Mind Body Soul Surf Bali

Indonesia: Bali

Balinese based women's surf and yoga retreat with therapeutic and beauty spa facilities in a quiet setting with all inclusive packages offered.

Amenities & Activities



Yoga Classes

Yoga is a perfect complement to your surfing program as it teaches you balance, flexibility, gives you strength and brings clarity to your mind to help you focus. All of which are crucial components of surfing.

The word yoga means “union” in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India where yoga originated. We can think of the union occurring between the mind, body and spirit through exercise, breathing and meditation.

Your yoga and meditation classes will be held either in the Villa gardens or in the yoga studio. Our yoga and meditation classes are suitable for beginners through to advanced practitioners. We will be practicing  hatha, vinyasa and kundalini.

If you would like to try a traditional Indonesian Yoga called Yama, our camp leader is a practicing teacher who would be happy to show you this form of healing yoga and meditation. One class is $10 and is practiced outside in the gardens. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

I honor the place in you that is the same in me.
I honor the place in you where the whole universe resides.
I honor the place in you of Love, of Light, of Peace and of Truth.
I honor the place in you that is the same in me.
There is but one.


Spa Treatments

At Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Bali  we strive to deliver top quality services for all of our activities. So naturally we have chosen to partner with the best Spas in Seminyak, Bodyworks and Semara Spa & Resort.

Unwind, find balance, tranquility and feel pampered within a beautiful, serene spa sanctuary. Reconnect with your natural state of wellbeing through holistic wellness and spa treatments.


Included Spa Services and Therapies

Your Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Bali Retreat includes a diverse selection of services where therapists guide your body, mind and spirit through a journey of relaxation and holistic transformation.
You will receive 2 Traditional Balinese Full Body Massages, 1 Pedicure, 1 Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage and one 2 hour tailored Spa Treatment of your choice.


Traditional Balinese Full Body Massage
Enjoy fifty minutes of massage, using blends of essential oils from Indonesian spices and flowers. The massage therapists incorporate a variety of techniques to relax every day muscular tensions, aches and pains.End the massage with a hot shower.


A thorough pedicure using specialized products, including a foot exfoliation and relaxing massage. Your nails are shaped to your taste and polished to perfection.


Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage
A 30 minute massage treatment to relieve and sooth tension in back, neck and shoulder areas.


You may also choose one of the following 2 hour Simply Spa Packages:


Simply Divine This treatment begins with an herbal foot compress, followed by a lavender body wash. Your treatment continues with your choice of body scrub and is completed with a Balinese massage.


Simply Beautiful This package begins with a deep cleansing facial and then followed by a Creambath hair treatment. The hair wash is followed by a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage. After your massage a special hair streamer is used to infuse the cream into your hair.


Simply Rejuvenated This package begins with a deep cleansing facial followed by a body scrub and full body massage. The full body massage uses essential oils from Indonesian spices and flowers. The massage therapists incorporate a variety of techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress and relax the mind.

Simply Relaxed This package begins with a deep cleansing facial and followed by a Reflexology massage. An ancient Chinese healing therapy that is blissful as it is beneficial, this health-enhancing foot therapy focuses on the feet’s reflex points to restore the natural flow of body energy, aids in the release toxins and increase overall circulation and health.


Additional Holistic Therapies There are also a wide variety of alternative holistic therapies available in Bali. Many highly skilled therapists practice their healing techniques with utmost dedication, understanding and compassion. The Mind Body Soul team would be happy to help you organize such therapies to address your specific needs. Upon booking with us, please send us your request.

Escape to a world of indulgence and relaxation and soak up Bali’s peaceful, health-giving spirit. Another reason to call Bali paradise.


Bali Bliss Day

During your Ultimate Bali Bliss surf yoga spa camp you are invited to enjoy an island adventure - your Bali bliss day cultural excursion.

Spend one day following your own desired activity exploring Bali’s beautiful countryside, famous sites, rural village life and much more. You may choose one of the following cultural or sightseeing excursions for your bliss day activity:

  • Bicycle tour exploring Bali’s countrysides and village life from Kintamani to Ubud. Great way to experience Bali’s rural life, drive through rice fields, stop at a traditional Balinese home and temple. Start the day of with a small breakfast overlooking the stunning Kintamani Volcano and creater lake. One of the most popular day trips and loved by all who join!
  • White water rafting through Bali’s jungle
  • Stand Up Paddling (SUP) lesson
  • Extra surf lesson at our partner surf school
  • All day traditional Indonesian / Balinese cooking class 
  • Cleansing ritual at Pura Tampaksiring
  • 3 more hours worth of in villa spa pampering: you may choose from a wide variety of massages and body therapies, hair treatments, facials, manicures, body scrubs and special restore & relax packages
  • 1 Spiritual counseling session of your choice: chakra readings, craniosacral therapy or psychic readings with Omar Kahn www.omarkahn.com (Please note these sessions are subject to availability due to the therapist’s schedules)


(Please note some Cultural Excursion choices are subject to change without prior notice due to the fact that we partner with outside suppliers to be able to offer them on our retreats.)

PP/Night from US$ 250