Indonesia: Sumba

Exclusive Sumba surf resort overlooking an uncrowded world class left. Immerse yourself in the ancient and fascinating local culture!

Amenities & Activities

We can tailor your stay and itinerary, orchestrating everything from world-class surfing and fishing, to visiting ancient Stone Age sites and traditional villages; going for a picnic under the breathtaking waterfalls or relaxing under the palm trees at Nihi Oka. As a cultural aside, we recommend that ladies cover up with a sarong when walking along the beach, as it is unusual on Sumba to see women exposed outside of their villages.

Water Activities

The 2.5km of NIHIWATU®’s private beach is the platform for water activities however it is not the only playground with many more water activities available.

  • Jet Ski
  • Rocking Pooling
  • Stand-up Paddle (SUP)
  • Wanukaka River
  • Snorkelling
  • Konda Maloba Day Trip
  • Familiy Beach Games
  • Surfing (excursions and lessons)
  • Spear fishing (trips and lessons)
  • Private Boat Charters


The remote waters around NIHIWATU® are some of the last accessible untouched waters of Asia and possibly the world. The marine ecosystem is thriving and good fish stocks and responsible management of the fishery on our shores ensure the longevity of the surrounding waters. Fishing our offshore FADs ,where a multitude of species are present year round, offers the chance to land marlin, wahoo, sail fish, yellowfin and big eye tuna, mahi mahi, monster rainbow runner, sharks and triple tail.

World class spearfishing on the West Coast of Sumba targets species such as wahoo, Spanish mackerel, dogtooth and yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, rainbow runner, green jobfish, and an array of jacks and snappers for those who want to test themselves with stalking and spearing their dinner while holding their breath. We offer both reef and blue-water spearfishing experiences. Through selective hunting and sustainable spearfishing, we are able to ensure the well being of our marine ecosystem. We target both ocean going and reef species, but have a strict policy of avoiding any species that are under environmental pressure or that are not desirable for eating. All spearfishing is done without the use of Scuba tanks, utilising a single breath hold to spear your dinner. Safety is a top priority, with a properly trained waterman always providing direct supervision.

We require all first time spearfishing enthusiasts to take our 1 hour spearfishing lesson, in order to learn about safety, equipment, and technique. We offer top of the range equipment so there’s no need to drag your gear across the world with you!


The environment in which we find ourselves speaks volumes of our philosophy of promoting all facets of well being. Our focus is to have you leave rejuvenated, balanced and reconnected with the inner self and a plethora of activities have been designed to support our mission.

Niki Oka Spa Safari

Nihi Oka is an experience in itself and you should not forego this awe inspiring and unique safari when staying at Nihiwatu. A 90-minutes trek will bring you through rolling hills, typical villages and an abundance of rice fields up to the show-stopping final destination of Nihi Oka. On arrival, you will be greeted by the Nihi Oka team bearing fresh coconuts, invited to the tree platform for a healthy breakfast and introduced to your private bale on the clifftops, where you will be under the vices of your dedicated therapists for unlimited treatments. Your wish is your spa therapists’ command: what better setting than between two pristine beaches, among rice paddies overlooking the breaking waves of the bluest ocean!

Back at the resort, the pampering continues with the Boat House as well as the Beach Spa which offers a full range of massage and body treatments, along with dedicated wellness experiences, coupled with the sounds of the waves to soothe the mind, body and soul. All treatments may also be taken in the privacy of your own villa at any time.

Spa Bales

A range of spa treatments including the popular Nihiwatu massage can be enjoyed at the beach or jungle bales, or in the privacy of your own room. Our specially trained Sumbanese staff are on hand to offer a range of relaxing and reviving treatments at any time of day.


The Yoga Pavilion offers breathtaking 360 degree views atop the ridge of the resort, an open-aired platform for private or group practices. A place where the state of meditation will easily be attained, the surreal surroundings provide the perfect stage for that “me moment”. Group Yoga classes are available for all guests daily. The group class may focus on one style of practice or incorporate a mix of classes encompassing Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini, Pranayama or Yin yoga. Our instructors also offer private sessions and workshops with a dedicated focus on digestion, athletic problems designed for surfers; or practice of Pranayama, meditation, Pilates and Reiki.

Hatha Yoga

A gentler class than the Vinyasa Flow classes, Hatha Yoga consists of dynamic Yoga postures that will help you develop strength, balance, flexibility and increase concentration & inner calm. Learn correct alignment, conscious breathing, work with possible injuries, relax and enjoy!

Vinyasa Flow

Strong and energetic flow class, this style of Yoga links breath and movement through a creative, flowing sequence of Yoga postures. Expect to sweat and leave feeling invigorated and refreshed. Modifications are given for different levels. All levels welcome.


Inspired by the Ashtanga Primary series, this physically demanding class will help you build a strong foundation for your yoga practice. The dynamic set of sequenced postures begins with Sun Salutations A and B, then moves through various standing and seated stretches. Leave feeling calm, collected and energized.

Yin Yoga

Presented based on the teachings of American Yin Advocate, Paul Grilley. Yin Yoga is a Taoist form of Yoga that targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and spine. Instructed at a gentle, soothing pace, floor postures are held for longer periods of time (3-5min) to facilitate deeper opening. The long holds save space for mindfulness and connection within.

Self-Awakening Therapeutics

Replenish your body, mind and soul with this deeply restorative yoga practice. Find stillness in deep yet subtle stretches and relaxing music. Most poses are on the floor supported by props such as blocks and bolsters. Release and let go.

Surfers Stretch

Improve your surfing skills with this gentle, effective yoga practice. A series of postures developed especially for those who spend time chasing waves. Learn techniques to alleviate lower back pain, build strength and agility, and stretch out stiff muscles. This class also emphasizes proper breathing and concentration.

Guided Meditation and Pranayama

Incorporating both breath and meditation find connection with your inner universe. Learn simple techniques for sustaining single pointed concentration, clearing the mind and deepening your consciousness. Meditation promotes relaxation, blood flow, a sense of total well-being, and steady mindedness.

Pilates Mat

Pilates is a powerful and innovative system of mind body exercise which build core strength and stability. Each posture is practiced through mindful movement and proper alignment. Tone arms, legs and abdomen without excess bulk and improve flexibility, agility and posture. Pilates Mat helps to alleviate back pain, balance the physical body, and leaves you feeling stronger.

The Sumba Method

Surrounded by the wilderness of Sumba, along the private coast of Nihiwatu, we have discovered a unique and exciting way to combine traditional Bootcamp methods with intense resistance training. Using the simplicity of natural elements that surround us, and a yoga mat, the Sumba Method was created. This class begins with a light warm-up and cardio, followed by a series of specific intervals to target core, arms and legs. We finish class with a selection of yoga stretches that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day. All Sumba Method classes take place at Nio Beach bar. Get ready for an invigorating and exciting new way to sweat!

Bikini Fit

Flatten that torso and tighten up that derriere, while standing on one of the most breathtaking yoga platforms in the world! This class targets the abs and glutes through a fresh variation of lunges, squats and crunches. Come join us and vibe to our signature playlist with exercises that bounce to the rhythm of the music. You’ll leave this vitalizing workout feeling confident to flaunt your favorite bikini!

Private Yoga and Fitness Lessons

Enjoy a serene practice and personalized yoga or fitness session at your own leisure. Each class is tailored to suit your individual requirements, and can take place at our yoga Pavilion or in your private villa. No experience necessary, and ALL levels welcome.

Spa Safari

Nihi Oka is an experience in itself and you should not forego this ase inspiring and unique safari when staying at NIHIWATU®. A 90-minutes trek will bring you through rolling hills, typical villages and an abundace of rice fields up to the show-stopping final destination of Nihi Oka. On arrival, you will be greeted by the Nihi Oka team bearing fresh coconuts, invited to the tree platform for a healthy breakfast and introduced to your private bale on the clifftops, where you will be under the vices of your dedicated therapistsfor unlimited treatments. Your wish is your spa therapists' command: what better setting than between two pristine beaches, among rice paddies overlooking the breaking waves of the bluest ocean!

Back at the resort, the pampering continues with the boat house as well as the beach spa which offers a full range of massage and body treatments, along with dedicated wellness ecperiences, couples with the sounds of the waves to soothe the mind, body and soul. All treatments may also be taken in the privacy of your own villa at any time.

Horse Riding

At Sandalwood Stables our team of experienced local guides and our resident horse whisperer will get you saddled up and out for adventure. Whether you are an experienced rider, or looking to ride for the first time, our guides will make all the arrangements for you to enjoy our sweet natured Sumbanese horses. Learners can be hand-led to ensure a pleasurable experience. Beach to bush rides, riding lessons and horse whispering sessions are available. Please be aware that there is a general weight limit of 85kg.

Basic One-Hour Beginners Riding Confidence Lesson

Whether a first timer or it’s been a while and wanting to brush up before venturing out on the trail, within the security of NIHIWATU®’s riding arena and under the guidance of our highly experienced instructor, you will gain greater riding enjoyment through building your confidence and ability.

Sumba Sunset Beach Ride

As the sun sets, this is one of the most memorable ways to enjoy the changing beach hues. All levels of experience are catered for: from a gentle stroll safely led by one of our local Sumbanese horseman to an exhilarating cantering through the rolling ocean shallows. Sunrise rides can also be arranged.

Bush to Beach Trail

Ride up village back trails passing rice fields, fresh water steams, rain forest valleys and traditional village homes. The scenery from the hill tops to the ocean vistas is stunning. Take an opportunity to rest and sip on a fresh cut coconut before continuing on back down to the beach for some play in the waves at the end of this one and a half hour ride.

Horse Whispering Experience

Whether you are a horse lover or not, the connective experience with your inner self through natural equine interaction is truly life expanding. With over 30 years of experience with horses and 10 years personal development mentoring, NIHIWATU®’s own horse whispering mentor Carol will guide you in your own private sessions of meaningful bonding experiences with horses and the natural world.

Whether you desire positive experiences for personal development, improving leadership skills, or overcome fears, she will provide a fun and safe space to explore the possibilities of nonverbal communication and collaborative leadership dynamics for humans and horses. The benefits are boundless. Enhance your relationships in your personal and professional lives. Regain enthusiasm, purpose and passion. Discover a deepen trust with horses and explore your own power. Check for availability at time of booking.

Horse Surfing

The ultimate “on the edge of wildness” experience – get a tow in the water with a horse powered adrenalin rush. Ride a wakeboard or body board and feel the thrill as you skim over the shallows towed by one of our sturdy Sumba horses. A truly unique fun filled experience.

Horseback Ride to Nihi Oka

Enjoy a scenic ride from NIHIWATU® to our sister site Nihi Oka as you pass by local huts and school children on their way to and from class before entering into the Nihi Oka valley. Riders will enjoy a bush-cooked breakfast on an open fire in the tree house overlooking the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean. When you are finishing taking in the sights, let us pick you up in one of our open-air safari vehicles and bring you back to the resort.

Coconut Cove

The newest member to the Nihi family. The easiest way to learn to surf. The calmest seas and whitest beach for a mini excursion away to a neighbouring bay.

Located a mere 15 mins from NIHIWATU®, this beach club is the smaller sister of the iconic Boathouse at Nihi. Coconut Cove became what it is today from the need for calmer waters and smaller waves, especially during the epic surfing months of May – September. The “bunny slope” sized waves are perfect for beginners who are apprehensive to tackle the smaller ends of Occy’s Left, especially during days when larger swells are expected. The fully equipped boathouse offers snorkeling gear, bogey and wake boards, SUP’s, and of course the surf boards for those attempting the waters for their first lessons. Guests may be brought to Coconut Cove via our adventurous Safari jeeps or by boat. Comfortable chaise lounges, a bar offering drinks and snacks, as well as showering facilities offer those wanting a day away to explore other and calmer bays at Rua, the name of the sleepy fishing village where Coconut Cove planted its roots.


Sumba is a magical Island, a landscape filled with natural wonderment and geographical opulence. Tailor-made itineraries include everything from visits to local Stone Age sites and traditional villages to picnics under breathtaking Lapopu and Blue waterfalls to butterfly and nature trails. Guests have the opportunity to partake in a daily excursion with our Land & Activities team who takes guests to experience some of the islands most spectacular and scenic excursions by hiking, mountain biking, horse riding or open-air Land Rover Safari. NIHIWATU® offers some of the most breath-taking, diverse hiking Indonesia has to offer. Along white sandy beaches, mountains, rice paddies, ancient villages, our fully guided walks are all within an hour from the resort and cater for families or the avid hiker.

Nihi Oka Trek

The two-hour trek to nearby Nihi Oka valley commences at 6.30am walking through thick palm tree jungle to explore the local, traditional settlements before descending into a breath taking valley of cascading rice paddy fields. Upon arrival, guests are treated to breakfast on our unique and magical tree-house dining platform. An option to spend the day there indulging in natural spa experiences and experience our Nihi Oka SPA SAFARI TM.

Wanukaka & Blue Waterfall

Further afield, a popular hike is a 45-minute drive from NIHIWATU® through the Wanukaka valley. Arriving to a local village, the Blue Waterfall Trip includes a 90-minute hike descending through the national park, to the magnificent blue lagoon at the base of the waterfall. Sheer cliffs 200 to 300 metres high surround the waterfall providing an awe-inspiring backdrop. Guests can jump off the rocks and swim, enjoy a picnic and feel completely removed from the world.

Rua Trek

Guests depart NIHIWATU® at 7.30am for this 2-hour trek and ascend up through the surrounding palm tree forest heading past traditional Sumba villages. Discover the changing environment, meet the locals, and understand more about their daily village life from farming, markets and education to traditional Sumbanese houses.

Lamboya Trek

Guests depart NIHIWATU® at 7.30am and start the trek heading west across the two and half kilometer NIHIWATU® beach. Hike through thick palm tree jungle and up through the mountainous Lamboya valley, over 200 hectares of rice paddy fields anchored by estuaries and rivers. The trek is ended by a light early lunch and the opportunity to discover the surrounding area by a return walk or a ride back in the open air safari vehicle.

Market Tour of Waikabubak

Discover the island’s colors in the heart of West Sumba’s largest town, Waikabubak. Just a 30 minutes’ drive from Nihiwatu, there is a boisterous and unique market where you can see piles of dried fish, chili peppers, tobacco, and betel nuts that the locals so highly revere. Meet interesting characters, “pasar” and all the vendors hawking their wares. A trip through town includes a stop at the local fruit stand, a local Sumbanese antique store and a variety of other attractions. On Wednesday’s, you can see a traditional local market at Kabukarudi (Lamboya), Saturday’s the market at Pededewatu (Rua) for more insight into the everyday lives of the Sumbanese.

The Sumba Foundation Tour

Learn about what The Sumba Foundation is supporting across the island. The close relationship with the resort and many of our guests has brought health, nourishment, education, and enriched the lives of many indigenous Sumbanese people. Visit a local water project, a Malaria-combating health clinic, or volunteer one morning with the school lunch program. Our prearranged tour will also make a stop at the Foundation headquarters, located just outside the gates of NIHIWATU®.


A stay at NIHIWATU® combines the ultimate in luxury comforts with the opportunity to authentically immerse yourself into the island’s magnificently preserved ancient culture, to imbibe the local tradition and flavor and enjoy the rich symphony of Sumba daily life. You can witness more of the wild and vibrant culture through a visit to the local villages and markets to see, local arts and crafts or monumental megalithic burial sites and the exquisite Ikat weavings, famous all over the world.

Ikat weaving throughout Sumba has social, religious and traditions of significance. Without expectation, is always as female task. The word “Ikat” itself means knotting or binding. The pattern that is required on the cloth is knotted and bound into the wrap yarn and the thread is dyed before weaving.During the process of making an Ikat textile, it is strictly taboo for men to see or be close to the dye bath; older woman will build or find an isolated spot and prepared the dye in secret.
Each district in this regency has its own distinctive design and shade. All reflected the life, culture and history of the island. It’s not a merely cloth but has a deeply meaning in their social and ceremonial when someone died.

Every February and March, colourful ritual displays known as Pasola are held to herald a good harvest. Riding on horseback, the villagers engage one another armed with blunted spears. The Pasola is deemed successful when blood is shed to make the spirits happy. In the Wanukaka region, close to NIHIWATU®, as part of the ritual, early in the morning the marapu priests and their entourage go the beach to perform a prayer. They sacrifice a black cock to the gods and check the heart of the cock to read the signs from the gods on whether to proceed with the pasola as they attempt to gain the answer to their question by this ritual of divination. They descend to the sea afterwards to collect the colorful sea worm as part of the ritual, then proceed to the area where the game will be played.

We believe in responsible luxury and for our guests to partake in an experience sustainably, ethically and healthily. The resort was founded on the trust and cooperation of the local community and today they remain the heart and soul of the experience. 90% of the staff (including those in senior positions) are from the local area and the resort supports local initiatives and enterprise through our continued partnership and collaboration with the Sumba Foundation.

We can arrange visits to the many Sumba Foundation clinics, schools, communal farms, and projects.

PP/Night from US$ 788