Mind Body Soul Surf Bali

Indonesia: Bali

Balinese based women's surf and yoga retreat with therapeutic and beauty spa facilities in a quiet setting with all inclusive packages offered.

About the operator


Eet. Surf. Sleep. Play. Renew.

Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Bali was created with the intent of making a difference in peoples lives. We hope to open the hearts and minds of our guests and support our local community with the proceeds and donations made thru our retreat. Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Bali was formed to be an attainable luxury retreat for women from all walks of life.


What Makes Us Unique?

  • Balinese owned, Balinese / Western operated
  • Bali’s first women’s surf retreat to incorporate sustainable options
  • Affordable luxury concept
  • Giving Back program
  • Integration of Balinese culture throughout retreat


Gede Aryadi ‘Deduk’ (Founder) is a local Seminyak Surfer, Artist and Shaper. He has surfed for over 20 years and been a surf instructor at top surf schools for over 12 years. Sarah (Co-Founder) is a Surfer, Designer and longtime Bali resident. Together they founded this camp to share their love for surfing, Bali and hope to make a difference in people’s lives thru surfing and spirituality. Their kind and loving smiles embody the warmth and welcoming attitude Bali is famous for. Both having years of experience in yoga, meditation and healing, they hope to give guests a memorable experience both in and out of the water.

At Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Bali we strive to incorporate sustainable options to lower our carbon footprint whenever possible. We look to optimize our services to align with a greener approach, caring for the delicate environment that gives us so much in return. We select partners that share similar values and philosophies.

We passionately believe in the development of Balinese owned businesses to strengthen the local communities. Mind Body Soul and surf school partner, Double D, are the only locally owned surf school and retreat operating in Bali today. All others are foreign owned. We hope more Balinese will begin to reap the rewards of their land, beaches and tourism in smartly planned longterm projects.

We strongly believe in giving back to the community. The only way to enjoy success is to share it.


Our Retreat Philosophy

All of us at Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Bali do everything with love and dedication and with one goal in mind, to ensure you have an exceptional, heartfelt retreat that will exceed your expectations. Our top priorty is to make you feel special and to ensure each individuals needs are met. We hope you leave us with a light heart, smiling face and feeling refreshed and renewed.



We believe the combined efforts of many small gestures will make a huge difference in the whole.

Mind Body Soul’s charitable focus is on two beloved Balinese charities – the free schooling program in Bandung sponsored by the Yama Citra Indonesia Foundation, and the John Fawcett Foundation.

We feel honored to have the ability to support these two foundations. Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Bali will contribute 100,000rp in each individual guest’s name. Guests may choose which foundation to support.

Yama Citra Indonesia Foundation provides free education for poverty stricken children of all ages in the Bandung area. Their goal is to educate these children and help form the new generation through love, knowledge and spirit.

John Fawcett Foundation – Mission statement

To relieve sickness, suffering and distress in families of the lower socio-economic group occasioned through blindness, eye disease, cleft lip and palate and serious crippling and debilitating diseases, particularly in children, through the provision of medical equipment, medical care, medical advice, welfare and support services.

To promote literacy and numeracy projects to alleviate poverty as the root cause of problems in health, nutrition, crime and war.

To raise, receive, hold and invest funds to finally support such work.

To carry out such other related activities as the Foundation’s Committee may determine.

To operate without alignment to any governmental, institutional, political or religious organization.

PP/Night from US$ 250