Kudanil Explorer


Venture to the ends of the Indonesian archipelago in the delightful ambience of the Kudanil Explorer, the country's most unique luxury cruiser, and surf the empty lineups of this remote region.

Rates & Packages


Rates & Dates

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Jan8 - Sorong19 - Sorong11PAPUA / RAJA AMPAT / TRITONOpen to bookings
Jan22 - Sorong31 - Sorong9PAPUA / RAJA AMPAT / TRITONOpen to bookings
Feb2 - Sorong13 - Sorong11PAPUA / RAJA AMPAT / TRITONOpen to bookings
Feb16 - Sorong27 - Ambon11REPOSITION: Sorong - AmbonOpen to bookings
Mar2 - Ambon13 - Maumere11REPOSITION: Ambon - MaumereOpen to bookings
Mar16 - Maumere27 - Labuan Bajo11REPOSITION: Maumere - Labuan BajuOpen to bookings
Mar30 - Labuan Bajo10 - Bali11REPOSITION: Labuan Baju - BaliOpen to bookings
May4 - Bali15 - Labuan Bajo11REPOSITION: Bali - Labuan BajuOpen to bookings
May18 - Labuan Bajo22 - Labuan Bajo4KOMODO / NUSA TENGGARA TIMUROpen to bookings
May25 - Labuan Bajo5 - Maumere11KOMODO / NUSA TENGGARA TIMUROpen to bookings
Jun8 - Maumere19 - Labuan Bajo11KOMODO / NUSA TENGGARA TIMUROpen to bookings
Jun22 - Labuan Bajo26 - Labuan Bajo4KOMODO / NUSA TENGGARA TIMUROpen to bookings
Jun29 - Labuan Bajo10 - Maumere11KOMODO / NUSA TENGGARA TIMUROpen to bookings
Jul13 - Maumere24 - Labuan Bajo11KOMODO / NUSA TENGGARA TIMUROpen to bookings
27 - Labuan Baju31 - Labuan Baju4KOMODO / NUSA TENGGARA TIMUROpen to bookings
Oct13 - Ambon17 - Ambon4THE SPICE ISLANDSOpen to bookings
Oct 20 - Ambon24 - Ambon4THE SPICE ISLANDSOpen to bookings
Oct27 - Ambon31 - Ambon4THE SPICE ISLANDSOpen to bookings
Nov3 - Ambon7 - Ambon4THE SPICE ISLANDSOpen to bookings
Nov10 - Ambon14 - Ambon4THE SPICE ISLANDSOpen to bookings
Nov17 - Ambon21 - Ambon4THE SPICE ISLANDSOpen to bookings
Nov24 - Ambon30 - Sorong6REPOSITION: Ambon - Misool - SorongOpen to bookings
Dec3 - Sorong9 - Sorong6PAPUA / RAJA AMPAT / TRITONBooked
Dec16 - Sorong26 - Sorong10PAPUA / RAJA AMPAT / TRITONOpen to bookings

Please note:

  • Schedules can be modified shifting dates or customising route to meet your requirements when available and possible

What is included / What not


  • Meals & Snacks
  • Soft drinks, juices, water, tea, coffee, local beer
  • Use of watersports equipment
  • Crew including boat manager, chef
  • Marine and harbour fees
  • Local transfers
  • Fuel
  • Subject to specific trips: Diving for certified divers & Dive Master / Experienced & Knowledgable Surf Guide


  • Alcoholic beverages
  • spa
  • Gratuity / tips
  • Professional Photographer

Extended Description

Destinations / Routes

On the Kudanil Explorer, each Indonesian voyage is a timeless, unforgettable adventure through some of the most remote and beautiful landscapes in the world. Accompanied by expert guides on a vessel built for exploration and designed for comfort, the Kudanil Explorer allows you to tailor your trip of a lifetime through this fascinating archipelago. The vessel follows the monsoon and journeys from East to West to sail in calm seas and avoid rain.

Komodo / Nusa Tenggara Timur

Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara) is a province of more than 500 islands and an ecoregion high in biodiversity, with rich marine fauna and smoking volcanoes. The region is perhaps best known for the islands of the Komodo national park: here be dragons. We venture beyond Komodo: from the crater lakes of Kelimutu and the terraced rice fields of Detusoko to the picturesque villages and pristine nature of Ngada, we voyage through fjords and relax on deserted beaches, encounter scenery that ranges from arid steppes to gushing waterfalls, experience ikat traditions, local cultural practices and enjoy warm welcomes in rarely-visited places. These are islands lost in time, where centuries-old ancestral cultures can still be experienced today.


The ‘spiceries’ were for centuries the most sought-after islands in the world, capturing the European imagination and inspiring Columbus to undertake his famous journey westward. Relive the Spice Island voyages of adventurers throughout history and discover the best of Wallacea, a region that is a key contributor to the mega-biodiversity of the Indonesian archipelago, a waypoint for migratory birds and marine life. Snorkel in remote waters, see diverse species of birds and set anchor at the legendary Banda Islands, the original source of nutmeg and mace and now home to some of the most resilient coral and breathtaking underwater worlds. Travel back in time among nutmeg and cinnamon plantations and colonial architecture. One of the smallest of the Banda Islands, Pulau Rhun, was ‘exchanged’ by the British in the 17th century for another island at the other side of the world, a place known today as Manhattan.

Papua / Raja Ampat / Triton

The unique, endemic flora and fauna of Papua were key to Wallace’s understanding of the evolution of species — he proposed the theory of natural selection at the same time as Darwin, who was motivated to publish after reading Wallace’s reports from Indonesia. This fascinating biodiversity that holds the secret to our existence can still be witnessed today. Experience spectacular diving among pristine coral, magnificent marine life and fascinating historical wrecks. From Raja Ampat to Triton Bay, discover awe-inspiring waterfalls, towering mountains, undisturbed nature, underwater caves, rainforest, beachcombing, mangroves and fjords. Unforgettable hikes and stunning panoramas, karst pinnacles and lagoons, sunsets on picture-perfect deserted beaches await.



We have curated the ultimate experiences of the richness and diversity of Indonesia, from surfing, diving and watersports to cultural explorations through the traditions and daily existence of some of the world’s least known communities. Tailor your own adventure and join us to create the journey of a lifetime shaped around your own interests and passions.


Cultural discoveries include tracking down authentic ikat textiles, experiencing traditional cultural practices and performances that have remained unchanged for centuries, and discovering the fascinating colonial heritage of the Spice Islands, retracing the routes of legendary explorers.

Surf Safari

For surfers looking for unforgettable breaks off the beaten track, Nusa Tenggara Timur offers perfect dry season conditions and accessible waves, away from the main crowded surf hubs of Indonesia. We stop by the hidden surf breaks of Rote, Savu and other islands en route; no line-ups, enjoy private breaks selected especially for Kudanil explorers.


Indonesia is home to some of the world’s best dive and snorkelling sites and some of the finest of these are also the least accessible through normal modes of transport. On the Kudanil we have access to some of the most remote and most beautiful waters on the planet, underwater worlds teeming with life. More coral fish species than any other waters in the world and a home to pelagic life from manta rays to whale sharks. Emerge to find yourself within Indonesia’s most breathtaking beach and volcano landscapes.



PP/Night from US$ 773