Pipa Surf Camp

Brazil: West Ceara

Small and relaxed surf camp in the tropical north of Brazil – crystal clear waters and dolphins guaranteed!

Rates & Packages


Accommodation Only
Private Room€35
Shared Room€17
Surf Course - 1 day€40
Surf Guiding - 1 day€40
Yoga and Surf - 1 day€45

What is included / What not

Price for accomodation


  • free wi-fi
  • surf books and magazine
  • air fan
  • surf dvd & tv
  • bed sheets and linen are provided for all rooms
  • terrace
  • shared kitchen
  • Security lockers
  • Bike free
  • TV
  • DVD
  • Movie
  • Surf video and extreme sport
  • Sound system
  • Library surf and magazine


Does not include

  • breakfast




  • Surf instructions from certified experienced staff
  • A wide range of surf boards, pre booking a specific model is possible
  • Transport between pick-up and the end of your surf adventure by 4x4 or buggy
  • Sandwiches and drinks (please specify if vegetarian or vegan)
  • See parts of Pipa away from the usual tourist trail
  • Good surfing conditions that match your personal level of surfing
  • Surfing on beautiful uncrowded beaches
  • No worries surfing close to nature
  • A free drop of at Pipa Bus station
  • Accommodation (if you choose all included package) 


Does not include

  • breakfast


 3 and 6 day courses


  • 3 hours instruction per day
  • Professional surf coaching Certified ISA and ILS
  • Surfboards, rash vests, wax
  • beach shuttles to the best surf spot
  • 3 hours theory classes with video analysis of the practical surfing sessions.
  • Visit to our board shapers factory
  • Surf School DVD with your surfed waves for free!
  • Courses include free kayak and sand board in Pipa dunes


Do not include

  • breakfast

Extended Description

Surfari - Surf Trip

Surf Trip in the best spots of the region

Do you know a great way to combine surfing and exploring different beaches, towns, villages and the ever changing landscape? Booking a Surf Trip with surf camp Pipa Brazil !
A team of experienced surfguides takes you to the best waves in this region, fitting your surfing skills. You will surf in secrets spots, where you will not have problems of overcrowding, 28/30 different types of waves that break during the year (about 14 in the summer and 16 in the winter) within 40km of coastline around Pipa.
The Surfari is ideal for those who travel alone or in small groups. Your fellow travelers are with you for three or five days, so you get a good chance to make some friends and learn from each other in the water and on the land. Our groups in general age from 18 to 35 years of age with a 50/50 mix of sexes, from all various walks of life and countries. Groups sizes of maximum 8 people plus two guides.
Surf Pipa School stands for a high level of water safety. People with zero or little surf experience will follow some classes before we will let you go free surfing. It does not matter if the waves are big, because we keep all beginners very close to the beach where the waves have less power.
Experienced Surfers paddle straight past the beginners into the line-up. Local knowledge and the use of surf forecasts will determine at which places we surf during the surf trip. Usually we will surf at three or four different places along the coastline.
The Surfari kicks off in Praia da Pipa from our surf camp and takes you in 3/5 days to the best waves, exploring marvelous beaches.
Suitable for complete beginners. All gear and properly organized daily surf classes provided. Advanced and expert surfers will be amazed by the region wave potential.
Many people find here, apart from a great holiday, inspiration that widens their vision and broadens their life. This is the biggest reward for us and it motivates us to continue sharing our idea of paradise.


Surf Courses

Surf Pipa provides private Lessons or a package of 6 days or 3 day courses with 3 hours practical and theory lessons a day. 2 hours practical and 1 hour theory lesson with video and photo of the student discussed inside the surf camp .We take the student with a car to the best spots of Pipa depending on the condition of the sea. Our base on the beach is in Praia Madeiro, a good spot for beginners. There the student can surf in a sand beach break or can take our sea kayaks to go and see the dolphins which come close to the beach. When the course is finished we give to the student a Certificate of presence and a DVD with photo and video of their lessons and t-shirt of Surf Pipa.


What will you be learning as a beginner

  • Introduction to surf equipment and gear;
  • Safety issues;
  • How waves form in the ocean;
  • The geography of Praia da Pipa: waves and beaches;
  • The history of surf. From inception to today;
  • How to position yourself on the board and how to paddle, handle, and sit on the board;
  • How to clear the breaking zone and deal with white water;
  • Priority rules;
  • Initiation to take-off techniques (standing on the board);
  • Take-off timing;
  • Line-up positioning;
  • Surfing waves before they break;
  • Surfing green waves in safety and with some control


What will you be learning as an intermediate surfer

  • Go through a diagnostic and appraisal session;
  • How to select surf gear that is adequate for your level;
  • Improving your paddling, sitting, and wave-catching techniques;
  • How to improve your positioning on line-up
  • Timing, reading the waves, and priority rules;
  • The hydrodynamics of a surf board;
  • Positioning your body for a bottom turn;
  • How to surf various types of wave;
  • How to gain speed and trimming;
  • Learn to surf with Surf Pipa professional program.


3 / 7 Day shared room plus courses

Join us on a three/ six days surf course with accommodation in a shared room (for 4 persons) at surf camp. Our surf vacations are designed for beginners and advanced and take place on magical beaches with translucent waters, sugar-white sands, many waves and dolphins. With video support, two practical hours and one theoretical lesson a day, we will correct your movements and teach you special exercises and a large variety of techniques. Our courses run year round, so you can start any day you want!


Kite surf courses

Come learn to Kitesurf - safely and efficiently.

  • Teacher Kaka
  • New equipment
  • Helmet, car and transportation provided.
  • For beginners, intermediates and advanced.


Points to Best Kiteboarding

  • Bar Cunhau - Flat & Wave
  • Pipa (Lajinha) - wave – side
  • Love Beach - wave – side
  • Praia das Minas - wave - side



  • July-August - 15 to 25 knots
  • September to November - 12 to 16 knots
  • December to April - 10 to 20 knots
  • May - June 15 to 20 knots, striped and rainy



Welcome in the tropical paradise!

6 km south of Tibau do Sul, Pipa's collection of beaches are the most exciting and well-known in Rio Grande do Norte and include some of the most spectacular in Brazil. It is cosmopolitan and international where many Brazilian accents & languages from around the world flow together. Tours through the forests, dunes and along the beaches are always a pleasure and the flavours provided by the town's gastronomy will satisfy even the most demanding of palates. Pipa's nightlife is always buzzing with many bars offering live music, the energy is contagious and resistance is futile. A little further south is Praia das Minas: 7km of deserted beaches featuring segregated areas for the protected turtles.

The world over Pipa is famous for it's natural beauty. With the media numbering Pipa's beaches amongst the most beautiful Brazil has to offer, the area attracts both national and international visitors. Here, as in Porto de Galinhas, one encounters natural pools, utopian beaches and excellent surf breaks, like Fernando de Noronha the presence of dolphins is constant; the imposing coloured cliffs remind us of Arraial d'Ajuda (Bahia); the preserved areas of Atlantic Forest compare to those in Itacaré; and, Pipa's winds compete with those of Jericoacoara. Not least, the area boasts the dune fields of Natal and the dazzling Guaraíras Lagoon (ideal for fishing, boating and canoe trips and the stage for a truly golden sunset).

If the nature does not charm you, the architecture, fashion, culture, art and pace of life certainly will.

Pipa at night is an attraction on its own: stylish bars; restaurants with the best in regional, national and international gastronomy; cafés; art galleries; and, a rich and varied artisan tradition.

The community is made up of fishermen and small-business owners alongside Brazilians and people from all around the world who have chosen this small slice of paradise in which to live all warm-hearted people dedicated year-round to helping you feel at home.

Make your reservation in this magical place now, but be warned a few days will merely serve to wet your appetite for morePraia da Pipa your surfing vacation in Brazil.

PP/Night from US$ 15