lots of combined experience to make the boat a success and secure a great surf experience for you and your friends. Through our work history at the high end of the market, we have learnt how a little extra effort, such as taking photos for the guys or offering other activities such as fishing, village tours, river cruises, snorkeling, etc when the waves are not on can make a great difference to the outcome of a charter.

PP/Night from US$ 175