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El Salvador: La Libertad

Tranquil beachside resort in El Tunco. A choice of breaks offer great waves in all conditions, with Tunco Beach’s nightlife and culture in easy reach.

LowPressure Stormrider Surf Guide says

Costa del Balsamo, El Salvador, Central America and Caribbean

El Salvador hides an insane array of long righthand point breaks making it a natural-footers dream destination. Whilst it’s reputation has been built on the J-Bayesque waves of Punta Roca in La Libertad, El Salvador has more than just one wave, and the whole country is literally bristling with awesome righthand pointbreaks. Considering its small size, El Salvador could easily claim the highest density of quality point breaks in Central America. The La Libertad area has been the focus of attention since the ‘70s and gets crowded with locals and weekend city surfers, but the “Oriente Salvaje” eastern zone is now more popular with travellers as there are comparable waves and a relaxed surf camp vibe. The civil war is over and the Ministry for Tourism is investing in security measures to reduce robbery and theft. Hiring a boat can get you to some of the cliffy and inaccessible coast, especially when out of town roads get washed out during the wet season.

The far western coastline of El Salvador resembles Guatemala with straightunbroken beaches, except for the large rivermouth (la bocana) at Barra de Santiago. Acajutla faces due west and picks up smaller windswells but the port and petroleum plant pollution is heavy. The Costa Balsamo provides the lion’s share of the righthand pointbreaks stretching from as far west as Mizata back along the impossibly twisty, coastal mountain range road that allows glimpses of perfect regular foot set-ups like K59 and 61, before hitting the crowded line-ups of Zunzal and Punta Roca, touted as one of the best righthand points on the planet. Between La Libertad and the beginning of the Oriente Salvaje zone lies 120km (74mi) of thumping beachbreak interrupted by many large rivermouths draining the muddy coastal estuarine wetlands.

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Condition descriptions provided by the Operator

El sunzal (all levels)

This huge right point break always has something to offer.  Be the wave huge, small, high-tide, low-tide you can always find something to surf here. This large , deep –bottom right point break can often fill up with surfers of all levels, but the giant break offers a multitude of take off points and can easily hold a crowd and is virtually surfable in almost any condition. This long right while sometimes crowded is long and often super fun.


El zonte (all levels surfers)

Playa EL Zonte offers a variety of waves, it has a punchy rock bottom right point break, and an excellent A frame (sometimes throwing a loooong left) and some fun beach breaks.  This beach holds a little something to everyone in your group.  El Zonte has also been host to many Latin American Surf Competitions and also has a beautiful small town with a small variety of restaurants and refreshments.  EL Zonte is located approximately 15 from Monkey Lala Suites


La paz (all level surfers)

Mostly sand bottom primarily right point break. While this wave may look steep and challanging it has a surprisingly forgiving push allowing you long fun rides without a powerful crush.  Located in the main port town of La Libertad and directly in front of Punta Roca Break.


Conchalío (all levels)

Cochalio is a sand bottom beach break, when on the right tide can throw perfect rights and lefts. You may find some local grommets practicing aerials and catching perfect tubes as well as body boarders and average surfers just playing around.  The difficulty of this waves varies greatly with the size of the wave and tide.


Palmarcito (all level surfers)

This is a rock bottom right point break which holds its virtue by remaing fairly uncrowded.  Depending on the right tides and swells you can catch some super fun days here.  Also this can be a terrific wave to check out when the swell is quite sizable and your not quite up to the pro-level.  There may be a chance that the Cliffs calm down the brunt of the swell.


La bocana (advanced surfers)

You can pretty much find a “La Bocana” - meaning River Mouth - in most anywhere in Latin America.  El Salvadors’ La Bocana is a rock bottom river mouth that can throw perfect barreling lefts, steap fast rights and provide endless amount of fun. Located directly in Front of Monkey Lala!


Km59 (intermediate to advanced surfers)

Kilometer 59 is a fun rock bottom right point break with an occational left thrown in.  It is a fast steep wall with an occational barrel thrown in with the right size swell.  If your lucky you may get to surf this wave with few to no people – but only if your lucky.


Mizata (intermediate to advanced surfers)

Mizata is located on the far west coast of EL Salvador and has two amazing breaking waves. One is a rock bottom fast right and the other can be an incredible breaking A frame.  It is not unheard of to catch your dream session at Mizata as it is located a bit further away in an undeveloped town, more often than not your will find you and your guests with out anyone else in the water and surfing till you are literally surfed out.


Punta roca (advanced surfers)

Punta Roca is the world famous right hand break rated in the top 100 best waves in the world.  This long break is a clean, steep, fast wall which often barrels and goes on forever.  At times it can be so perfect that you may think your dreaming. Punta Roca is home to the QUICKSILVER COPA, World Masters, and Latin American ALAS Circuit.

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