Lapoint Surf Camp Morocco

Morocco: Taghazout

Great vibes, ocean views and surf services at this funky mix of oriental style and hip atmosphere surf camp - just 50 m from the sea.

About the Operator

A Travel Company Out Of The Ordinary

Based out of Norway, Sweden and Portugal. Lapoint has been an eclectic and diverse company since day one. Combined we have decades of experience from travelling the globe in search of great waves, great snow and great experiences. All this time spent on the road has boiled down to the question that has become the core of the Lapoint concept: What do you remember?


Good People, New Friends And Good Times

To feel good, to have fun, to evolve and to progress. That’s what it is all about. The social dimension of a journey is often the one who leaves the longest lasting impressions. This is what we have realized and we have built our camps accordingly. They all have large areas to hang out and we have filled this space with fun things to do. Every camp is unique with its own atmosphere and cultural heritage. All you have to do is choose the one that seems the most appealing to you.


Classic Conditions, The Days You Never Forget

Lapoint is build on dedication to our sports and everyone involved is a committed rider. We want you to experience great things, in optimal conditions, for your level. We have traveled the globe and we can assure you that all our destinations coffer world-class conditions. We want you to have a steep learning curve, weather you are a beginner or a pro, and that’s is why we offer instructions with qualified coaches on most of our destinations. Through using the best instructors and having world class team riders we make sure that even the most experienced has a great platform for improvements at our camps.

See you soon!


Kind regards

Peter, Sebastian, Göran, Grilo, Papu, Joao, Phil, Carla, Gabi, Samuel, Felipe, Calle, Elizabeth, Annamaria, Linus, Camilla, Tiago, Anders, Ketut, Made, Marta, Simen, Lahsan, Louise, and many many more.

PP/Night from US$ 71