Morro Negrito

Panama: South West Panama

Remote, tropical island location in pristine nature with simple, clean accommodation, a wave out front and boat transfer to the island's many lefts and rights.


Morro Negrito is located on an island off the coast of Chiriqui, Panama. The atmosphere is laidback and similar to that of a camp. We provide a dining area where the entire camp gets together to eat, watch videos, play cards and socialize. Around the camp you will find hammocks to relax when you want to catch some Z's or watch your friends surf out front. If you enjoy an adventure, Morro Negrito is the place for you.


Camp size

The camp has a maximum capacity of 20-25.


General Camp Layout

The camp consists of several concrete huts and all rooms are basic and Non-AC, tiled and have electricity from approx. 6 - 10 pm. 



The bedrooms are basic and usually hold two campers at a time. Upon request we will provide a room with a larger bed for couples. The floors are tiled and you will find a night stand within the room. We try and maintain a fan in every room, but most often the ocean breeze is sufficient.



There are three bathrooms that contain a shower, sink and toilet. The bathrooms are tiled and cleaned regularly.


Dining/Recreational Area

No yoga is being offered but there is a yoga deck available to practice and stretch yourself.



exact arrival on island depends on tides (at low tide no passage possible)

PP/Night from US$ 100