Morro Negrito

Panama: South West Panama

Remote, tropical island location in pristine nature with simple, clean accommodation, a wave out front and boat transfer to the island's many lefts and rights.

Rates & Packages


 120 USD per night per person
 100 USD per night per person when staying longer than 6 days

What is included / What not

The Package Includes

We take pride in being able to offer a complete surf trip package. You will be hard pressed to find another surf camp that offers what we consider the essentials:

  • Beachfront Lodging on a secluded Island
  • Daily boat trips to private beach breaks
  • Three meals a day
  • Wireless Internet

Extended Description

Panama Surf School

Secluded, relaxing, warm, tropical and gorgeous are all words that describe Morro Negrito surf camp. Just imagine being able to surf in 80 degree water in a remote location with no pressure from other surfers. This is what we offer, a truly private learning experience where you and your friends can feel comfortable. We are the original panama surf camp since 1998 and we know what it takes to give you the best panama surf trip possible.

Instructors speak english and spanish. 


Morro Negrito surf camp is located in Panama on an island called La Ensenada. The scenery around the camp is jaw dropping and so are the waves. You will see monkeys, parrots, dolphins, sea turtles and all different types of life around Morro Negrito.


Surf Euipment

  • mostly larger boards on offer
  • fun, egg shaped boards, short and fish boards
  • also NSP beginner boards on offer
PP/Night from US$ 100