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El Salvador: La Libertad

Tranquil beachside resort in El Tunco. A choice of breaks offer great waves in all conditions, with Tunco Beach’s nightlife and culture in easy reach.

El Salvador

El Salvador is strategically located in the heart of Central America, which gives it privilege to enjoy a tropical climate year round. While El Salvador is one of the smallest countries in Central America it provides an abundance  of variences in topography.  Allowing easy acces to mountains, lakes, waterfalls, volcanos, farms, cities and a plethora of beautiful beaches all attainable within a matter of a few short hours.

  • Official name: The Republic of El Salvador (the savior)
  • Historic/ native name:  cuscatalan
  • Geographic division: 14 departments
  • Population:  6.5 million
PP/Night from US$ 4,300