Mahi-Mahi Bungalows and Boat Charters

Indonesia: Sumatra

Mahi Mahi allows you to choose the perfect trip: Switch it up from boat charter to the resort and enjoy all the thrills of surfing.

How to get there?
Mahi-Mahi bungalows and boat charters provides the best access to northern Sumatra’s remaining natural treasures. Book your flights to the international airport in Medan, Indonesia (either via Jakarta, Bali, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, or Bangkok).
On arrival in Medan, you can either take the 1-hour flight to Simeulue Island on the same day via SusiAir or WingsAir. It may be necessary to stay overnight in Medan depending on the time of your flight arrival. We can book your internal airfare and recommend excellent, clean and affordable places to stay in Medan that range from 5-to-3 star.
Please be aware that you are required to pay US$25 for a 30 day tourist visa on arrival in Indonesia.
Our staff will greet you at the airport on your arrival at Simeulue island and you will reach Mahi-Mahi bungalows within a 20 minute drive on newly sealed roads.
There is a world class peak right out the front of the bungalows so you can be surfing the same day!

Community and Environment
Mahi-Mahi is a for-profit enterprise that supports sustainable community and environment initiatives in the Simeulue and Banyak landscapes. Our story began with a challenge – the need to generate a consistent stream of finance for an endangered sea turtle conservation programme in the neighbouring Bangkaru Island.
Two sea turtle species that nest on Bangkaru Island are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species:
– Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas ): endangered
– Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea ): critically endangered
Although all sea turtle species are protected through legislation in Indonesia, poaching and trading of turtle eggs represents a major threat to sea turtle populations. Generating annual funding for regular beach patrols as part of a permanent conservation programme on Bangkaru Island is currently a major challenge with the programme frequently falling short of funding. Mahi-Mahi is helping to plug this gap. Through profit contributions and finance through a green bond, Mahi-Mahi is supporting Aceh based organisation HakA ( with funding for its turtle conservation programme, which covers the minimum needed to maintain ranger patrols.
PP/Night from US$ 75